74-year-old Ann Arbor man facing his fourth child pornography case in five years

“He poses a danger to the community. He clearly has an interest in minor children and he can’t curtail his desires or behaviors,” said Grace Broughton about Michael Patrick Kelley. W the literal F? I told you, these guys NEVER age out.
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At the suggestion of a reader, I am adding to this post. Kelley, age 74, of Ann Arbor (2121 Highland Road, Apt. 1), is a registered sex offender facing his fourth child pornography charges in five years. At the time of his arrest, officers allegedly observed Kelley destroying evidence. At his arraignment, he told the court how he’s helped pay for children in other countries to get an education.

That sounds like a page out of another Ann Arbor pedophile’s playbook, that of the late Frank Shelden, with his favorite overseas camps and orphanages. Shelden was born in 1928 and Kelley in 1949. In 1976/77, Shelden was 48/49 when he fled the country rather than face arrest. Kelley would have been 27/28, right around the age of Chris Busch and John Hastings.

Way back a reader had an Ann Arbor address (or a likely address) for Shelden. Does anyone remember that address or the general area Shelden lived in Ann Arbor?

As a reader commented below, this man Kelley has no doubt been up to some very bad shit for the last 50 years, and I have no doubt his “educational donations” were for anything but.

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    1. A lot of privileged men, some in positions of some power with protection from one or more large institutions.

  1. His apartment is a stone’s throw from Frank Shelden’s old place though he doesn’t appear to have lived there quite that long. Considering his age, I wonder what he’s been up to for the last 50-60 years. If he was in SE Michigan in the ‘70s I’d say odds are good he crossed paths with some other creeps whose names are familiar to readers of this blog.

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