DNA Testing in the OCCK Case 2008-2010

The FOIA documents I posted in early December this year contain three FBI lab reports from the Mitochondrial DNA Unit, one from 2008 (two hairs from Tim King’s shirt) and two from 2010 (1-10-10, hair from Mark Stebbin’s clothing and four hairs found on Tim King (resubmitted), and (12-20-20, four hairs, also “resubmitted,” two “from car” and two “from Pontiac”). A few readers contacted me about these reports and I want to share some observations. None of us has any qualifications to evaluate; these are just questions raised.

There have obviously been advancements in DNA testing, mtDNA testing and databases and genetic genealogy since 2010. https://portlandpress.com/emergtoplifesci/article/5/3/415/229502/Mitochondrial-DNA-in-forensic-use; https://www.ojp.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/253077.pdf. I cannot tell you if the MSP has resubmitted anything addressed in these lab reports since 2010; whether at this time mtDNNA can even successfully be used in genetic genealogy; or whether they have submitted the Y-STR sample developed in Kristine’s case to any data bases such as GEDmatch, FamilyTreeDNA or MyHeritage (see https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2019/03/a-dna-company-wants-your-dna-to-catch-criminals/586120/). Significance of Y-STR testing, which has much higher discriminatory power than mtDNA: https://www.sakitta.org/resources/docs/SAKI-Y-STR-Testing.pdf.

I am betting the MSP has done exactly nothing with that Y-STR sample. But they will no doubt still maintain, as they will until the end of time, that this is an open, ongoing investigation and that the public deserves to know nothing about how they drag their feet and push paper around.

A few other preliminary observations. First, as noted in these three lab reports, various hair evidence was extinguished during testing. Very old samples, degraded due to extremely poor storage procedures at the MSP, are pretty tough to work with. Second, no surprise, the MSP conveniently refuses to collaborate with third-party labs in this case as police agencies around the world have in most of the recently solved cold cases. Third, you will see that there was quite a bit of hair evidence. When you read these reports, think of how many times those gaslighters in Oakland County and the MSP told the public just how flummoxed they were because the ingenious serial killer left not one single shred of evidence! Finally, consider how Jessica Cooper and Paul Walton scoffed at the mtDNA evidence from the hair found on Kristine’s jacket that could not be excluded as coming from Vince Gunnels, who was first a victim and then an associate of Chris Busch. That hair evidence was worthless. But this other hair evidence from “the Pontiac”–why, this is gold!

As is the case with every FOIA response in the OCCK case, there are duplicate documents and the order is disorienting. First let’s take a look at the January 8, 2010, report from the FBI lab to the MSP lab:

The two biggest questions a reader raised were:

  1. Why do the specimens Q26.1 (Tim), Q43.2 (Mark) and Q19 (the hair from the Pontiac) also have great similarity to that of K24 (Ruth Stebbins; differences highlighted in yellow–4 extra segments, but 10 others match)?
  2. Why do the only two segments listed under Q34.1 (“hair from debris from shirt”) match two segments in the HVI range for K41, Vince Gunnels?

Next another section of FOIA response, the December 20, 2010 FBI lab report which is followed by the January 8. 2010 report shown above, and then the August 11, 2008 report:

Note that specimen Q18.1 is hair from the Q18 slide “containing debris from car (#11), which given the narrative on pages 3 and 4 of the report must be John Crosbie’s car. If you have read the FOIA documents I posted in this case, you know this now deceased freak looked pretty good for participation in the abduction of Mark Stebbins.

The 12/10 lab report is followed by another copy of the 1/10 report and then by the August 11, 2008 report. Except for the notations “Larry A. Smith” at the top of page 3 and further down, “Gunnels” and “Smith” in the HVI section for specimen Q34.1 and “Hair was [too] small to analyze further to make definite conclusions”, all other notes are mine.

