1979 Murder Victim Identified Using mtDNA

Delores Wulff’s husband walked on her murder basically because “there was no body.” He died some 26 years later in 2005. The Department of Justice DNA lab compared DNA from one of Delores’ children in order to identify her after 41 years.

A reader asked if the MSP ever reads about these success stories. I think the MSP and the OCP are too afraid to get to the point where there might be some real evidentiary answers in the OCCK case. Their unwillingness to do the work done in cases like this one really cannot be explained any other way.

They will say “inadequate DNA samples,” but this requires a further explanation beyond “hey, it was 1976 and 1977–what did you want us to do?” We wanted you to at least pretend to collect and store the evidence properly so you could do what was done for Delores Wulff’s family in her 1979 disappearance.

The task force was “rejuvenated” in 2005. It’s 2020. Fifteen years to get your evidentiary shit together? If you have a big goose egg, you need to tell the public and the families. Instead, they continue to shirk their duties after more than four decades. They will claim to have done all kinds of work and testing. So, let’s hear why it has come up short. Maybe you can consult with one of the hundreds of agencies around the country who are solving cold cases from that era using DNA testing.

The company line in the OCCK case has always been some version of “can’t be done, too hard!!!” Pretty good cover, up until recently. Other agencies are proving that, with a little work and patience, it isn’t too hard to solve these cases.

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