Access to Information

The “citizen science” project described in my last post is a collaboration with Dr. Kathleen Moore and Dylan Lightfoot. To read a little about Dylan, I cannot say it better than Marney Keenan did, so please see Dr. Moore is a professor of Intelligence Analysis, has a PhD in Information Sciences and specializes in cyber intelligence. Her expertise is used to answer complex, real world problems.

Both Lightfoot and Moore were personally impacted by the OCCK crimes. This project, based on documents and research provided by author and retired Detroit News author Marney Keenan and me, is predicated on the hope that information used to empower everyday citizens in research outside of formalized institutions may help build a case here and/or perhaps in other missing/exploited/murdered child cases that may have overlap with persons directly and tangentially involved in the OCCK case. We now know there are many of those persons.

We are in the process of having many thousands of documents from this case digitized and converted into a searchable database. Thank you to a reader who offered today to assist with this heavy task. We hope it will be an effective tool.

The original “old boys network” is dying out. Current roadblocks to justice are weakening. As noted, the timeline and story maps are works in progress and “living” projects. For information regarding the timeline, contact Your information could be very helpful there.

Sadly, no good deed goes unpunished in this most awful of cases. Just ask Patrick Coffey, Cory Williams or Kym Worthy. Meanwhile, obstructionists in law enforcement and the legal system, past and present, continue for now to win the battle. I am deeply grateful to Kathleen, Dylan and Marney for their insight, assistance and willingness to take a stand on the need for transparency in this case. The dynamics of power in this case have come squarely down in favor of predators and their enablers. It is time for that power to shift.

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