The Long Shadow of Injustice.

Thank you, attorney Sam Lemon.

“The most important thing to her, today, is she was heard.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman commenting on the reaction of a woman upon learning of charges filed against a 92-year-old priest who sexually assaulted her around 1968 when she was a ten-year-old at the Fort Alexander residential school, northeast of Winnipeg. The charge was the result of a decade long investigation of this residential school.

“Sagkeeng First Nation Chief Derrick Henderson told CBC a criminal charge being laid after so many years was a kind of vindication for the community. 

‘There have been many stories people have been talking about this. There have never been any formal charges,’ he said. ‘Our people need to be believed when they tell something and it’s very disheartening as a chief when our membership says something and then they’re not believed because of stigma,’ said Henderson.

‘People wouldn’t say anything for nothing.'” 

Leave No Trace, on Hulu

Screen shot from movie Leave No Trace, showing one of the perversion files released in the 2010 lawsuit brought by Kerry Lewis against the Boy Scouts. This came up while the narrator was describing the wide variety of occupations of abusers. The documents were part of an archive of previously secret Boy Scout files that chronicled decades of abuse of boys.

Leave No Trace, airing now on Hulu. Thanks to a reader.

A reader posted this theory as a comment. Elevating it to a post–

A theory…

That the police themselves were aware of their corruption is enough for them to try to hide any evidence. The hippie era shamed America, the proliferation of murders, disappearances, serial killers, underground pedophile rings, Vietnam, race riots, the senators and prosecutors of the most conservative wing of the country, the police could not be allowed to be corrupted by perversion and evil. It is better not to know, even at the risk of being unfair to the families of those poor children, than to uncover a scandal that would have collapsed the very foundations of the political and social system of the United States. If we add to that the influence of economically powerful men, the result of this theory is quite probable. Righteousness and strength, in relation to public opinion, but really rotten and full of vice in privacy, a reflection of life itself. There was and is a demand for these perversions, it has always been that way and it has always been in the sewers of the state. The unpleasant smell comes out sometimes, but every effort will be made to hide it. There is no certainty, but there are no doubts either.

This theory is pure speculation based on the data I have from the research and the data provided by your blog. I try to be objective and serious, but I make use of intuition and here I expose what I believe. I encourage other readers to do the same to contrast opinions, as well as comment, correct my mistakes or erroneous data if any. Finally, my level of English is medium-low, I had to use a good translator, in case you see grammar or spelling errors, please do not take them into account because it is not my language.


My theory is that neither Mark nor Tim were prey for Busch, nor for Greene or Sloan, but for someone powerful with an accomplice (pedophile cop) known only to Chris Busch. Only Busch knew who this unknown pedophile was, as he worked for him. He was protecting him through a trusted police contact, which explains the continued probation, plus a little help for being the son of who he was. Busch kept it from Greene for obvious reasons. This unknown and powerful man only wanted to abuse, rape and film the boy, but Busch’s task, with the help of Greene and Sloan, was to kill him and dispose of the body. DNA found and never matched would prove this theory and also the scrupulous cleanliness of the murdered children. Busch’s suicide was a set-up as such and linked to this man. One had to make sure that an unstable and increasingly paranoid Busch did not speak under pressure and end up ratting out the unknown subject. Did Busch lend his own house to this man? It’s possible, but both the lure for the kidnapping and the transportation of the body were part of the Busch/Greene/Sloan/Gunnels team’s work. In order not to raise suspicions, Busch would say all along that the child was for him, hiding the existence of the real pedophile rapist, in fact this would somehow demonstrate or justify why Busch did not invite Greene to his home, and did not end up giving him total trust, limiting his “association” and friendship with the crazy and violent Greg Greene. Busch has shown that he liked kids over 13 and in their mid-teens, which is why I believe the OCCK murders was an assignment and Busch was the liaison. This does not mean that he did not rape or murder the children, but that it was not voluntary, but a personal commission from someone we do not yet know.

In the months after Stebbins death, North Fox Island, Richards, etc. came to light. And this was happening while Busch was being called to testify on the Bowman/Gunnels allegations. It was not the right time for another child hunt for this man or even for Busch’s own fantasy. That it is “only” two children who were sodomized and murdered would show that we are not dealing with an outburst of sexual sadism or ongoing murderous rage, but of this exclusive assignment, for which Busch was the go-between and the low profiles of Greene and Sloan, acted as the architects of the dirty work. Busch would give instructions to Greene without even bothering to know who Sloan was and avoiding interacting with him, with Greene being the one who ordered Sloan and Gunnels. I have an intuition that mutual distrust reigned in this circle, that they were all pedophiles, but especially Busch, not wanting to be linked too much with either one or the other, hence Greene’s distrust of Chris Busch.

