“I will put my name on every word I’ve spoken and I’ll be perfectly happy to be right or wrong but I won’t be silent.”

In response to my questions about the “camping” photograph (circa 1976?), I received the following information about Frank Shelden from a reader, who offered that I could post it in full here. I circled back to make sure he was ok with my posting his name and he responded as follows:

I am perfectly happy to have my details published because that is the only chance I have of any clue ever coming to me and therefore to the world. It’s extremely low probability that anyone will contact me but if my name is there it means that anyone who wants to contact me can still do so.

Life is too short to be discrete in such matters.

Exposing my name simply means that I can be located by anyone who wants to contribute information. It does me no harm whatsoever and I take no shame by being involved in this investigation.

We fight for the truth against the most horrible behaviour of humanity but that does not mean we are horrible.

I will discuss the most filthy crimes but I remain innocent as the driven snow.

I will put my name on every word I’ve spoken and I’ll be perfectly happy to be right or wrong but I won’t be silent.”

I WON’T BE SILENT. Pretty rare to hear those words in connection with the crimes committed against children that have been discussed and alluded to in this blog. Thank you, Ade.

I had some trouble moving the photo attachments from my encrypted email to WordPress, so if there are issues viewing please readers, let me know. If they are out of order or not complete, please let me know Ade.

The information he provided is as follows:

Shelden in his early 40s–note the heavy lower jaw and deep vertical smile lines–image subject to (some newspaper) copyright. It appeared with an article related to a court hearing about some development and environmental impact thereof.

and, younger still:

And here with his brother (sorry low resolution image) with his plane–must be 1975 approx–when he bought the plane–I have the exact detail but not to hand:

And here in India–Frank as a guest at Boys Town Malbazar and Caesar School Malbazar, takes 3 boys to the Malbazar River–two of these boys including the informant, were his sex victims. Other images (previously sent to you Cathy) show Frank holding another victim.

And my heavily annotated ‘paedophile teddy bear picnic” image:

I consent to, an authorize you, to reproduce all or any material sent here today in any place on the condition that the entirety of this email be used for context unaltered and that no image be altered or edited.

It may be useful to know that Michael Farquhar, a well publicized tragic victim of this awful man Shelden, on North Fox Island–has categorically identified and confirmed the Indian images as being his abuser Francis Duffield Shelden.

There can be no doubt. I discovered Shelden as a direct result of the testimony about ‘freank selden’ coming from one of the victims in Malbazar. That man in an on-camera interview about how he had been repeatedly sexually abused by Rev Father John Robert Thwaytes, THEN, WITHOUT MY PROMPTING insisted to tell the translator that there were other men coming regularly to abuse him and his fellow children.

That led me to Dr. Frits Bernard–who the victim could only call ‘Dr Frisch’ but another orphanage ex-staffer had named a Frits Bernard–and the images found online as well as original images taken in Malbazar have proven that the esteemed Frits Bernard was in fact a child rapist in India using the obscure location to give freedom to his lust–while keeping a covered image on such TV shows as the DONAHUE show where he appeared promoting the innocence and victim status of ‘the persecuted minority’ as he called paedophiles.

Then reference to ‘some other guy, a bald guy, America I think’ – and an actual eyewitness of ‘Frank’ as a guest at Boys Town Malbazar India finally fully described him on camera – LONG BEFORE I HAD ANY IDEA OF THE MAN’S NAME – OR OF THE OCCK – OR NORTH FOX ISLAND.

ALL I HAD WAS  “uncle Frank” – then at last one victim struggled and said ‘freank selden’ and identified an image I found when I googled for a paedophile frank with his own plane as the UK volunteer had described him.

Then the real shit hit the fan – including the devastation to my own health with the shock of what I was uncovering.

