3 thoughts on “A later FOIA response by the MSP–Busch “suicide”–click on photos and scroll down for comments”

    1. It probably stayed right on the desk, Mike. Unlike the rifle found at the Busch home, which was not confiscated on 11-20-78, but stayed put until a Bloomfield Township cop came calling for it on 12-12-78. Wait until you see the Bloomfield Township PD report on this “suicide.” That’s up next. My photocopies of are marginal quality, but there’s enough there to figure it out.

  1. let’s see…..I’ll shoot myself with a rifle right between my eyes – with one arm – (the other arm is tucked under Busch) – and magically leave no gun residue on my free, left arm….wonder if Busch was left handed? Imagine how bought it would be to shoot yourself between the eyes – with a rifle – with one arm, let alone your ‘good arm’?

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