Perhaps pressured by this stranger not to associate Mark’s death with either him or the pedophile ring (clearly homosexual), he had to find a way to cover this up to mislead both the investigators and the media. The only possible way was to kidnap a girl and repeat the same MO, this time without rape because none of these savages liked girls. This is how Jill was chosen, a local acquaintance and therefore easy to locate and watch, who was abducted (December 22, 1976) and killed without being abused or raped. As bait for Jill (as later for Kristine) Gunnels was used (this explains why Gunnels regrets and is afraid to tell what he knows, he did not murder anyone, but was complicit in the abduction). The master move was, that someone seeing Jill with a teenage boy, a few years older than her, would not arouse suspicion. They waited very little time to see how the investigations were developing. Busch was still in trouble with the law but was still blowing off steam with the teenagers around him, such as his nephews, Bowman, Gunnels and probably a few other kids. For Jill’s violent death, if I had to point fingers, I’d say only Greene was capable, or maybe Richard Lawson, but Lawson I can’t seem to link to OCCK. As a police informant, I detect a suspicious arrogance in Lawson. It is possible that he knew about these abductions and rapes, but he lacked the name of Busch and of course the powerful stranger. That he implicated, perhaps out of personal grudges or revenge, Ted Lamborghini, confirms to me that he was and is an opportunistic loudmouth. The choice of exclusive children from Livonia, Ferndale, Birmingham, Royal Oak, etc, strikes me as a personal whim on the part of someone selective and not by simple sexual predators off the street, who are usually more instinctive and hunt at random. This is very important to keep in mind in my opinion.

Not seeing the opportunity (they could have abducted any Michigan child for this purpose, but it is clear that the wishes of the unknown man and Busch were exclusive and capricious) they murdered Jill and shortly thereafter decided to abduct another girl. The girl closest to both Busch and Sloan through acquaintance and family links was Kristine (January 2, 1977). This time they changed the MO because they could not get rid of the girl in less than a week, they needed to know how the investigation was going and so they kept her much longer. They had to be cautious and be absolutely sure that all this was not associated with homosexual pedophilia, but with a violent child murderer. In other words: She was used because she intended her death, like Jill’s, to be associated with a serial killer of boys and girls alike and not with a homosexual pedophile killer.


Past this time, it was time to get another child under 13 and more childlike and innocent looking to the pedophile monster who was offering big money (in case he was a corrupt cop and pedophile he would give protection, or blackmail, cover up, in exchange for) to Busch. I’m pretty sure the two knew each other from North Fox Island (or from the street if we accept the cop theory) but once the network operating there was dismantled, some truly eager clients would seek to rape children on their own. I repeat, the choice of children was not random, it had to fit the preferences or obsession of this stranger. Busch opted for Tim, who fit the bill perfectly (perhaps it was the choice all along, someone knew Tim and became obsessed with the child, it tends to happen with these monsters).

-Busch, I want this kid, can you get him for me? If you do I will turn a blind eye to anything you do on your own and help protect you in the police. Only a cop would thoroughly wash his victims to erase any traces.

Contrary to the research of the excellent cop Cory Williams, who would never question his work, I would say that Greg Greene enjoyed a few weeks bail before trial, but some arrangements were made perhaps pressured by public opinion, or the task force, for the blatant granting Busch an unfair release knowing they both had the same offences. It would make sense if you are smart and want to save his (your son’s) ass or the one you are trying to protect. Rule of thumb: Try not to arouse suspicion and do what you have to do.
This is where Greene comes in, still sporting a mane and sideburns, which he immediately removed as soon as the sketch with the infamous blue Gremlin photo appeared, a red herring by all accounts. He would later opt for the look of his California years, with glasses and short hair. John Hastings I rule out because I think he is an opportunist and I see no connections to any of the suspects. Perhaps Sloan could have been the one seen with Tim on the day of his disappearance, but I don’t know his appearance in those days. Keep in mind that he was already an expert at abducting children, provided his car (’66 Boneville) and several others to the Busch/Greene scheme of work. After Tim’s death, the common link between Busch and the unknown sexual predator vanished. His admission to prison twisted the plans and the murders ceased (I would like to know if there were more cases of reported abductions subsequent to the appearance of Tim’s body).