There are murdered bodies hidden in the Indian orphanage – alleged child and ‘mother’ victims of the priest and others – and no one in indian authority cares a damn – indeed they would likely collude to move them and take bribery for aiding the criminal orphanage and school trustees who remain as the ‘heirs apparent’ illegally to a paedophile criminal institution spanning 50 years near enough.

I BELIEVE JOHN ROBERT THWAYTES IS A CREDIBLE SUSPECT OR PERSON OF INTEREST IN THE OCCK UNSOLVED CASE. USA officials should seek to get his family DNA or his own post mortem DNA to at least eliminate the prospective connection. 

These paedophiles were active in USA – a network STRETCHING FROM AMSTERDAM TO DETROIT AND NFI [North Fox Island] AND TO MALBAZAR AND PAKISTAN (the latter nation is assumed based on regular visits by Dr Frits Bernard to Pakistan schools – one assumes he was doing his rounds of his pet boys in this places as he did in Malbazar – boys who were destroyed as “my” witness was, by these awful crimes inflicted for the best years of their lives from ages as young as 5 but typically 8.



That UK cardinal was infamous for (a) covering up paedophile priests and (b) having written an apology for this crime in his memoirs and (c) making world news when the Church tried to suppress his memoirs to hide their conspiracy in the criminal concealment of their paedophile fellowship

THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS UP TO ITS NECK IN PAEDOPHILE CRIMES WORLD WIDE IN MY OPINION AND THE OCCK HAS STRONG INDICATIVE CONNECTION OF PRIESTS – PROBABLY FROM MARYGLADE ITSELF (even tho Thwaytes had left years earlier and so had Fr Cipolla another ‘MaryGlade’ paedophile – the sudden closure of Marygade is a real clue to a great deal of concern over what evidence and paedophiles may have existed there, potentially tied to OCCK and definitely tied to MALBAZAR

Thwaytes effectively left Detroit after a ‘road to Damascus’ type call from Jesus led him to do his noviciate there (aged 29) where he met the teenage Cipolla (and probably debauched him) as they entered that place in the same first year 1960

In 1966/7 Thwaytes emerged a priest and was soon raping boys at Bartolo Longo (now called St Bartholomews) Malbazar where he had been sent as a Papal (PIME) missionary – funded and supported by the Church BUT ALSO LARGE SUMS OF MONEY CAME FROM “Detroit” in the “Ferndale Boys Town Trust” that was the first Malbazar Boys Town trust – NOTE THE CHILLING USE OF ‘FERNDALE ‘ in an Indian orphanage – the close connection of Thwaytes to that place is the obvious reason – a place where later the OCCK would strike.

And the priest had illegal false passport – genuine Indian passport but in a false Indian name – so he had potential ability to leave India and got to Detroit on (my imagined) sex tours to visit (my imagined) North Fox Island.

Michael Farquhar (NFI  Shelden/Richards/Grossman victim) referred to a priest!

The Gerald Richards “flow chart” to be found in US Congress reports – drawn by Richards – SHOWS JT (less than likely John Thwaytes but not impossible) BUT ALSO SICKENINGLY AND MOST DIRECTLY SIMILARLY TO MALBAZAR – SHOWS A TEDDY BEAR CLUB

John Thwaytes was obsessed with his Teddy bear and used it to seduce children routinely – even non sexually he engaged and captivated Indian boys with the Teddy to which they bowed and touched the feet as a god.

I think Thwaytes remained very closely tied to Shelden after years sharing sexploits as buddies in the period 1960-66 ; NFI bought in 1959/60 and Thwaytes entered Detroit same era

Thwaytes moved in wealthy high Detroit society – I have images of him as a guest at a wealthy person’s home (Gardella – not at all suggesting anything against that home) – and likely he would have similarly met and engaged in Shelden’s society – it is very obvious they knew each other as if not, how on earth could Shelden have accidentally located a remote and very obscure Indian orphanage in  the West Bengal jungle as it was then?

