“Timothy King’s legacy is bringing justice to victims of child predators.”

This remarkable statement was the last line of an email from a reader who follows this case carefully and who knows about child predation and how fucked up Michigan is when it comes to protecting victims of pedophelia and child pornography.

As I write this post, I am mindful of the urgent crisis facing all of us with the spread of COVID-19. It will grind so many things to a halt, including what is left of this little investigation. But that is how it has to be. I hope everyone is taking this crisis seriously. Many lives depend on this.

Yes, the last two posts were jarring. And yes, I do live a mostly peaceful and fulfilling life. But when I’m here, I want you to look at this outrage. I’m not into sugar-coating abduction, rape, torture, child pornography, murder, and cop cover-ups/gaslighting by investigators. I happen to believe that if we don’t go back to the past and make it right–obtain some small measure of justice–we can’t make today or the future right. Proof of that is everywhere. Jerry Sandusky, Larry Nassar, Jeffrey Epstein, R. Kelly, to name a few.

As I have said before, it’s not like our family spewed rage and tried to light a fire under the cops’ asses for 30 years. We literally were very obedient crime victims. Didn’t ask any questions; actually felt bad for the cops on the task force. Such a hard case! Such a massive effort! Get on with your life and play by the rules. And we did. But because somebody thought it was a good idea to take the easy way out in this case–which always eventually falls apart, even after decades–we all got fucked over a second time. We got a shocking and disgusting look into the task force and the bullshit way this case was handled after somebody with loose lips fucked up. That’s on you, Larry Wasser. Trust me when I tell you I really wish you had kept your mouth shut, but you didn’t and here we are. I want everyone who reads this blog to see why it is so outrageous that justice was never served here and why law enforcement made it worse.

I warned you all a couple of months ago, when I realized this investigation was once again getting kicked down the road and that no one, literally no one, is accountable for where this thing sits, that there was nothing left to lose. I held back a lot of documents and information because of my belief that the investigation was actually going somewhere. Like maybe evidence was being tested using the most current DNA testing. Like maybe the cover up in this case might come to light. Just kidding. But I promise you, for the most part, all bets are off.

I know leads continue to be looked at in their own little sweet time and I will not betray any confidences. That much I also promise.

About 53 hours has passed since my post on March 16. Yeah, I bet that was some pretty jarring shit to read. But you know what? As of this post, Tim had been in the company of his abductors for some 53 hours. That is a hell of a lot more jarring than anything I could compose. I want you to understand how outrageous it is that no one came forward with information that would solve the murders of Mark, Jill, Kristine and then Tim. How outrageous it is that perhaps someone with a conscience did come forward and the cops blew him or her off. You can’t even fathom it unless you think about who these kids were and what happened to them.

The rest of this post is going to be straight-out plagiarized and paraphrased from an email I got from a reader. It helped give perspective on why I need to find a way to get someone outside of Michigan and an agency other than the FBI to pry open this case. Because there is just too much proof of why this case continues to contribute to preventing society from making the future right.

The coronavirus will be no interruption in the world of cyber criminals, terrorism and child predators. Child predators operate 24/7 and may be getting more of a free pass while law enforcement efforts are redirected to the pandemic crisis. When child predators are reported there is no excuse for not investigating. Many states have lifted statutes of limitations on child sexual abuse and exploitation cases–hello Catholic Church and Boy Scouts of America.

Regarding the FBI and Larry Nassar (MSU and USA Olympics team doctor/pedophile/child pornographer/obstructor of justice serving 60 years in a case involving the abuse of 340 girls and young women)–when he was arrested in early September 2016, it would appear he had been tipped off. Nassar had ditched his child exploitation materials and his computer in the morning trash pick up (hence obstruction charges). As noted before, the FBI had evidence on Nassar and other victims had come forward, yet it was many, many months–almost a year–before he was arrested. Three FBI bureaus are under investigation by the Department of Justice, Inspector General’s Office, for their handling of this case–Detroit, Indianapolis and LA.

While Michigan AG Dana Nessel has an open investigation in the Nassar/MSU case, it was reported in December 2019 that the investigation was closed. AG Nessel issued a correction. https://www.mlive.com/news/2019/12/nessel-clarifies-still-seeking-truth-on-msus-handling-of-nassar-scandal.html. Unusual, to say the least. And Nessel cannot get John Engler, the former governor and attorney, to answer questions about him intimidating MSU victims while acting as MSU Interim President. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/15/us/michigan-state-nassar-john-engler.html

Acosta protected Epstein. https://www.businessinsider.com/alex-acosta-jeffrey-epstein-jail-deal-2018-11. Chicago PD are believed to have protected R. Kelly for decades. https://chicago.suntimes.com/news/2019/7/11/20691354/r-kelly-federal-indictment-arrested-chicago-new-york-derrel-mcdavid-milton-brown. And you know what? The MSP, FBI, and the judicial and legal establishment of Oakland County have protected child predators since the 1970s. Yes, something is very wrong.

Timothy King’s legacy is bringing justice to victims of child predators.


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