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Take a listen to these two podcast episodes of Mind Over Murder about citizen sleuths and tips in the Colonial Parkway murders cold case. The podcasters give background enough at the beginning of each episode. Their points are interesting and valid and certainly hit home for me.

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  1. cathybroad says:

    A reader observed that the two Podcasters mentioned that they believe some of those actually involved in the Colonial Parkway murders have followed and even posted on websites covering those murders. I am quite sure Haystack and his sibs check my blog. Which is one reason I don’t post everything I know/learn. It’s not over yet.

  2. RD1 says:

    That was fascinating, thank you!

    I don’t wish to discourage your own cadre of citizen investigators, but I hope you will allow me to share here some documented examples of that idea ‘going wrong’, getting out of hand, or being exploited by persons whose real motivation-agenda may not be what they claim it to be.
    (I will refer to a few online videos & websites, but I won’t bog this with links, I’ll just direct you to where these materials can be found)

    The very excellent UK investigative journalist Nick Davies, has an archive of his best articles on the website nickdavies.net His articles on child abuse, predatory pedophiles, child prostitution & pornography are some of the most detailed, informative and frankly powerful work on these subjects.
    Go to his site, then click ‘child abuse’, then ‘Amsterdam and Belgium’, then “A pedophile ring in Amsterdam”.
    This article begins with a chilling description of the first few minutes of a videotape titled “The Bjorn Tape”. Copies of this videotape had been seized by police in Sweden and the UK, at the time this was written. You can image police investigator’s horror, watching a man carrying an unconscious 8 year old boy – bound and hooded, into the room. It appeared to them, that they were looking at an abducted child being brought home by his abductors, then tied to a chair and subjected to extreme sexual abuse.
    What they didn’t realize at that time was, the two perverts who made this tape were not abductors – they were in fact an older male relative of the boy, and his pervert buddy. These men had done something quite uncommon in child sexual abuse images materials, but a standard in mainstream adult pornography; portraying an implied “storyline”, (such as; the nymphomaniac housewife seduces an attractive young repairman), acting out a scenario that they knew many perverts like themselves had surely fantasized and would be powerfully motivated to BUY a portrayal of.
    Sound familiar? Ala Chris Busch and Greg Greene?

    The police investigators knew that a master copy of the tape was being marketed in segments, or parts, but they couldn’t be certain that they possessed a copy of ALL the parts. The abuse in the tape being extreme, and the victim portrayed as an abduction victim, caused them to be worried there might a missing part – a part in which the boy was ‘murdered on film’. So they took unusual steps, by publicly releasing clips and stills from the tape and appealing for tips about the victim or perpetrators.
    You can see one of those [non-pornographic] clips, (if you really wanted to), at the start of a news documentary from that time available on youtube; “Boy Business”.
    This documentary features a young man named Edward, who claims to have seen real child snuff porn videos, in Amsterdam. He smiles as he says; “there’s no reason why I would tell you this, if it wasn’t true”.
    But, of course, there are multiple reasons why Edward might choose to falsely claim he was a witness to child snuff films. Claiming that you have information about a “more serious crime” than the one you are charged or convicted of, which you’d be willing to disclose in exchange for lighter sentence, is a common practice.

    Remember Richard Lawson, facing a lifetime sentence for his child abuse crimes, offering info about Tim King? Claiming knowledge about Tim being a victim of pornographers, implying in fact a snuff film scenario? Worked for him, didn’t it?
    And in fact, there were other young men at the time Boy Business was filmed, caught with copies of The Bjorn Tape, also offering to inform about child snuff.
    What Edward doesn’t tell you, is that he was a “known associate” of an infamous and horrendous pedo child abuser named Warwick Spinks. And why would he be hanging around a man whose life revolved around abusing young boys, prostituting them and filming the abuse, if HE was not a similarly inclined pervert himself?
    “I infiltrated a pedo gang, to do my own private investigation into rumors of child snuff films in Amsterdam”, is what Edward claimed. He was really a Citizen Investigator! Right.
    Isn’t that what Pete Townsend claimed, about a CSA pornography website having his credit card number? He was conducting an investigation, and doing research?

    Btw, Bjorn was eventually found very much alive, and ultimately testified against his abusive relative in trial. But that’s not the end of this story.

    Years later, a man named Marcel Vervloesem obtained multiple CDs packed with CSA images of mostly boys, by breaking into the home of another man involved in running a website facilitating the trading of such images. Calling himself a “pedo hunter”, Vervloesem sent copies of ONE cd to some European news organizations, claiming he was conducting an investigation into a missing German boy. He was a Citizen Investigator!
    In reality, Vervloesem was an obsessive boy sex pedophile himself. He was eventually convicted of possessing several other CDs, (he claimed there was only ever the one), and convicted of sexually abusing his own younger brother and other relatives.
    Meanwhile, a French newspaper had published images from Vervloesem’s CD, assuming the children in the images must be unknown and asking for tips about them. However, ALL of the images were ‘historic’ and most came from the old commercial CP products of the 1970s & 1980s.
    That didn’t stop several women in France from falsely claiming specific images from the CD were THEIR own children, close in age to a depicted child THEN – when in fact the images were many years or decades older. Images of a 6 year old, from the CD, would really be an 10-18 year old person by that time. In one case, a woman claimed images of BJORN, from the Bjorn Tape, were her own little boy. She claimed the abuser was her estranged husband, and ran off with the boy, into hiding. A parental kidnapper. The images of Bjorn did closely resemble her son, but in fact they were individual frames from the tape, and could be matched precisely to frames from the copies of Bjorn tape in police custody.

    • RD1 says:

      Apologies. I meant to say, there had been other young British men, questioned in relation to The Bjorn Tape, who claimed knowledge of child snuff films in the years PRIOR to the filming of “Boy Business”.

      SOMETHING happened, to cause bad blood between the former “close associates”; Spinks, Edward and Frank, in the early 1990s.
      There is some evidence that Warwick Spinks and “Edward” were arrested together, in Hoofddorp where Spinks was living then. Unfortunately, the only public account of this is the usual, garbled argle-bargle, from Vervloesem – but it seems likely that the mysterious ‘something’ resulted in those two being arrested and at least questioned in relation to it – after which, they all start accusing each other of involvement in the most horrendous crimes.
      Dutch police found no bodies, in the lake where Edward claimed snuff victims had been dumped, nor anything else about his claims that warranted further investigation.

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