Time passed and Busch continued to accumulate complaints, sentences and probation. It was no longer relatively easy to get children for the unknown pedophile (the cop?) because one of his associates (Greene) was behind bars. Sloan disengaged and went on his own. Gunnels chose to disappear and tried to get his wandering way of life back on track. The short-lived gang had been disbanded. Bowman had confessed that he recognized the boy King and both had been forced into sexual touching at Busch’s house. How to overlook such a confession? Was he polygraphed on this and other questions related to the OCCK case? The interesting discovery that the first cop on the scene of Busch’s alleged suicide had been a pedophile cop brings a dead man back to life! For God’s sake, with this information the puzzle moves forward considerably. I could not trust a corrupt pedophile cop. If he was the mysterious stranger, who forced Busch and his gang to get him young children in exchange for a cover-up of criminal acts, I understand why he was released so many times and even under Task Force surveillance, continued to abuse and rape young boys with impunity. Only a police officer could turn a blind eye and report that he saw nothing suspicious about Busch during the investigation of the OCCK murders.
Busch’s death was not suicide. A psychopathic criminal has no empathy, no remorse. Mistrust of the unstable Busch precipitated his death. Busch was guilty of the kidnapping and murder, perhaps he raped the children, but I get the impression that the sodomy was perpetrated by this stranger and Busch had a little fun with the child before murdering him.


Stebbins’ abduction lasted 4 days, a reasonable time to rule out a violent, spontaneous outburst murder, typical of lone serial killers. My theory is that it was a victim selected for abuse and rape that would be filmed and photographed. We are in the golden age of buying and selling pedophile pornographic material consumed in high places. This dirty work has to be done as a team (street soldiers, led by someone trustworthy and of good family, like Busch or a cop). This leads to Chris Busch as the prime suspect in the plot. The low profile pedophile scum (Sloan, Lawson, Greene, Lamborghini) are de facto ruled out as a direct connection to Shelden or someone powerful. Mark Stebbins was not cleaned up, nor dressed scrupulously like the rest of the victims, so he may well be effectively, the first victim of these four OCCK murders. There is no indication that his death was filmed, because according to the autopsy, he died of asphyxiation. If his killer’s intention was to film his death in the middle of a rape as part of the plan, in this case it makes no sense. Why he was killed may be because the boy saw his captors at all times, especially Busch, and I do not rule out that this final decision was because he was his first victim and had not reached adolescence, when he could buy their will, their silence or threaten them with death if they talked about what happened, something that is more difficult in young children.

Juan K.

Dracula’s failure of recollection and use of Renfield as a “filter.” You can’t make this stuff up.


Evidence from polygraph leaker at issue in Stislicki murder case

By Aileen Wingblad

Is evidence obtained from leaked polygraph findings of Danielle Stislicki’s accused killer admissible in his upcoming trial — or will it be tossed?

That’s for Oakland County Circuit Judge Phyllis Mc-Millen to decide in the case against Floyd Russell Galloway, charged with firstdegree premeditated murder for the death of Stislicki, who went missing more than five and a-half years ago. Her body hasn’t been found, but prosecutors with the Attorney General’s Office — which took over the case in 2019 — contend Stislicki was killed by Galloway, the last person known to have been seen with her.

Stislicki disappeared Dec. 2, 2016, after leaving the MetLife building in Southfield where she worked. She was supposed to meet up with a friend that evening for dinner, but never showed. Galloway was a former security guard at the MetLife building and was the last known person seen with Stislicki, 28 at the time.

At issue are results of a lie detector Galloway’s attorney at the time had him take a few days after Stislicki went missing and he became a person of interest. The polygraph operator, former FBI agent James Hoppe, subsequently contacted Troy’s police chief at the time, Gary Mayer, to share details on what he said he learned from Galloway’s test and strongly urged him to keep his name out of it, according to court records.

The tip, according to court records and testimony, stated that “the security guard did it,” and that he had driven Stislicki’s vehicle back to her apartment, then walked to a nearby Tim Hortons and disposed of her keys and Fitbit along the way. The tip also stated that Stislicki’s cell phone was thrown in the trash at the Tim Hortons, that Galloway called a cab from the restaurant for a ride back to Southfield where he’d left his car, and that Stislicki’s body was wrapped in a beige and brown comforter.

Mayer then shared the information with Farmington Hills’ then-Police Chief Chuck Nebus. The investigation was in its infancy at the time, and Nebus in turn passed the information along to some of his staff as an anonymous but credible tip given to him by the Troy police chief, according to court records and testimony. Soon after Nebus got the tip, police acted on it and subsequently found Stislicki’s Fitbit and car keys, and viewed surveillance footage from the Tim Horton’s restaurant and a nearby gas station where Galloway is reportedly seen.

