Is it time to privatize?


Especially in the atypical cold case where public officials and state police are obstructing justice. The OCCK cold case status is not just dusty files and lack of funds. The corruption in this case locked it down for all time in 1977. Honest cops can’t even break through. There should be legislation mandating when a “cold case” can no longer be considered “open” such that agencies get to hide whatever files and evidence they have not already destroyed or tampered with.

3 thoughts on “Is it time to privatize?”

  1. Wishing you and your family peace and justice. I know Holidays must be bbn tough. Hugs!!!

    1. It sure seems like that’s what needs to be done Cathy. The MSP seems to have all but forgotten about the case. I know I’ve mentioned this 100 times but that polygraph in Georgia NEEDS to be addressed . It’s imperative that John boy should be looked at until he’s cleared or looked at even tighter. As of today , he’s our MAIN suspect. Granted we have Sloan , Lambo, and obviously Gunnels knows , but we all KNOW and I personally feel information lies with JH. Time is ticking before he meets the reaper

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