Deadly Legacy

If you are looking for something to watch, check out Deadly Legacy on Hulu ( or Amazon Prime ( Detective Jason Moran is the one-man cold case unit for the Sheriff’s Department of Cook County, Illinois. His drive, attitude and compassion are pretty inspiring. Contrast this with retired MSP Det. Dave Robertson’s interview in Children of the Snow. Night and day.

“Authorities asking victims to come forward to get their justice in this case.”

This quote from a statement by the FBI’s Child Exploitation Task Force regarding federal charges filed against nine people related to a child sex trafficking operation. The ring leader is 69 years old. More proof that pedophiles never, ever stop. This man allegedly exchanged drugs for sexual access to children of drug-addicted mothers. The FBI and Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations conducted the investigation and discovered the ring leader was not only sexually abusing children, but producing child pornography kept on flash drives.

Imagine if the FBI and the MSP ever publicly asked victims to come forward with regard to the pedophile and child porn ring in the Cass Corridor. If you read the FOIA documents, you see in black and white how decades later, Det./Sgt. Cory Williams (then with Livonia PD) pieced much together regarding the many sick people who victimized children in the Cass in the 1970s. No one helped them back in the day. Police tactics (use of pedophiles as informants and failing to charge perpetrators) may have made it worse. Imagine if the FBI and the MSP conducted an investigation like this of Frank Shelden and his sick associates and his pedophelia and child porn operations in Ann Arbor, Port Huron and N. Fox Island? Imagine if the FBI and the MSP, armed with information gained about the Cass and Fox Island, conducted their investigation in the OCCK case and pursued wealthy suspects the way this stupid low-life was recently pursued in Ohio.

It must be noted that child pornography was not made a crime until 1977. Congress first passed legislation against child pornography with the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation Act of 1977. This law made it a crime to knowingly use a minor under 16 years old in obscene depictions of sexually explicit conduct. Obviously there is child sexual abuse inherent in the making of child pornography and ultimately the prohibition of “depiction” was extended, via Supreme Court rulings, to distribution and possession of child pornography.

To keep up with technology, The Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 was enacted to criminalize child pornography on the internet, including virtual child pornography. It might be technically much easier to access child porn on the internet, but notice in the cited article officers and agents searched an area where the ring leader’s daughters were seen digging on their property. They discovered a memory card containing images of child pornography taken in the ring leader’s bedroom and buried inside a glass jar.

So while technology has advanced greatly since 1976/1977, this freak used the same method Greg Greene used to hide his pornographic Polaroids wrapped in tin foil–by burying it in a yard. Tin foil/jar, whatever. I bet the feds don’t lose this memory card or the jar it was found in.

These nine defendants were arrested after several sources came forward to tell law enforcement they suspected the ring leader was having sex with boys and girls with their parents’ consent, in exchange for drugs. The investigation that ensued, detailed in the article, was extensive.

Imagine how many more children this animal would have been able to victimize if no one called police.

I’m betting you won’t get the same response as you would in the Ohio case described above, but if you have any information about the Oakland County child killings or any criminal activity related to these crimes, please call the MSP Tip Line at 833-784-9425. It is never too late to do the right thing.

See how this works?

The OCCK participants (including those who had knowledge and did not speak up)–were child traffickers, rapists and murderers and fit in with a sad history of protected freaks.

I saw an interesting tweet this evening:

Click on the tweet that starts “The Franklin abuse scandal, . . .”, and then click on it a second time. There are some very interesting links in this thread and @benFranklin2018 makes some very important points.