Even with internet in 2009 I struggled to locate and reach the place

Thwaytes was a rampant paedophile – he was abused by nuns and he hated but revered and had obsessive ‘angelic’ fantasies of them – obviously tied to his suffering and sexual abuses by nuns – and I think his psyche fits perfectly with the OCCK treatment of the girls.

It is sickening how much feels like it connects – and all invisible to the world – I have carried this burden for 6 years unsure of what means anything and what means nothing

it is equally possible Thwaytes has no other connection than fellow paedophile

BUT it is sickeningly possible he traveled to meet his paedophile friends in Detroit – that he was indeed visiting North Fox island -possible doe to his ties to PIME father Detroit and to Shedlen (who I think was the funding person sending money to ‘Ferndale Boys Town Trust’ as an investment in his later rights of visitation and sexual use of orphans there – 

It is very possible Thwaytes  was there (even under false passport) and had opportunity to be OCCK or part of a group doing the crimes –

I have evidence that Thwaytes was a murdered or at the least guilty of manslaughter at the orphanage and of conspiracy tp conceal multiple corpses of Indian persons

I have maps drawn by witnesses to the grave sites

But no one seems to care a damn.

Definitely no one in India.

signed Adrian Millane

aka Ade O’Maolain on fakebook



Feel free to publish all herein subject to retaining all of the contents and copyright notices.

Additional image:

11 thoughts on ““I will put my name on every word I’ve spoken and I’ll be perfectly happy to be right or wrong but I won’t be silent.””

  1. I recently listened to the podcast Le Monstre which is about the kidnappings in Belgium by Marc Dutroux, his accomplices and the probable involvement of government officials. I couldn’t help but to think about Sheldon and the possible rings he was involved in. I am not saying Sheldon and Dutroux have any connections whatsoever, but I think there may be parallels in the way many of these networks operated. I wish more people would be as forthright as Adrian has been with you to expose the truths regarding how these networks worked so they can be unraveled.

    1. @elle3008 said; “I think there may be parallels in the way many of these networks operated”. Well, let’s look at the accumulated documented evidence we have, with respect to the Better Life pederasts and their child sexual abuse, child sexual abuse images, and prostitution of their victims.

      – Gerald Richards’ primary victim MF, also one of the few victims of Shelden and Grossman that we have 1970s statements-testimony from. An abduction victim? No.
      The two men from the Discovery documentary, taken to North Fox Island and victimized there. Abduction victims? No.
      The other boys, victimized by Richards and/or taken to North Fox Island, who gave 1970s statements to Gorzen and his investigators. Abducted? No.
      “Gerry’s boys”, the group of minors documented in the 1970s Tazellar prosecution documents, photographed by Tazellar and probably at other times by Richards as well. Abducted? No.

      – The Tennessee Boy’s Farm residents/victims; CSAI victims whose images were marketed both directly to ‘sponsors’ and in commercial products, also prostituted directly to some sponsors. Were any of them living there as a result of abduction, or being held against their will in that place by Vermilye? By their own documented testimony, no. In fact, these boys all testified at Vermilye’s trial, that all their sexual activity recorded in CSAI, was consenting.

      – The men, who were 1970s juvenile prostitutes in the Cass corridor-Detroit area, some of whom were also victimized by Lawson and/or Lamborgine and/or filmed by Moore, interviewed by Det. Williams. Abduction victims? No.
      The teenaged boys living in Moore’s house(s) with him in the 1970s. Abducted by him, or held there against their will? No.

      There is a decades long, and well documented, history of the failure of this hypothesis; “child abductions/missing children are connected to juvenile prostitution and production of commercial CP, and vice versa” to be borne out by the facts in whatever case, including quite famously the FBI’s attempt to investigate that hypothesis in the George Stanley Burdynski Jr. case, and UK-European investigator’s early hypothesis about the origins of “The Bjorn Tape”.

      I’m not saying, that hypothesis should not be investigated.

