Thirty-seven Christmases without Tim. Nine years since the task force told us they had enough information to reopen the investigation. What happened to those little kids–for days and weeks in one case–was the most horrific, unconscionable stuff imaginable. The people who participated in these abductions and murders are monsters. The people who covered the monsters’ asses and the cops who tried to make this go away are not much better. We got re-victimized by the system in Oakland County and Southern Michigan, many decades later. It was more than shitty. That’ll teach us, now won’t it?! But you can’t outlive all of us. You will still have family members who live with the fall-out, just like we do. It’s just the way it works.

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  1. Alison Widmer says:

    I Am Not Family, But Most Definitely Friend, And You’re Right, They Will Not Outlive Us. We Will NEVER Just Let This Go. My Heart Goes Out To All Of You This Season.

  2. bitamoney says:

    I understood your recent silence was motivated by the fact that something was afoot. Is that true? Has anything developed? Thanks

    • cathybroad says:

      The case is still being worked, but I have no details. Painfully slow and no doubt hampered by some poor police work back in the day (among other things). Someday there might be a result from the work that’s being done now. Be quiet, be patient, whatever. I think some pieces won’t fall into place until some people who have managed to bury this are dead.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Im sorry Cathy, I think about your brother and the other kids all the time. From your last post I was really hopeful that something would finally happen. Its just my opinion but, you cant stay quiet, you need to constantly continue to make the pubic aware that not enough is being done to solve this case. The killer and Jessica Cooper will rot in hell for what they have done. I wish you and your family all the best in the new year and I pray to god this case will be solved one day. As a 11 year old in Oakland County when these crimes took place, it will forever stay in my mind and those kids will always be remembered.

  4. Dale Droski says:

    You hit the nail on the head Cathy – no diagram is needed here: all the pieces won’t fall into place until “the protected” are dead and gone. Careers were built on this case (and in other cases, simply maintained or at best enhanced). This case has haunted me since it happened (I was 16), and will continue to do so until all is brought to light.

  5. Brian N. says:

    Cathy, this is Brian, Rita’s little brother. I knew Tim pretty well, played little league with him. We played in each other’s house many times in the day. Your dad sent me the dvd, and I watched it and read all your blogs. As a young kid, I couldn’t really tell you how sorry I was, but as an adult I can tell you how much I have missed Tim, his sense of humor, his smile, and how Tim has been with me on a daily basis. I am sorry about all the pain you and your family have endured, and it doesn’t sound like it will change anytime in the future, so that burden, I am sorry to say, will be with you forever. Tim will be with many of us forever.

    My parenting style has been influenced by Tim. As a parent with four kids, I have vigorously watched my kids and kept them safe to a fault, and I wouldn’t allow others to watch or babysit my kids that did not adhere to my policy of always watching. It took me a few years to figure out why I was so uptight about always watching my kids, often to a point of criticism of others. Then one day I was like, “Ohhhhhh, Tim.” Really just one word summed it all up: Tim.

    One time my father in law let my 8 year old daughter walk their dog alone while I went shopping, and suffice to say they were never allowed to babysit my kids ever again. It just was the way I had to do it for my piece of mind. I believe to this day, and credit Tim, that my kids are safe because of him, and I often thank Tim and tell him his life wasn’t wasted, and I am sure his death has saved the life of countless children. I know that doesn’t give you much solace, but I do talk with Tim in this very fashion, like he’s present with me, and I certainly hope that doesn’t sound really dark, but I know in my heart my kids are safe because of Tim.

    And all the messed up investigating you’ve learned about, when earlier you trusted people to do the right thing, and now that trust is shattered, I am not sure how you can hold it together. I am sure at times you don’t feel held together.

    You spoke of that sick child sex corridor, even extending to the north in Traverse City. That is some crazy shit. You talk of bill…. shaffer?? I used to get rides home from that bill guy…. Shaffer?? He had a nickname, can’t remember, but knowing now how sick he is and how he was involved with the in the area, is rather frightening. He seemed to be at every little league game, and he used to talk with all of the kids, earning their trust. I saw him so much, I figured getting a ride from him was safe, and though nothing happened with him, it was a creepy time being in a car with him.

    I am not sure Rita has mentioned this, but is it possible I could have a picture of Tim? Maybe a 4×6 that I can frame. It would nice to be able to see his face, and not rely so much on my memory of his face as a young kid.