All of these child human trafficking operations are horrifying. The Franklin scandal and cover-up is one of the most fucking scary stories you will ever read about because on top of everything, the government knew and didn’t do jack shit about it. If you haven’t read the two books about, among other things, a child abuse ring, ritual murder and the ugly cover-up (which included murder) because of the powerful men involved, you need to. These two books were powerful wake-up calls that were clearly ignored because powerful men continue to trump children’s lives every single time. Every. Single. Time. The Franklin Cover-Up, Child Abuse, Santanism, and Murder in Nebraska, by John W. DeCamp, is dedicated “To the children who have been, or will be, abused because of the Franklin cover-up.” This book was first published in 1992 and there have been four subsequent printings, most recently 2006. In 2009 another book came out about this incredible tragedy. The Franklin Scandal, a Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal, was written by Nick Bryant. The book’s epigraph reads: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.–attributed to Edmund Burke.” Powerful people clearly have a vested interest in safeguarding the secrets surrounding ritualized child abuse by men in high places who were in a child sex ring. Sound familiar? It should.

The FBI, the CIA and judges championed the sex abusers over the victims and survivors in the Franklin case. Both of these authors had the balls to write about this horror and the travesty and immensity of the cover-up. Truly a situation where the phrase “Buy a gun and learn how to use it” more than applies. But, the books are published, the shit blows over, and nobody does anything to stop this or prosecute. Jeffrey Epstein dead on the floor of his dirty jail cell decades later is proof of that. ALL THAT IS NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS THAT GOOD MEN DO NOTHING. Or for “not so good” men to do something that is photographed or taped for blackmail purposes.

The OCCK participants were predators, child human traffickers, sexual abusers, rapists, child pornographers, torturers and murderers. It may well be that the concentric circles of men “in high places” participating freely in child sexual abuse, pedophelia, and making and/or consuming child pornography in Oakland County, Michigan, made the OCCK crimes that much more hard to investigate and solve. Law enforcement there had some serious shit going on under their noses for a long time and must have turned a blind eye or gone easy. The slaps on the wrist received by fat boy Christopher Busch for raping children in that lovely county are certainly evidence of that. Wouldn’t want to turn over too many stones and risk the wrath of an H. Lee Busch or a state senator or anybody like that, right? So four kids died–so what. Cut your losses and move on.

Here’s the scariest shit of all from The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp, right off the bat:

“What you have to understand … is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions, that you cannot do anything about them, not matter how evil or wrong they are and no matter how dedicated or sincere you are or how much evidence you have. That is simply one of the hard facts of life you have to face. You have done your part. You have tried to expose the evil and wrongdoing. It has hurt you terribly. But it has not killed you up to this point. I am telling you, get out of this before it does. Sometimes things are just too big for us to deal with, and we have to step aside and let history take its course. For you, John, this is one of those times.” – Former CIA Director William Colby

(Foreward, p. ix, x.)

For more on this and many other abuses and child trafficking operations, see

So the next time you think all of this is “conspiracy theory,” you might want to rethink that convenient bypass. Proper investigations in cases of this nature have to happen, free of the influence of monied pedophiles and those in law enforcement willing to be bought off or too cowardly to do the right thing in the face of dirty federal agents and “powerful” suits. If I had put a bullet in between the eyes of monster Christopher Busch, I would be sitting in a prison cell right now instead of my kitchen. But those monsters play by different rules than the rest of us. And no one is safe when the system is so broken that a Franklin Scandal or any of these other child trafficking operations can happen with no repercussions, let alone a complete investigation.

These men never age out of their predatory behavior.

Someone wrote me a few months back to tell me/warn me that one of the men involved in child pornography and pedophelia in Michigan, and perhaps involved in the OCCK crimes is now in his 90’s, living overseas. Pedophiles and child pornographers never “age out.” They can never, ever be trusted. They victimize for their entire lives and do not stop; they are always looking for an “opportunity.” Here is an example–a 93-year-old man was sentenced this week to four years in prison for sexually abusing a child under 12. Four years seems light, even if this old piece of shit might die before his sentence is up.