      I am saying, beware of this endless loop rabbit hole; “there is no documentation for my hypothesis, because of corruption, and no documentation for that corruption, because of corruption, and no documentation for THAT corruption, because of corruption…”

  2. @Adrian – thanks for the info, and pictures of Frances Shelden!
    Looks like Shelden to me, and I have no problem believing “Frank” was at the place(s) in India that you mention…and at least in part, to sexually abuse juvenile Indian boys.
    That Frances Shelden was an obsessive child sex tourist, (no doubt all over the globe), is well known. After Shelden fled US and settled in Amsterdam, becoming Frank Torey, John Stamford was one of his two best buddies. Stamford founded the Spartacus Gay Travel Guide, initially a guide to “Gay friendly” accommodations for travelers all over the world (where they existed), but over time became increasingly focused on “where to find abuseable boys” in all of those locations.
    Safe to assume, the two of them conducted some of the “research” about that, themselves. They also had business (publishing) dealings together for some years.
    (Shelden’s other best buddy was the pederast-pedophile activist Edward Brongersma. We used to refer to the three of them, disparagingly, as “the Three Kings” of the Amsterdam pedophile colony. By “we”, I mean some of the younger Gay activists of the 1980’s involved in organizing the purge of known pederast-pedophiles and their apologists, from official Gay Community orgs. in our communities. In the pages of his PAN newsletter, Shelden-Torey is referring to us when he whined: “The Homophiles (Gays) have abandoned me!”)

    1. four kings

      Dr Frits Bernard belongs in the same collective

      He spouted validation for child rape – called men who lusted after boys, the persecuted minority – just another natural variation, like being gay itself – no big deal.

      That animal has books on university shelves across the world as a respected sex psychologist – the same dog who abused little boys en masse in the orphanage in Malbazar – groups of boys with no English, no voice, just raw poverty, herded like sheep by the Papal Rapal missionary, into the group orgy rooms where a trio of men were waiting – Frank Shelden, Frits Bernard and a man named Philip Lucas – and of course the holy priest – writing in his diary of his concerns for the ‘gender confusion’ of boys he had been raping and dressing as girls for at least a year before he wrote the diary.

  3. I failed to make abundantly clear – all the boys who were abused by Father John were known as Teddy Bear group boys – they had money, power and status – this was basically a powerful lead group in the orphanage and as they grew to manhood they took top jobs and had free access to misappropriate money from the charity – the priest had ostensible authority but they knew his dirty secret and could ruin him – so there was a contract of silence – in return for his sexual abuses they got wealth and control. They still have it.

    The naming of a Teddy Bear club on the Gerald Richards “flow-chart” is sickeningly similar and gives me a strong sense that the relationship (for many years before) between John Thwaytes and Frank Shelden, LED TO THIS SEGMENT of the paedophile continuum – indeed it may well have been the inspiration of the priest with his “island” of boys (a virtual island, a remote jungle orphanage behind high stone and barbed wire walls) – that led to the notion in Frank’s mind to set up his own remote place to molest boys.

    I add that after some exposure and actions against him Fr John Robert Thwaytes violently destroyed a photographic darkroom and all the equipment that was in place at the orphanage.

    THIS SMACKS OF A CONNECTION / SIMILARITY OF modus operandi – where Thwaytes may well have been developing his own filthy child abuse material images and even sharing them to Frank.

    For years after he was ordained (1966) at Maryglade, John Thwaytes seemingly (verbal comments) retained a very strong connection to Detroit – reporting to his home seminary but also I believe closely interactive ongoing with Frank Shelden. A UK volunteer seeking to add creative arts to the orphanage and school, was told about the darkroom and enlarger etc which was destroyed in some outburst by the priest – a man infamous for his fits of narcissistic rage and the violence that he would manifest at these times.

    A man I am sure was a murderer – or at least involved in unlawful deaths of 2 or more people- and the criminal concealment of their bodies – and conspiracy on many matters – a man who will lie in glory with a monument to his sainthood – a filthy disgusting man bred from childhood by abuses he also suffered – to destroy thousands while he simultaneously uplifted tens of thousands – of lives in India and beyond. He devastated my life without ever touching me.

