DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

This is a long YouTube video discussion of the Long Island Serial Killer (LISK)/Gilgo Beach serial murders. Othram Labs, Inc. has been instrumental in identifying victims who were previously unidentified in this case. Listen to Dr. Kristen Mittelman, Chief Development Officer of Othram describe the groundbreaking work done by them in victim i.d. cases and also very difficult cold cases with degraded and/or contaminated evidence.


See also https://othram.com/recent_casework.html.

Why won’t the MSP submit ALL of the evidence in the OCCK case to Othram? Why is the OCCK case exempt from the kinds of inquiries that take place in virtually every other cold case across the country? A case with four child victims, who were held captive before their murders days later? Are they less important?

The response is always a non sequitur: We don’t allow use of a third party lab. We don’t have permission to use a third party lab in this case. The state lab and the FBI have already run “all of the tests” (as Dr. Mittelman explains, their labs are incapable of performing the kinds of tests needed here). All of the evidence has already been tested. Evidence has been extinguished during testing. The dog ate my evidence.

The MSP HAS partnered with Othram to solve a cold case. https://dnasolves.com/articles/michigan-murder-cathy-swartz-1988/. So tell me (and the public) again why the evidence in the OCCK case (all of it) can’t be submitted to Othram?

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  1. Pretty obvious they know who and where the killer is and a huge cover up has been going on for close to 50 years.

    1. They love to tell me various versions of “tough shit,” but this only allows them to switch the focus from their duty to find and report the truth on behalf of Tim, Kristine, Jill and Mark to lashing out at anyone who asks questions and expects a response. Must be nice to get paid and still do the bob and weave.

  2. In every comment I make or conversation I have about this case, I push Othram Labs. The fact that Michigan has used them yet still throws these bullshit platitudes at these four children is demeaning to the victims and insulting to the families. Michigan, these families deserve your attention and action immediately.

  3. MSP prefers to do things the old fashioned way. Sit back, eat a lot of doughnuts, and wait for someone to come in and confess. If that fails, try to pin it on a family member, and count down your days to a fully vested pension.

    1. Served with coffee the way Dave Robertson told my Dad during a bullshit meeting the way he liked his women. Hot and all day long. Not making this up.

      1. I can honestly say Detective Johnny Taylor was dedicated. I remember him saying before he died , he was going to solve the case. Well that didn’t happen, but he was fully vested. His suspect “ Paul Johnson” passed away a few years back . Taylor did solve the Robert Ogg case back in 83 where the mom killed her 6yr old child.

          1. If I recall correctly, Paul Johnson confessed to Pontiac Police about killing some kids. Pontiac Police turned it over to Oakland County Sheriff’s office (Taylor). If Pontiac Police had known it was the OCCK kids, they would have just buried the confession.

            Taylor uncovered some great information.

          2. And in the bigger cold serial killer cases that have been solved (Golden State Killer for example) or an arrest made (LISK/Gilgo Beach), a prosecutor/district attorney’s office has been solidly involved. MSP just the cowboys here–no supervision, no collaboration, no transparency, no accountability.

            1. And to this day I have no fucking clue why some of these cold case shows won’t even look at THIS CASE. Makes zero sense

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