This priest was sentenced to seven years in prison this week after pleading guilty to raping a 10-year-old altar boy 30 years ago. Had he gone to trial, he could have received up to a 99-year sentence. And of course, there were other victims.

I don’t know what prosecutors and judges are thinking in these pedophelia sex crime cases. This priest will be 66 in 7 years. These particular sex criminals never age out, never stop hunting for young victims. Never.

Seven years for raping a kid? I just don’t get it. The priest reportedly stood emotionless as his victim, now in his 40’s, addressed him. Emotionless is what you will get as your God hands down your real sentence, padre.

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  1. Let’s make a deal! He pled a day before his trial, and to all 9 counts. In return….less than a year per count. The system is broken.

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