Bad news for freaks.

A new metadata system is trying to catch up to the creators, purveyors and users of child pornography:

Can you imagine that Frank Shelden and Chris Busch, both wealthy men with every possible advantage in life, created, filmed and financed this kind of monstrous shit? And that neither one was ever punished for this and other horrific sex crimes?

Dereliction of Duty

The Senate Judiciary Committee announced it will hold an oversight hearing on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) dereliction of duty in the Larry Nassar case, which enabled the continued abuse of dozens of victims.

Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin issued a statement about the Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s handling of the Nassar investigation:

Michigan Senator Gary Peters did, too:

This kind of oversight is all that’s left and who knows what it will mean/do. The FBI blew it in this case. In the Epstein case, it was then attorney general for the Southern District of Florida, Alex Acosta, who blew it. When the legal system is stacked against victims of sex crimes and populated with men doing favors for themselves and their buddies to the detriment of justice, just where is someone supposed to turn? The feds seem to be no better than the locals.

The congressional delegation for Michigan’s 11th and 8th districts should pay particular attention to not only the findings of the IG report, but the Senate inquiry, as they should consider the actions of the Oakland County prosecutors and the Michigan State Police throughout the years in the OCCK case in the same light. Malfeasance that resulted in further sexual victimization and murder. And a continuing cover-up to make sure no one knows the truth or gets any justice.

The OCCK investigation goes well beyond “poor judgment.” No one in government there is willing to look at any of the malfeasance in this case, let alone misfeasance, to “ensure nothing like this ever happens again.” If you modify Sen. Peters quote just a bit, the same is true in the OCCK case:

“These findings are absolutely appalling and reinforce the systemic failure that allowed a monster to continue inflicting sexual abuse on [young children in Oakland County]. We must ensure this can never happen again.

Oh wait. There will never be any findings. Because Oakland County, Michigan and the Michigan State Police continue to withhold and bury evidence that would appall you and the entire world.

A game-changing day of some accountability and justice.

Today former Upper Peninsula priest Gary Jacobs was sentenced to 8 to 15 years in prison in a second child sexual abuse case for crimes he committed in 1984. I specifically direct you to that article because it contains links to the victim impact statements. I consider this required reading, especially for the minimizers in the crowd.

Jacobs was sentenced in May to a term of 8 to 15 years in a different Michigan county for sexually abusing children from 1981 to 1984. Sadly, the sentences will run concurrently. (Don’t give me that “but he’s an old man!” nonsense. He got decades of free passes.) It is impressive that the AG went after this former priest in two different counties. He is where he belongs. Behind bars.

Also today, a long-awaited report issued from the Justice Department Inspector General which revealed gross failures by the FBI during the sex abuse investigation into former MSU and USA Gymnastics Dr. Larry Nassar.

Nassar was sentenced in 2018 to 40 to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of sexual assault of patients and possession of child pornography. This scathing report followed the insistence of victims that the FBI be investigated for having ignored their allegations against Nassar in 2015, with the result that many more athletes and patients were victimized. In fact:

The report noted that according to civil court filings, about 70 women and girls were victimized by Nassar between the time when the FBI was first told of the allegations, and when Michigan officials arrested him on the basis of separate information. 

This report found the FBI dragged its feet in probing these sexual abuse allegations and it bluntly accused two FBI officials of lying to cover up “numerous and fundamental errors” that allowed the abuse to continue for months. They lied to cover up their errors. They made shit up to cover their tracks. The FBI conducted no investigative activity for more than eight months following a September 2015 interview with a victim. USA Gymnastics had contacted the Indianapolis office of the FBI concerning Nassar prior to that in July 2015. It then failed to take any serious investigative steps and Nassar continued to sexually assault patients until his arrest more that a year later on separate charges. You have to read this to believe it. It’s really bad.

The report has been called “mind-boggling” and “chilling.” . Two U.S. senators who championed Olympic reform legislation last year are now pushing for Congressional hearings on the details in the report. U.S. Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Jerry Moran (R-KS) said they want to press the FBI on how it will make sure similar allegations are not mishandled in the future, and questioned why the DOJ did not pursue criminal charges against some FBI agents, including those in Indianapolis, who made false statements during the Inspector General investigation. Blumenthal said “There has to be some measure of accountability enforced for the failure to properly pursue the investigation by the FBI and indeed the possible cover up that may have occurred.” (Possible??)

No kidding. And you know what? This report found exactly what victims said happened–the FBI blew them off. But it took an IG investigation to prove not only did the agents blow them off; they did not take the allegations seriously, did nothing, and then lied to cover their asses. This was not just two bad apple FBI agents; it involved three separate bureaus. Lid has been blown off. Now let’s see if everyone just stands there slack-jawed or if some serious accountability and serious changes are made in the wake of this report.

I think this report could be multiplied many times over in an investigation into the handling of the OCCK case. So none of this Nassar stuff with the FBI surprises me. It sickens me, but it doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is that someone had the balls to back these bureaus and agents against a wall and investigate how this happened.

Where are Michigan’s politicians on any of this? As a reader points out, most are cozy with MSU and/or U of M, and football season is right around the corner.

And speaking of sickening, the detective who investigated the allegations against predator U of M Dr. Robert Anderson is being “reassigned” to road patrol and having his pay cut.

Another good cop getting gaslit. It never fucking ends. What is it with Michigan?

“A massive institutional failure that occurred over the course of nearly four decades.”