    I am sorry for your family, and I pray all the time that you someday may find a way to find peace.

    Love, Brian N.

  6. Jeremy says:

    Cathy, I am just curious, what ever happened to the Wayne County Grand Jury Investigation into these killings? We know Jessica Cooper wrecked the Oakland County Grand Jury Investigation but, what ever happened on the Wayne County side?

    • cathybroad says:

      No clue, Jeremy. Unless you are in Ferguson, MO, the hallmark of a grand jury proceeding is secrecy. Obviously, no indictments were issued and I have no clue if it has been suspended, reopened or dropped. If they got valuable information from witnesses, the need for secrecy would continue for obvious reasons. Those involved are prohibited by law from revealing what took place.

    • Mary Flaherty says:

      That was a question, I just asked below Cathy, so you can skip that one. So if am reading this right, there was no Oakland County Grand Jury? Tim, was found just on the border of 8 mile, the county line, so who knows, maybe all that was said in that secret grand jury was a tragedy occurred and a young boy’s body was found. We have no clues nor suspects, we was not abducted in our county. I am purely guessing but when I read all the evidence they have about this Busch character, I don’t see how the case was not opened up. You could of had a grand jury of people under the age of 45 that never heard/remembered this case or re located to Detroit.

  7. jkaneh says:

    Yes I know. Nine Christmases for us. Our case turned out exactly the same. We are both at the exact same stopping point. You are also right. There are family members of our murder suspect that have a long life ahead of them to think about this. I hope it forever haunts them just as your suspects and the ones who know have been and are still haunted daily. That also includes police and the prosecutors. One day it will all come out. It might not happen in our lifetime, but it will.

    God bless you and your family.



  8. Lilly says:

    Another year and nothing. I am sorry. My heart still goes out to you and your family. So too does my hope.

    Cathy, I am curious. Over on Topix (yes I look once in a while), CWW reposted a post he says he found here. From someone making reference to this case and to an airstrip up north, wealthy patrons and the younger of those monsters still being alive. This poster seemed to know about some of the things written about the island and the goings on there. He quoted a patron. He wanted to reach you. I am not seeing that post here. Any ideas?

    Stay well – Lilly

    Here is the post:
    An interesting post was left at Catherines blog yesterday. I wonder if this person will shed any light on the overall cases of OCCK.

    (from the blog)

    Robert Burgin
    December 23, 2014 at 12:49 am
    Yes the 60s, 70s and 80s were interesting times for the country, state and Antrim County in northern Michigan. The Antrim County airport was a source of lots of questionable activities as well as the attraction of wealth to the lakes and resorts. I have thoughts on the larger scale of these crimes and where the scale of the picture is referenced in the writings. Someone said something to me several years ago that made me think that the activities, as well as some of the past younger players, haven’t gone away and that the scale was far greater than the sole legal accountability of one man locally that when I heard someone quote that man as saying,“when you do it once you’re in it for life.
    I very much would like to share my thoughts with Ms. Broad.

  9. Don’t ever rely of detectives to solve this. I’m still waiting for the phone call to have my cheek swabbed for DNA. I guess, W. Bloomfield is too busy with writing traffic citations or maybe they need funding for the DNA test. Nonetheless, I don’t let people who suffer from a malfeasance of the intellect deter me in my altruism. That being said, as I compose this message, I have to share DNA with a psychopathic child killer, but also with a mother who is in complete denial of the man she married in 1965. In the course of the 11 years they were married, he tried killing her on numerous occasions, and subjecting her to countless beatings. He was known to kick her in the shins on a whim. This man had a father who was a psychopath as well…..he was a car hauler for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. In my parents wedding photos…..you can see my grandmother in her wheel chair…..I was told she was kicked down a flight of stairs by my grandfather.

    Before my father killed in 1976 and1977 he had killed and raped his way through life, and his brother as well. In the beginning of September, of this year, I met with a W. Bloomfield Detective. The informal meeting was my request to have my DNA submitted for the murder of Barbara Gaca. Barbara was abducted in 1955 near her school, Assumption Grotto. She lived on a Faircrest Street. If you know the Gaelic name for the word FAIR….then you’ll have half of this psychopath’s mothers name (GWEN). Mark Douglas Stebbins was found at the FAIRFAX office building. Jeannie Singleton, was an 8 year old girl who found raped and murdered in June of 1955. She lived on Blakesee St., Kalamazoo. Her father’s name was George Washington Singleton and he was married. George’s wife was studying to be a nurse at the FAIRMOUNT Hospital….blocks from the house.

