How to stop sexual predators in youth sports: 5 questions every parent should ask

This USA Today article asks if anything has changed to make children safer at athletic organizations around the country:

The article lists five important questions suggested by CHILD USA every parent should ask the schools, sports teams and other organizations they entrust with the care and oversight of their children.

As readers of this blog know, these problems didn’t start a decade ago with the revelations about Penn State’s defensive coordinator and prolific pedophile, Jerry Sandusky. Greg Greene–baseball coach. Chris Busch–Big Brothers organization. Gerald Richards–gym teacher at a Catholic school and “magician.” Josiah Tazelaar–school teacher. Frank Shelden–owner of boys’ “nature camp” and on the board of various “impressive” institutions that would give him access to young victims.

If you have read the FOIA documents in this case, you know that Chris Busch TOLD POLICE IN JANUARY 1977 that he accessed some of his victims through the Big Brother organization. NO ONE investigated this angle. Ever. Imagine if police in Southeastern Michigan had followed up on this silver-plattered piece of info dropped by Busch as he was spilling his guts at the Flint PD. Imagine if police had informed the BB organization they had a big (fat, rich boy) problem.

Imagine a world where L. Brooks Patterson and his bag man, Richard Thompson, addressed the victimization of children in Oakland County in 1977 when they knew or should have known their county was infected with freaks, instead of sweeping it under the expensive Oakland County rug and giving wealthy constituents a pass. Imagine the hundreds of young lives that would have been spared had these cowards done something real while in office. Too busy addressing welfare reform, keeping their organized crime buddies happy and making sure people with some dough (and the desire for more) moved to OC. Tell me one very concrete thing these men did to better society, not just advance their careers at the expense of others and line the pockets of the wealthy in that county. Specifics. Go ahead, I’m listening.

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