Consider this piece about the WilmerHale report concerning U of M’s prolific predator, Dr. Robert Anderson which contains “more than enough evidence to determine that what occurred at the University of Michigan from 1966-2003 is the largest sexual abuse scandal in the history of college athletics”:

The report makes clear that the institutional failure of U of M resulted in many preventable sexual assaults and rapes by a physician employed to care for students. I believe a similar institutional failure, emanating directly from the office of the Oakland County Prosecutor and also continuing more than four decades, resulted in a preventable homicide (my brother) and the continuation of a prolific child sex and porn ring operating in Oakland County and therefore the continued sexual assault and rape of many child victims.

Where is a WilmerHale-type report on the OCP and complicit law enforcement in the OCCK and related child rape cases? The battle for transparency and accountability is always a fierce one, especially when it involves offenders, politicians and law enforcement with power. They can just bury mis and malfeasance, run out the clock and then, decades later, claim that no one is left alive who is guilty and just what the fuck do you want from us now? Truth and transparency, for starters. And exposure of those down the line over the decades who hid what their criminal predecessors did. You don’t get to decide what the greater good is here. You have already proven total incapacity for such decisions.

Francis “Frank” Duffield Shelden

Thanks to a reader for this addition to an entry for this POS:

We won’t forget those who aided and abetted you, either, or your attorneys, law enforcement and politicians who looked the other way.



Take a listen to Episode 1 of The Deep Dark Podcast, a new podcast addressing the OCCK case:

Next, from a reader:

“The OakPark, Illinois police repeatedly deny FOIA requests when they stopped investigating the case 4 months after the murder nearly 40 years ago. How does that saying go? History doesn’t repeat but it sure as hell rhymes.”

The Kathleen Lombardo murder in Oak Park and an obviously related stabbing and attempted rape of Grace Puccetti remain unsolved. The Lombardo murder deeply affected a young neighbor, the late crime writer Michelle McNamara, and later set her on a path to become a crime writer. Watch the latest episode of I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (HBO, Season 1, Episode 7, last week) which covers the powerful testimony of survivors and victims’ family members at the Golden State Killer’s sentencing hearing, and addresses the typical intransigent agency behavior exhibited by the Oak Park PD in the Lombardo murder and the attack on Puccetti. Open case my ass. Unsolved, uncleared but certainly not “open” for purposes of evading FOIA requests.

Listen to the discussion of how police and officials try to white wash crimes, and the fallout for those left behind.

[K]eep in mind that I’ll Be Gone in the Dark as a docuseries was never really a GSK [Golden State Killer] story, but a story about why these cases are worth solving. It’s not because puzzles are fun or that these monsters are interesting. It’s because they can provide an element of closure and peace, so while there is certainly thrill for the true-crime author in digging through documents and trying to piece together an answer, the good on the other side is that people who suffered can start a new chapter. These crimes create a psychic wound, and those wounds can only heal when the shadowy figure is brought into the light. 

Court battles and docuseries and podcasts and families having to carry the ball. Sound familiar?

ACLU challenges Michigan State Police over racial disparities

ACLU challenges Michigan State Police over racial disparities
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Shocker. And it’s agencies like this that CREATE the divide between the public and law enforcement that society is apparently just supposed to accept and hope individually not to be on the receiving end of.

Observations about the unpleasant, but necessary task of cleaning house.

Especially when it comes to rooting out the unethical behavior of government attorneys and those who look the other way:

There is a price for heeding illegal and unethical direction. My brother paid it.

The three layers of the OCCK gang: 1. N. Fox Island, 2. The Oakland County kidnap/disposal crew, and 3. the Cass Corridor creeps.

Consider these excellent observations from a reader:

I recently came across something that I was not aware of and surprised me quite a bit.  I’m not sure if you are aware of this and I haven’t come across it in your blog since I’ve been following. It turns out that Frank Shelden was not the only Wayne State alumnus wrapped up in the OCCK case. None other than that noted scholar, Chris Busch also attended there. I discovered this when I was looking in Marney Keenan’s book for info on Busch’s time at the Swiss boarding school.In chapter 9, page 107, she has a 3 sentence blurb on that. The next line reads as follows; “He came back to the States in 1970 and attended Wayne State University for a year” (I believe Marney is referencing the 1970-71 school year).  I thought to myself, “Gee, I wonder if Busch took any Geology classes”!

Although Shelden obtained his MS in 1962, he later did teach classes and substitute taught at the school. Did he teach any classes in the 70-71 school year?  Although info on Busch for his time in Switzerland is scarce, from what I’ve seen, the monster known as Chris Busch was born and bred in that school. He was a full blown pedophile by the time he returned to the states. He could no longer sexually molest the young sons of the rich and powerful and would have to settle for what the Cass Corridor had to offer. In this regard, the same precepts that held for Shelden were also true for Busch. The Wayne State campus itself would offer zero potential sex partners, whereas across the street the Cass Corridor was a prime hunting grounds for young victims. 

When Busch came back, he had been out of the US for at least 7 years and wouldn’t have known any potential targets in the Cass Corridor. He’d need some help on this. He would have had a lot of help though, in the form of the friendly, local neighborhood child traffickers/pimps. We know many of the names. They could always hook him up with what he craved. Busch established these connections very early on in his return to Michigan and likely maintained them the rest of his life. It has been a topic of debate and conversation as to how did all the OCCK creeps know each other. I suspect Wayne State is the answer. By its location, it brought together in immediate proximity the main players of the 3 layers of the OCCK gang, 1) N. Fox Island (Shelden), 2) the Oakland Co. kidnap/disposal crew (Chris Busch) and the Cass Corridor bunch.


I would argue the Chris Busch’s pedophelia was more a family tradition, enhanced by years in boarding school. I have also gotten word over the years about Wayne State students people suspected were trafficking kids. It was easier and bigger money than selling illegal drugs, and god knows the odds of getting caught or prosecuted were exactly nil.