Weeks later, Nebus also shared the information with then-Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, telling them it came from Mayer but that he didn’t know who tipped off Mayer, court records show.

Prosecutors say they have plenty of other evidence on Galloway, including Stislicki’s DNA and other findings from his Berkley home, additional surveillance video, witness testimony and more. Before the polygraph tip came in, 11 warrants had already been conducted in the case, investigators said.

Former prosecutor Jessica Cooper says she only got ‘hearsay’

Galloway’s defense attorney Ellen Michaels, on the case since late 2019, is challenging the evidence reportedly obtained because, she said, the tip is “a constitutional violation of due process” and attorney-client privilege, as well as denies the right to a fair trial.

Michaels also maintains that the prosecution has held back information and that Farmington Hills police investigators didn’t update their reports with pertinent details. “They kept it in the shadows,” she said, outside of court Monday.

So far, McMillen has held evidentiary hearings on May 3 and June 13, where Nebus and other law enforcement connected to the case have testified about when they learned about the tip and what information was shared with them. Police investigators have testified that they neither attempted to determine the identity of the tipster nor were forbidden to do so by Nebus.

Nebus also testified that he didn’t pursue the tipster’s identity.

And Hoppe’s name was reportedly kept out of it — until Feb. 19, 2019 when Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny acted on an investigative subpoena by the Attorney General’s Office and compelled Mayer to reveal the tipster’s name.

Testimony heard by the court June 13 included that of law enforcement as well as former Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who said she couldn’t recall when she first heard the tip and didn’t know the originator’s identity until after the Wayne County circuit court hearing. She also denied discussing it with Mayer.

Cooper further claimed to have scant recollection of what went on with the

Stislicki case while she headed the prosecutor’s office, and she described Walton as a “filter” who shared highlights of cases with her. Her office, she said, handled “14,000 cases a year.”

“It’s a very large office… yes (the case) was interesting… but everything I ever got was hearsay,” Cooper said.

Michaels said she will call one witness to the stand — Walton — at what’s expected to be the last evidentiary hearing on the case. It’s scheduled for June 24.

Michaels said Walton wasn’t available June 13 due to his caseload at the Lapeer County Prosecutor’s Office, where he now works.

McMillen is expected to hear oral arguments in midto- late August. The trial has been pushed out to Nov. 28.

Galloway is serving a 16 to 35-year prison sentence for the kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and assault of a woman in Hines Park in Wayne County that happened three months before Stislicki vanished. The conviction, however, can’t be used as evidence in Galloway’s upcoming trial, as ruled by the Michigan Court of Appeals. Appellate court judges said there aren’t strong similarities between the two cases to demonstrate motive, contrary to what the prosecution believes.


Ryan Molloy of the Farmington Hills Police Department was among those testifying at Monday’s hearing.



Outrageous. Will add more to comment section, below.

From a reader and the Boy Scout “perversion” files

St. Clair County Prosecutor Robert Cleland gave Frank Shelden a “pass” in 1977, but he did what he could with pedophile teacher Paul J. Wadaga in 1988. No one would testify against this teacher, who is said to have molested at least 18 boys over the prior 18 years. The man resigned from his teaching position and, because of course he had been involved as a volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America, he made it in to the group’s “perversion” files. Scroll down the link to see the 1988 news article from the Port Huron Times-Herald (photo, too).

What do you think the odds are that Peter Wadaga never offended again after he moved on from Port Huron?

Wadaga was described as a “tidy perfectionist, who never married” by someone who remembered him. He also taught catechism. Had a twin brother Peter (retired hair dresser, never married), father was Frank. After moving from Port Huron he worked at a funeral home for a time.

There were so many pedophiles in Michigan during the time of the OCCK crimes, it is hard to know who was a child rapist/child pornmeister, and who could have been a participant in something far more sinister and evil. But this was Port Huron, home base for pedophile Gerald Richards and a place pedophile/child porn purveyor Frank Shelden often frequented. It makes you wonder if, given this man’s history, anybody thought to ask him about the OCCK. Of course at that point, police could apparently not wrap their minds around the “team killing” concept, and looked away if someone had an alibi for any of the relevant time periods involving the four kids or if he didn’t drive a blue Gremlin. The pressure was off and nobody really gave a damn any more. Any alibi will suffice.