Has anything been done with Q19, the hair found in Arch Sloan’s Pontiac Bonneville in the days after Mark went missing? How about the other hair evidence? What has become of that all-important Y-STR sample developed in more recent years in Kristine’s case? The Y-STR sample in Kris’s case points, in my opinion, to the beginning of the shady dealings in the OCCK crimes by the then Oakland County prosecutor, L. Brooks Patterson and his proxies. No way they were going to reveal any details about sexual assault on the third victim of a serial killer in Oakland County. They could try to control that autopsy narrative and the even the story about what was happening to boys and arrests in Genesee County that same week. But they couldn’t control what would happen on March 16, 1977 or the fact that the Wayne County ME would conduct the autopsy on Tim King, not some sketchy, drunk OC ME.

There have been dramatic developments in DNA science since these reports were filed. The state police should not be able to have it both ways–do no work on the case, don’t stay on top of DNA developments that could affect this case, and still claim the investigation is “ongoing.” I’m not even sure the MSP would keep track of or store the evidence as instructed to do so by the FBI upon return from that agency. The Oakland County Prosecutor should request a report on the status and location of all evidence in this case, and make it available to the taxpaying public.

Do me a favor and comment here because I am about 300 emails behind. Share your insights with other readers right here.

If you have information about how Kristine’s autopsy was manipulated by the office of then OC ME Robert Sillery or the office of L. Brooks Patterson, or any information about violations of procedure by the Michigan State Police in their evidence retention in this case, email the FBI at michigancorruption@fbi.gov. If you feel you need to be anonymous, block your caller id and call 1-800-CALL-FBI.


If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

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Local South Carolina police and sheriff’s office worked with FBI and state AG to unravel 35-year-old cold case abduction and murder of a young girl

Yesterday police in South Carolina arrested a 61-year-old man and charged him with murder, kidnapping and burglary in connection with the June 1986 disappearance of four-year-old Jessica Gutierrez.


The arrest in this 35-year-old cold case was based on “newly discovered information,” not yet revealed to the public. Guess who helped the local police and sheriff’s office in this South Carolina case?

Investigators interviewed more than 125 people and reviewed more than 3,500 pages of documents with the help of FBI personnel from 10 field offices. The South Carolina Attorney General’s Office has had the case since February 2015 and will prosecute the matter. 


That’s right–the FBI (10 field offices, no less) and the state AG’s office.

You want to know what happens when you contact the Michigan AG about the OCCK case? Nothing. Not a thing; not even “can’t help, sorry.”

The FBI? They will deny every FOIA request using either the “dog ate my homework”/flooded facility excuse, or they will release 12 or so meaningless pages of 167 in the case of the interview and hypnosis of a witness from the Tim King abduction site and tell you it is still an open investigation. They will also tell you that the lead agencies in this case are the MSP and the Oakland County Sheriff’s office. All hail the MSP and the OCP, they are surely on the job!

In whatever rules the FBI makes up as they go along about when they will get involved and when they will look the other way, there is no denying that the “lead” agencies in the OCCK case are the foxes guarding the hen house. The Michigan State Police?! And, are you serious–the Oakland County Sheriff’s office, who responded to a FOIA request this past July that they have not one file or document in their possession–“try the Michigan State Police!” The same office that hid the Oakland County prosecutor files in this case–literally kept them on the premises at the request of the office of former prosecutor Jessica Cooper–so her office could “protect” them from any further FOIA requests? You mean that lead agency??

Ten field offices and a state AG. Wow. Do you think that in South Carolina they don’t have a ton of other pressing, current day cases or school shootings? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Townville_Elementary_School_shooting, https://www.npr.org/2021/09/01/1033442181/winston-salem-north-carolina-school-shooting. Somebody put that little girl’s case under a microscope and figured it out. Enough buck-passing and excuses, Michigan.

If you work or worked for the MSP, the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office or the Oakland County Sheriff’s office and know of the public corruption involved in the investigation into the Oakland County child murders, take the FBI up on their request to contact them at at MichiganCorruption@fbi.gov. If you prefer to do so anonymously, you can call the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or submit tips online at tips.fbi.gov. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/56938161/posts/3634287072. I bet if you’re not a member of the King family, you won’t even have to put together a treatise as part of your tip.

Three down, one to go.

