The Forever Children of Oakland County

I love that Eddie White is keeping the spotlight on the unsolved Oakland County child killings. While Oakland County and the Michigan State Police did everything they could to keep the communities and the state from asking any questions and controlling the narrative for over four decades, squelching inquiry and making it impossible to close these cases, every generation needs to know how these abductions and murders continued to happen, and why they were never solved. There has never been transparency in this case, so good for podcasters and the press for making people think.

If you stay silent, the system is working.

Civil lawsuits are the only way to break this sickness open. Prosecutors who won’t file charges; judges who go easy on “molesters”–civil suits against rapists and their institutional enablers may change the course of this shameful history.

I’ve heard that bullshit before by public servants who whine that “they weren’t even born when these crimes occurred.” Bad news–you are the face of the county now. That is how it works, and you know it. It’s not like they are going after you personally (unless you have acted in bad faith on the case since taking office). Shameful response. Get your act together and realize it’s not the old days, when pigs in high office could safely play hide the ball, or a job as a public servant meant only perks and none of the responsibility carried by hard workers in the private sector. Better get an umbrella policy. And get someone to screen your agency’s press/social media statements.

Michigan is #1

Top of the list for lowest clearance rate for homicide cases, meaning it has the most unsolved murder cases:

Unsurprisingly, the most “chilling and infamous” unsolved case in Michigan is the Oakland County Child Killer(s) case.

Here is how Michigan is represented on the map:

At least four children were held captive and killed. They were always found wearing the clothes they went missing in. Despite an abundance of evidence tying several pedophiles to the case, no one was convicted.

There you sit, Oakland County, right next to the 1892 Borden murders in Massachusetts. Nice work.

Thank you to Already Gone podcaster Nina Innsted for sending the infographic.

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