  4. This is off topic but I know its right up your ally. Look at this crap thats going on in Macomb county in 2022. Michigan Officials at a medical examiner office were caught stealing drugs/evidence from the office. Now Imagine if you will if someone were connected to a killer or a criminal and just so happened to be working at a Medical examiners office. IMO this acusation isnt just stealing drugs. In my eyes this is destroying evidence and proof of why no body can ever be trusted. This bothers me because any job at the medical examiner office in my opinion in many cases is even more important than the job of the detectives and the prosecutors. These are the people running evidence found on human remains to stare forensic labs. In many cases science exposes the truth and reveals corruption when there is corrupt law enforcement or a prosecutors office. The fact that stuff like this still goes on in Michigan is disgusting and makes me feel as though the autorities here in Michigan dont care. Reflecting back to the Oakland county Medical examiner who did the botched autopsies in the oakland county child killer case really exposed to me the importance of keeping professionalism in these work places.


    1. Sorry for the delay in posting, Matt.

      And Robert Sillery botched most of the autopsies he performed (when he actually performed them) during his “career” in O.C. That he was “friends” with L. Brooks Patterson and probably would have done exactly as he was told in any case, is beyond frightening and disgusting. An unprofessional (at a minimum) POS who did a lot of damage before he moved on.

  5. JT in the Richards flow chart is definitely referencing Josiah Tazelaar from the context clues in the police reports

    1. Convicted pedophile Josiah Tazelaar’s brother & family lived a four minute drive from our house (under 1.5 miles). When questioned about the OCCK case after the Lamborgine/Lawson tips in the 2005, the brother (who had lived at the same address since before 1976), said Josiah sometimes spent the night there, but claimed not to remember the OCCK crimes. At all. Josiah, his brother Willem, convicted pedophile Ken Shultz, and the late Sen. Jack Faxon were buddies, as reflected in the case notes regarding the Lamborgine investigation. After agreeing to take a polygraph in 2005, Josiah had his attorney write a letter saying his heart was too weak to undergo such an experience. Bad memories, bad hearts. Common ailments in the OCCK case.

  6. I have another shocking revelation I only just recognised.
    Michael F whose name was revealed in ‘Children of the Snow’ wrote to the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer in 2019 AFTER HE WAS INTERVIEWED in the documentary.
    It is important to realise that Michael HAD NO IDEA OF OCCK until he was interviewed – and he was solely interviewed for one reason …. the perceived relationship between North Fox Island/Shelden/Richards and the OCCK itself.

    Michael himself has made a firm statement which he could not possibly have made for the 4 decades of his silence …. simply because he did not know who the other boy was THAT MICHAEL MET IN FEBRUARY 1976 on a day when Michael stated he was being sexually abused by Shelden/Richards etc (his terms were non specific in that aspect but clearly he was stating it was in the hands of the same men from NFI).

    MICHAEL F stated in his letter to the Governor – that he now realises – now that he has heard of OCCK and seen pictures of victims – he realises that the younger boy he met – was MARK STEBBINS. This has massive consequences not least of which it connects Shelden who is connected to the priest (a killer child abuser in India as my evidence suggests) and to the world paedophile network including Dutch Frits Bernard and others. It manifestly demands response – yet I doubt there has been any!

    1. Ade. it was MIchael who made me realize quite a few years ago that Frank Shelden and Gerald Richards were still very much in the picture in February 1976. If the state police would get their ego out of the equation, this blog discusses so many loose ends, so many avenues that can still be considered. Fresh eyes, thinking outside of the box and for god’s sake, stop assuming that the investigators who came before you knew what they were doing or did it 100% right. Response? Never. And everyone who has come forward in this case has been discounted. Every. Single. Time.

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