Three white men convicted of hunting down and murdering Ahmaud Arbery (who was murdered for jogging while black in a Georgia suburb) were sentenced this afternoon to life in prison, two of them without the possibility of parole. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2022/01/07/ahmaud-arbery-murder-sentencing/. The focus should now turn to former Georgia district attorney Jackie Johnson, who has been charged with violating her oath of office by showing overt favoritism to the defendants in this case, who were not charged for over 70 days–and may well never have been until video surfaced of the murder. https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/05/us/jackie-johnson-brunswick-da-charges-arbery/index.html.

L. Brooks Patterson and Jessica Cooper are so lucky they served in Oakland County, where there is no such thing as violating your oath of office, let alone public corruption, as long as the tax base stays strong and commercial opportunities abound. Oh, they and Robert Robertson of the MSP knew better than anyone how to make the OCCK “problem” go away. Everybody’s a winner. Except those four dead kids. Life goes on, nobody’s the wiser; the county doesn’t get sued. Get over it.

Would you trust any of those people or their compliant underlings to make any decision for you, in any aspect of your life? They make Jackie Johnson look like a candidate for an ethics award.

“If only the courts were able to unleash their equitable power, and enjoin the smell, sound, and sight of a predator.”

Do not look away.


What would happen if the MSP and the Oakland County Sheriff really wanted to solve the OCCK cases?

It’s not brain surgery, freaks.


“Finally, this case is a lesson in what can happen when good people look the other way and pretend they do not see something they know is wrong and dangerous.”

Retired Palm Beach PD Chief Michael Reiter wrote an opinion piece in the Palm Beach Daily News last week in the wake of the conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell in New York after Florida utterly failed to have the courage to bring Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell to justice 15 years ago. It is a concise statement of how evil it is when prosecutors and other agencies bend to the power and influence of someone like these two monsters. It also is yet another reminder of how in the OCCK case, prosecutors and police did the same damn thing, only worse.

Reitner quotes an Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals opinion concerning the rights of Epstein’s victims: “The facts underlying this case, as we understand them, are beyond scandalous–they tell a tale of national disgrace.” The facts underlying the murders of Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim and the facts underlying the investigation by Oakland County and the Michigan State Police are worse. The “forewarning” to prosecutors on how they can be influenced to fail in their duties to both victims and the public happened the last week of January, 1977, in Flint, Michigan and underscored when my brother was abducted a few short weeks later on March 16, 1977. Underlings who also ignored their oath and moral compass and those not in a position to question authority became the prosecutor’s proxies then and now. This playbook goes way, way back.

National disgrace doesn’t begin to touch the OCCK case. And decades later to keep the lid on, when all else fails, gaslight the victims’ families and treat them like suspects. You wonder in Michigan why you have such a public corruption problem? It is so deeply ingrained and the courage to address it so lacking, that it might just be a terminal national disgrace on many levels. Just a few more people need to die and take secrets to the grave in the OCCK case. That’s all it will take; that was the plan and for a few of these dirty bastards, it has worked out well. Authorities will keep digging for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa, but not for answers in the abduction, torture, rape and murder of four children who were held captive for days before being snuffed out. And god forbid anyone look closely at the corruption involved in this investigation. Pay no attention to the man (men) behind the curtain.

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Better keep an eye on this criminal. Less than six years? Gets out the very earliest day possible under his sentence? Think he will play by the rules? If two victims came forward, odds are there were more. This sexual predator gets to “restart” his life.

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A couple of points. First, on March 11, 2021, Marney Keenan and I met with representatives of Dana Nessel’s office via Zoom to discuss a wide variety of concerns over the investigation into the Oakland County child killing case and the lack of investigation into the very active child sex and porn rings operating in Oakland and Wayne County at that time. We spent time and money compiling information and documents in advance of the meeting. We never heard one word after this. Not. One. Word. Not even some version of “we’re not touching any of this with a 10-foot pole,” or “the new prosecutor is on her own here, not our problem,” or “the Eternal General never went near this and we aren’t either.” Nothing.

Obviously, any collaboration and cooperation between agencies would be advantageous in this seemingly hopeless school massacre nightmare that keeps repeating itself across the country. The book Columbine, by Dave Cullen and published in 2009 after a decade-long investigation by the author, should have been required reading for every single school principal, prosecuting attorney and parent in the country. It seems no one has learned anything since April 20, 1999.