    If you look on a map of Faircrest Steet….just look NW of that street and one can see there is a Hospital on FAIRMOUNT St. In Detroit.

    Mark Stebbins was found North of George Washington!

  10. Lauren Bowen says:

    Dear Cathy, I too raised my children differently because of this case. I remember seeing this story on the news when i was 11 years old and I never forgot it. I have read about your family and this case for years now. I have always wanted to tell you that you and your father and brother are heroes to me. Tim and your family had a great influence on how i educated children i worked with as well as my own. Countless children were spared victimization because of Tim and your family and the Tim King fund. I know that many more will be safe because of all the people being educated as you and your father continue to tell your story. You have all touched countless lives and gave us something to admire in the face of such evil. Know how much we all care about you and the love and support we are sending your way this holiday season. Bless you Cathy, you are in my prayers.

  11. Mary Flaherty says:

    Dear Cathy, I just came across your blog and all the new or fairly new information in past 3 or so years. From time to time I would here a line or two on local news about the case. I am a news junkie but really just watch national and world news. With that said, I am completely blown away by all of what I have read and sent it to several close friends who have replied how they are just as shocked as I am. They are local Oakland county residents and very well read and none of them have known of any of these current on goings. There is so much to absorb here and I am not familiar with the law. But why in God’s name does Charles Busch not shed some light on this, take a polygraph or DNA? Can law enforcement not force him? I don’t seem to understand – a grand jury came up with nothing? Would that be because all the evidence pointed to Busch and Greene? Who are now dead. I don’t know, I don’t trust anyone who had anything to do with this whole investigation but maybe the police officer Ray Anger. There are so many questions and why the MSP unearthed a blue gremlin near Grand Blanc not all that long ago when the FBI even had a snow bank imprint of a Pontiac car, where poor Jill Robinson was found. Everything else I have read about the blue gremlin being the wrong car was a big waste of tax payers money. The DNA hair, frankly is difficult for me to understand, I read different accounts on it, in different articles. I don’t understand where this man Sloan comes into the picture other than he was a horrible pedophile. Was there a connection to him and Busch or Greene? Also, they don’t seem to focus enough on the type of gun that Jill Robinson was murdered with and the gun that Busch killed himself with. Again,I am no expert, but wouldn’t they at least know if it was the same size bullet? I read Busch used a .22 all I know from guns is that tells me he used a 22 shot gun.. I am just going from terms I have heard on TV and have heard other higher numbers. But, if it was the same number, it sure is more evidence however circumstantial it is. Was this a family who had rifles in their homes and cottage? Nobody seems to state that anywhere. What really irks me is the no response by the lady who called the police when your brother Tim was missing and she saw this Busch character in town up north with minors.But, she uses the word in plural which is another confusing statement. I was 21 at this time and living in Farmington Hills with my parents and I never heard that piece of information and back then I followed this case very closely as I had several nieces and nephews in the area. I worked for family practice physicians and we had several mothers come in for anxiety in fear that their children would be abducted. When Tim was found and I remember this so vividly as my mom and I went to visit my eldest brother and his family who had been transferred to Dallas a year or so before and the day after Tim was found the Dallas paper had his kidnapped finding as the bold headlines, this was a national story. So, yes this whole story boggles my mind that it could of had this bad of shoddy police work. Sorry, for the length of this, but I am trying to put the pieces of this puzzle together so that I can really share it with just not the few close friends I have done so already but my entire 400 facebook friends. At 58 and my husband 60, we have many friends retiring and spare time on their hands and i know they would be very interested to read this and try to help in anyway. I just need some clarity, on the questions above, especially about how is this Sloan/hairs found and if he if he knew if you even know if he had some relationship with Busch or Greene. Thank you for your patience, but sure is one mess. Your family are heroes in my book! I am so very sorry for your loss and the torture you all have had. I wrote you one short note 2 weeks ago when I found this blog but did not do all the reading have done. But, I told you Tim has sure never been forgotten for not even a second and that is a tribute to how very loved he was and still is. You are an example of what every family should be. Blessings, MJ

  12. Nicole Dominic says:

    I went to school with your brother at Adams. I will never forget him. I began research into this case many years ago with the intention of putting together a documentary film. I would love to make that happen in hopes to have the answers you truly deserve.

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