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  1. I am so glad he is working to de-myth the bullshit that the kids were “well taken care of” and that the girls weren’t molested. Sex abuse doesn’t require penetration. I am also glad he calls bullshit on the “We can’t discuss it because the investigation is open and ongoing,” – a convenient way to shut down anyone who wants answers. It was a very interesting piece.

    1. I think the girls were penetrated, as well as any 8 year old boy could, anyway. The only reason I can think of for these homosexuals to kidnap girls is for kid sex porn movies or stills. What else would they want them for?

      1. I agree, you are probably right about the girls. If I go with the party line that they showed no signs of molestation then signs that would not be evident: Kiddie porn, photos, procured for an associate who liked little girls and oral manipulation.

  2. Wow, Cathy, what a great interview. I admire J. Reuben so much. He really wants to get this horror over with. I wonder if it would help to “dismiss” any criminal prosecution in this case in favor of a complete disclosure? LE, perps, Moms, Dads, everything. Just in order to get the truth. Why suggest this? Doesn’t it seem a bit much? Well, we all know this damned thing is over 40 years old. Many of the perps are, or have to be dead now. Many of the investigators, political honchos, GM execs, money lenders, money investors, Moms, Dads, wannabes and job-holders are dead. There is nary a person who needs “protection”. Even a couple of the creeps are in jail until they die. So why not make a legal deal to cease prosecution and get the truth in exchange? Isn’t it worth it?

    1. Hell No it’s not worth giving those pieces of sh!t immunity. Gunnels knows. Lamborgine knows. Both are sitting in jail. Get them properly motivated. Then verify the info. We may never know the whole truth but we are on the hunt.

      Cathy, thank you for not going quietly.

      1. Lamborgine was offered some pretty good enticement to talk. He turned it down. And what does one make of his uttering, “God has forgiven me,” when questioned about the murders before clamming up? Calling him a piece of shit is doing a disservice to shit.

  3. Hi Cathy! I’m “WGR” from the topix forum (and ancient history, now). As always, my opinions come prefaced with acknowledgement that you possess information, knowledge & understanding about OCCK and other child murder cases that I don’t have, and could never acquire without being you and living your life 🙂

    I’m very much behind on OCCK news & views now, I think. I still haven’t seen/read the production your family was involved in, and embarrassed to have to ask – was that a book, a documentary film or video, or a journalism series…and what was it called? My mind’s just a blank about it right now.

    Since you seem to be endorsing Reuben Appelman’s book, I shall have to read it as well and hope to do that soon. I am one of those very happy to see various fanciful/ mistaken/ imaginary or fraudulent narratives about these tragic abduction-murders publicly called out for what they are, denounced as unhelpful at best and perhaps even major obstacles to proper investigation by police, press and public; the gremlin, “the babysitter killer”, etc.
    I’ve always harbored doubts about the most fundamental assumption; that these four murders cases were correctly perceived to be the work of one & the same person, persons, group or network – with one and only one motivation, and one modus operandi of abduction, disappearance and disposal of the victims. You might know if there is some indisputable, forensic, evidence for believing that…but If so, I’m not aware of it.

    1. It’s a DVD, Decades of Deceit, produced quite a few years ago. If there is indisputable forensic evidence, we will probably never learn of it. That’s the beauty of these murders for those who don’t want answers—the lid is on tight and they stopped really looking at these cases decades ago, when it could have made a difference.

  4. Listen to this podcast MORE THAN ONCE. The political elite. The politically entrenched. Jason’s interview on this podcast is so important. LISTEN CAREFULLY. He has this all right! There will be more. And like Jason says, “HERE ARE A MILLION THINGS YOU DON’T HAVE RIGHT.” Jason, me, others–we are hanging out. Who will protect us? The light is on those of you who would fuck us over. Lies, suspects, evidence–those close to us will sue your asses if we wind up dead. Cops–you can’t do what you did back then. Do we smell bacon? Yeah, we do. And it stinks.

  5. I recently saw something in the Petoskey News Review. Don’t know how to post a photo here. It’s an article about a boys home in Detroit called the Paul Martin Home for Boys? Or something like that. There are allegations of abuse. Made me think of the Brother Paul’s mission on North Fox Island. Just sayin.

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