Pedophiles and child porn users don’t wear a scarlet letter “P” on their attire. Sex offender registries did not exist in 1988. Pedophiles are teachers, cops, investigators, priests, senators, architects, art dealers, gymnastic coaches, assistant prosecutors, chiropractors, doctors. They come from all walks of life but all are dangerous manipulators, even the old ones. My guess is that most of them reoffend even after prison sentences and that they never “age out.”

A reader who had crossed paths with this pedophile called the fake OCCK tip line about Paul Wadaga. No one ever returned the call.

‘Missing baby Holly’ found ‘alive and well’ 41 years after her parents were murdered in Texas | US News | Sky News

Baby Holly was handed to an Arizona church by two barefoot nomadic women “who identified themselves as members of a nomadic religious group”.
— Read on

This family’s lives matter to the Texas Attorney General, even 41 years later.

How To Solve A Cold Case

AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT CATCHING KILLERS. A new book by Michael Arntfield, Ph.D. (HarperCollins, 2022).

I got the book last week, interestingly enough, right on the heels of a comment from a reader who spoke about a tip provided very early on in the first OCCK case, the murder of Mark Stebbins. You know, the kind of tips that come in early on and end up being extremely important?

In the summer of 2012, Dr. Arntfield’s Cold Case Society (Western University, Ontario, Canada) issued a report on the OCCK case. This was the summer that then Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and her Renfield, Paul Walton, were staring at this report as well as the two-part series about this case authored by David Ashenfelter for the Detroit Free Press. It’s when they started pushing the Arch Sloan lead. Hard. They never touched this case again.

In the documents provided earlier this year by the OCP office and posted on my blog, there is an interesting piece of paper. I started to go through the mostly worthless documents provided to look for the document which was a computer search on Dr. Arntfield. The investigator was clearly looking for some “dirt” on him. It’s in those files, with the investigator’s handwriting on it. I gave up looking, disgusted at (1) the bullshit contained in those files–the literal waste of time and money, and (2) the reminder that there is not one significant document in that document dump. No privilege protects those files–neither work product, nor attorney-client privilege for a variety of reasons, most importantly because of the crime/fraud exception to those bases for withholding documents from production. Assuming all documents currently in the possession of that office were provided in accordance with FOIA (and the acknowledgement of the crime/fraud exception), that means documents were destroyed. There is no other explanation.  

As for the search on Arntfield’s background, that reflects Cooper’s office. Don’t address substance, attempt the ad hominem attack.

Dr. Arntfield was interviewed by J. Reuben Appelman in the documentary Children of the Snow (2019) (Episode 2). He explained the Western University report and had some very interesting observations about Chris Busch and company.

Appelman, author of The Kill Jar: Obsession, Descent, and a Hunt for Detroit’s Most Notorious Serial Killer (2018),, again interviewed Arntfield on his podcast, You Know They Know: The Oakland County Child Killer. Many of you have listened before. Listen again.

Here is Appelman’s review of Arntfield’s new book: “Arntfield’s battle cry for disruption in investigative norms is magnificent, galvanizing, and perfectly timed.”

I have not finished the book (getting close), but from what I have read, I agree with this assessment. Although there is only a very passing reference to the OCCK killers, there is much in this book that directly applies to what we have been faced with in this investigation. He describes cold case mismanagement such as has happened in the OCCK case as a breach of the public trust. (How To Solve, page 95.). I have to finish this book and will have more to post in response, especially Arntfield’s observations on the use of DNA evidence.

For now, I am going to watch the January 6 hearing and I hope you do, too.

Child porn at home when he’s not coaching kids in gymnastics

A reader sent me this link this morning about a 30-year-old gymnastics coach in Downers Grove, IL, who was arrested on child porn charges:

Downers Grove is a nice suburb of Chicago. Not as much money or mob-owned restaurants as, say, a Birmingham, but you get the idea. You sign your kid up to do something they really want to try, and this freak is waiting. As the reader wrote me, when she sees an older person with a young person, she no longer sees a heartwarming moment, but a heartWARNING moment.

Hopefully the book gets thrown at this man, who has been working with kids ages 2-17 for a decade.

Gymnasts file claim against FBI in Nassar case – Orange County Register

Gymnasts file claim against FBI in Nassar case – Orange County Register
— Read on

“Hang in there. You’ll be all right.” FBI Special Agent W. Jay Abbott in a 2016 text to USA Gymnastics CEO Steve Penny.

An agent calming down an enabler of Larry Nassar. The FBI keeps stepping in it. Penny was consulting with Abbott on USA Gymnastic’s plan FOR A FALSE NARRATIVE THAT WOULD ALLOW NASSAR TO RETIRE FOR PERSONAL REASONS.

That hardly sounds like “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.”