A stunningly similar case.

Great article in Business Insider on the similarities between Frank Shelden and Jeffrey Epstein. https://www.businessinsider.com/jeffrey-epstein-north-fox-island-francis-shelden-2019-8  When I spoke to the reporter off-the-record, she asked me three important and insightful questions, which I will attempt to answer here.

  1.  How do Shelden and his associates tie in to an understanding of the OCCK case?  This is an insightful question, because as the article points out, Shelden disappeared and Gerald Richards got busted before the OCCK spree.  However, it sheds light on why many leads in the OCCK case were not followed to a conclusion back in the day.  Digging too deep in the OCCK investigation could lead indirectly or directly to people like bigwigs at GM (and their little porn operation).  A U.S. senator who may have been a “client” at Fox Island.  Men in high society.  Or to pedophiles who knew somebody was executing men in Oakland County who had a dark side and a problem with pedophelia and/or child pornography.  It sheds light on why, after such an allegedly massive investigation and unearthing of so many pedophiles, Oakland County prosecuted none of them and it was up to Wayne County to prosecute Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson in 2005 for child rapes committed during that dark time.  Richards testified (if that’s what you want to call the softball treatment that piece of shit got) as Congress was enacting child pornography legislation.  Perhaps someone associated with this “untouchable” ring of high society pedophiles wanted to squeeze in a few more snuff films before the feds got serious where Oakland County would not.  Or someone would have to explain in Wayne County why a guy like Richard Lawson was essentially given a license to rape boys all in the name of  “he was such a great informant!”
  2. Why the Detroit area/Michigan appears to be such a hotbed for the exploitation of children.  See above.  And this “tradition” runs deep there.  And why not?  Someone (more than one, probably) got away with abducting, holding captive, torturing and raping four kids there.  And in the wake of that investigation, nobody was prosecuted for crimes unearthed during that time until 2005.  People there are STILL afraid to talk, even after GM lost its power and financial grip decades ago.
  3. What is it like going up against the system to obtain justice for my brother in the face of a cover up?  The evolution of the spectrum has been as follows:  Shock (but ultimately not surprise).  Despair.  Hatred.  Rage.  Resolve.  Steely resolve.  Calm, focused patience.  Slow motion, but always forward.  An acceptance of how broken the criminal justice system is.  How often enablers (including prosecutors and judges) sell their souls, which allows people like Shelden and Epstein to continue offending.  How many people want to look away.  A dear friend of mine uses the hashtag–#don’tletthebadguyswin.  I don’t intend to.  No matter how long it takes.
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