Evening Sessions: The Snow Killings: Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation

Here is a link to sign up for a book talk about The Snow Killings on Wednesday evening, January 19, 2022:


This book talk will be held in person at the Alice and Jack Writ Library in Bay City and live streamed on the library’s Facebook page.

At this point, Marney Keenan has done more digging in this case than anyone at the Michigan State Police ever did or has (45 years, and counting). Imagine if law enforcement and the Oakland County prosecutor had engaged honestly with the public back in 1976 and 1977 instead of withholding critical information and sticking to their “blue Gremlin, no evidence” script and discounting witnesses who saw Kristine Mihelich and Tim King at their abduction sites.

“If I had to guess, I’d say the killer is either locked up or dead . . .” Guessing doesn’t cut it, nor does lying to the public, nor does settling for magically having the killing spree stop and shutting everything down. This case is bigger than a sad cold case that cops were baffled by back in the day. Tune in to hear why.

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  1. Wow I agree with you Cathy. How can one disregard Doug Wilson’s testimony on what he saw at HM? You can’t . Why would he lie? What would he have to gain to lie? I’m sure many think, how could he remember that so many years ago? Well that’s not something you forget. He remembered detail. He remembered what Tim and what the suspect was wearing. I take those composites literally.

    Ya the killer is either dead or in prison narrative is really a good conclusion. Probably doesn’t cut it. That’s not what the families or what the people want to hear. We want to hear the killer is caught. Through either DNA or confession. Granted we may never know who exactly did those crimes; however, there are suspects that are still alive and just possibly one of them is guilty. There are unanswered questions still there with quite a few of those suspects that are alive.

    1. The only cold case in the country where “too bad, so sad” is accepted as good enough. “Get over it,” “nothing to see here,” no money, no time, no interest. Why is that?

  2. What a pathetic comment, “If I had to guess”. Here’s an idea, quit guessing and do some actual investigating. Whether the individual is dead, in jail, or still walking the streets. How about getting the answers four families have desperately asking for, for 45 years. The stonewalling, and lies are an embarrassment.

    1. Yes, as long as the cops are in the guessing game I guess we can be, too. If I had to guess, L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson made a little deal with H. Lee Busch when his pedophile son got arrested by Flint PD. They thought Greg Greene was the OCCK, locked him up and threw away the key. They thought Chris Busch was just a kid-diddler who owned a movie camera and a Polaroid. Either way, they let Busch walk. And walk, and walk, and walk, and walk. Probation in four CSC cases that were revealed during that fateful week of January 25, 1977 in Flint.

      If I had to guess, two men in the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office were pissing their pants on the evening of March 16, 1977, once B’ham PD reported a missing 11-year-old boy.

      If I had to guess, these two men spent the rest of their lives making sure this case never got solved, that no one took a real look at any serious suspects or crimes involving pedophelia because they could not risk exposure for kissing H. Lee’s ass.

      If I had to guess, Robert Robertson at the MSP was an easy enough sell when it came to shutting things down and him actually getting promoted–promoted after the big fail.

      If I had to guess, I’d say the FBI is dirty in this case, too, and with that outfit we will never, ever learn how or why.

      So, if I had to guess, I’d say that’s why this case got no traction, even after Cory Williams unearthed all kinds of evidence and suspects and avenues that were never pursued and agencies were forced to admit that gee whiz, it looked like multiple men were involved in these crimes. If I had to guess, I’d say that’s why those of you who have come forward with other suspects never get a call back from police.

      If I had to guess, I’d say this is why John Hastings is a free man and why he and Vince Gunnels have never told the truth in this case.

      If I had to guess, I’d say the actions of these three men who swore to uphold the law, fucked over thousands of people. But that and a dollar will buy you a doughnut (maybe).

  3. Bob Kenney

    I suspect that this was the origin of the meme going around with many in LE that the perp was the son of a GMC higher up who was going to have his problem son sent to Europe to be institutionalized. If so, Scoutmaster Lee totally bullshitted LBP and Thompson.

    The reality was that just a few months after Tim’s killing, Scoutmaster Lee and Elsie were back in Europe pretending to be big wheels, while their sadistic, ticking time bomb son was living at the Morningside house, totally unsupervised and sexual assaulting his nephew (their grandson) most of that summer. This just after having to bail him out on several occasions all over the state of Michigan for felony CSC crimes.

    Not exactly institutionalized. Criminal negligence if you ask me.

    Fast forward to Chris Busch’s “suicide scene” in November,1978 and once again we see him home alone with no supervision while Scoutmaster Lee and his wife were hobnobbing in Europe.

    Did LE not bother to check in on him during this time frame to see what was the true situation?

    This guy was a prime suspect in one of the country’s most heinous crimes and you’re going to allow his parents to dictate his punishment, which was basically nothing? Huh?

  4. If I had to guess, H. Lee (a monster in his own right) owned LBP and Richard Thompson after a tete-a-tete and the resulting machinations the last week of January, 1977. Lee and Elsie had little to fear, no matter their location. No one was going to stop by 3310 Morningview Terrace until the maid couldn’t get in and big brother called the Bloomfield Township PD. Once Sillery did his cursory “autopsy,” the big body incinerated as quickly as possible, and a perfunctory “service,” it was back to hobnobbing. Problem solved.

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