Years after the Columbine massacre, the Colorado Attorney General conducted an investigation of the cover up of disturbing information the Jefferson County, CO sheriff had about the two killers at least a year before they executed their murderous plan. Many county employees steadfastly refused to cooperate, but the AG’s team continued their investigation and convened a grand jury.

The grand jury produced a report about the potential that these files on two student/killers (electronic and physical files) were deliberately destroyed. Investigators from the AG’s office had confronted local officials who had attended a secret meeting (minus the feds) right after the massacre where they agreed to lie about what they knew, when, about the two killers. It took five years for that secret to be exposed. A detective eventually told investigators it was “one of those cover-your-ass meetings.” The grand jury concluded there was insufficient evidence to indict any one person but the implications of their report, in spite of the denials by county employees, were clear. (Pages 165-66; 343-44.)

The report included the following:

Division Chief John Kiekbusch’s assistant, Judy Searle, testified that in September 1999, he asked her to find the [Eric Harris] file. He told her to search the computer network and the physical files, and to do so in secret. He instructed her specifically not to tell the officers involved. Searle testified under oath that she found that suspicious. She normally would have started her search by talking to those officers. Searle searched, and discovered nothing. She gave Kiekbusch the news: there seemed to be no record anywhere, no sign the file ever existed. She watched his reaction. She testified that he appeared ‘somewhat relieved.’

According to that same report, in 2000, Kiekbusch instructed her to shred a large pile of Columbine reports. Searle testified that she did not find the report unusual at the time , because Kiekbusch was preparing to leave office, and Searle assumed she was purging duplicates. She complied.

Columbine, p. 344.

It would seem that Karen McDonald’s office has the Oxford High School massacre investigation and prosecution well in hand. Until such time that her office requests help from the AG’s office, maybe Dana Nessel’s office could take a look at the following:

  1. Previous OCP Jessica Cooper had files from the OCCK case delivered by one of her assistant prosecuting attorneys to the office of OC Sheriff Mike Bouchard at some point after she began the Arch Sloan “magic hair” investigation (probably after her press conference in July 2012). These boxes of documents were specifically given to and kept by Sheriff Bouchard so that Cooper’s office would not have to produce them in response to any future FOIA requests. Those files sat somewhere in the sheriff’s office until July of this year, when they were retrieved by the current prosecutor. My FOIA request to the OC sheriff on July 23 was denied in full because that office, despite claims to the public that they are working on any tips they get in the OCCK case, said they have not one record or file in that case. https://catherinebroad.blog/2021/07/23/worlds-fastest-foia-response/. Perhaps the OCP files had been retrieved by July 23, but this still does not explain the sheriff’s alleged lack of a single document in the OCCK case.
  2. On Friday, November 5, 2020, word was leaked by an employee of the Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s office that documents were being shredded in the days after the general election and that it was suspected these were documents from the OCCK case. A cease and desist order was issued to Oakland County IT, to stop the destruction of any electronic files. This order came from your office, AG Nessel. Apparently it was worthy of no follow-up.

In violation of the letter and spirit of FOIA laws, Sheriff Bouchard agreed to keep OCCK files at his office so that Jessica Cooper could evade producing FOIA responses. These files were only obtained this past July, after being “secured” with the sheriff’s office for probably over eight years.

The first week of November, 2021, an employee at the OCP observed questionable document shredding and in the early morning hours of November 6, a cease and desist order was sent to Oakland County to put a stop to additional shredding. I know Cooper and her upper level staff would lie about this shred–oh, just duplicates–but a cease and desist order issued. There was enough concern to warrant such an order. And a claim of attorney work product does not hold when perpetuating a fraud and covering crimes.

So, until Karen McDonald’s office asks for help in the Oxford case, and while waiting for legislative counsel to draft gun legislation and assistant AGs assigned to the state Dept. of Ed. to draft school policy concerning potentially murderous students, maybe AG Nessel can take a serious look at the actions of previous OC employees Jessica Cooper, Paul Walton, L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson. You have my phone and email.