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Watch this piece from about four months ago. I will not post any comments about beliefs that JonBenet’s parents or brother committed this crime, so don’t even bother. Twenty-five years later, the same detectives in Boulder are holding on to the case. Step aside if you will not agree to have the evidence in this little girl’s case retested by a sophisticated third-party lab with capabilities far beyond the state lab. JonBenet deserves every effort by Boulder PD, not game playing by an agency that has been unable to solve this 25-year-old homicide.

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  1. I came across this randomly on youtube a few months back and immediately thought of you! The police refusing to test DNA in the OCCK and this case is outrageous, and I would have hoped that the Ramsey case (as it was a huge international story) would have brought far more publicity and further highlighted the injustice to victims and their families by law agencies unwilling to uncover the truth But like I said, I just came across this interview while watching another youtube video. I am just beyond anger and so sorry that you and all of these other families are being treated so cruelly.

  2. This summer a reader told me about the use of the M-Vac system by the Montgomery County, TX Sheriff’s Department to help solve the 1979 homicide of 12-year-old Lesia Jackson. https://people.com/crime/lesia-mitchell-jackson-cold-case-murder-solved/. This system was used in October 2021 to extract DNA from Lesia’s clothing. Six months later (April 2022) authorities found “unknown male DNA.” In July authorities announced the DNA was that of a man who was executed in April 2022 for a 1989 homicide in Montgomery County.

    Consider the M-Vac system, https://www.m-vac.com/why-mvac/forensic-dna-collection-faq and compare it to the Boulder PD’s announcement that they would sit tight until some unknown date in the future, after DNA testing evolves further. State labs in these situations do nothing but extinguish evidence, without the benefit of advanced techniques. There literally is no argument any more that evidence is too degraded or samples too small to prevent the attempt to obtain DNA evidence. If what they are saying is that after careful research and consultation with multiple third-party labs, they have been advised not to proceed with any further testing whatsoever and that any evidence will be lost for all time, they should give a detailed explanation of their inquiry and the opinions rendered by the labs.

    At this point, the Boulder police doth protest too much and think outside the box too little. It feels vindictive and wrong to wait indefinitely for better technology to come along in a decades old case where one parent has died and the other is getting on in years. Although the Michigan State Police waited out Ruth Stebbins, Marion King, Dan Mihelich, Mike Stebbins, Barry King and Tom Robinson. It’s pretty shameful.

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