Here is a guy just getting started in his life of child pornography consumption. At age 28 he is headed to prison for 10 years for possession of hundreds of videos and still photos depicting child pornography. I guess his previous two convictions, including a sentence of one year and one day in prison for the same thing–including videos depicting a toddler being victimized by a man, didn’t send the right message to this freak.

This particular investigation was conducted by Homeland Security Investigations, Operation Predator. HSI does not mess around. Operation Predator is an international initiative to protect children from sexual predators. “HSI encourages the public to report suspected child predators and any suspicious activity through its toll-free Tip Line at 1-866-DHS-2-ICE or by completing its online tip form. Both are staffed around the clock by investigators. From outside the U.S. and Canada, callers should dial 802-872-6196. Hearing impaired users can call TTY 802-872-6196.”

How many times will this guy be back in the system if he makes it to age 93? Report child exploitation. Demand that judges give the harshest sentences to these men. They never stop. “NO DEALS.” Right, retired Oakland County assistant prosecutor Richard Thompson?

“Lack of concrete evidence to merit a follow-up”

The Guardian reported that German media are focusing their attention on whether the federal police ignored warnings in 2013 from a local force that was on the trail of Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Bruckner.

Investigators in Braunschweig who had been closely monitoring Brückner believed he should be viewed as a key suspect in the girl’s disappearance. But their alert was reportedly ignored by Germany’s Federal Criminal Office, the BKA, according to Der Spiegel, which has a team of 10 reporters working on the case.

Brückner was named as a possible key suspect following information received from several tipoffs out of the 500 calls made after the broadcast of German TV’s Crimewatch equivalent, Aktenzeichen XY, in 2013, in which Gerry and Kate McCann appeared in person to appeal to the public for information.

Brückner’s name was followed up by police in Braunschweig, where Brückner was registered as living and was well known due to his extensive criminal history. But the resulting report by the Braunschweig investigators was apparently not followed up, “much to the incomprehension of the local investigators”, according to Spiegel.

Christian Hoppe, an investigator for the BKA, told last Wednesday’s edition of XY, which made a renewed appeal to the German public based on fresh circumstantial evidence, which placed Brückner in Praia da Luz at the time of the disappearance, that there had been a lack of concrete evidence to merit a follow-up.

“The information we had then was not sufficient for an investigation, and certainly not for an arrest,” he said.

The programme did not name Brückner, whose name subsequently emerged in media reports.

The development comes as reports on Friday said authorities were looking into connections with the disappearance of a six-year-old German boy in Portugal in 1996.

Bruckner ignored and Madeleine’s parents crucified for many years and even named as suspects. Of course law enforcement made the insufficient evidence argument–insufficient for even an investigation of Bruckner. Nice work, boys. Quit the finger-pointing and do your fucking jobs.

A reader pointed out, this is a version of the same old story. Twenty-four years of Larry Nassar reports ignored (, 40-plus years of OCCK tips not even shared with victims’ family members, Epstein being able to plead down his charges and be “on work [rape] release even as a registered sex offender. This astute reader also said: “Child Predators–no matter how many times they are reported, their “names” are not heard.”

In the OCCK case, people are not telling the truth, not talking–and this in a child trafficking, child rape, child pornography, child murder case, involving at least four victims. Yes, the participants were/are monsters. But what about the people who covered this up, those that lied, those that never came forward, those that got paid off, those that “made this go away”? How do we describe them?

Detroit and Detroit suburbs (especially in Oakland County) were (and still could be) hubs of child exploitation. There are always reasons why crimes like this are allowed to flourish. This is a vital inquiry in the OCCK case.

Bruckner was not followed up on, “much to the incomprehension of the local investigators.” Sound familiar?

Don’t forget to pre-order Marney Rich Keenan’s book The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, due out in August/September.

If you have any information about the abduction and murders of Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich or Tim King, call the Michigan State Police tip line at 833-784-9425. Speak up. These four kids can’t.

Pre-order The Snow Killings, by Marney Rich Keenan.

Marney Rich Keenan’s book, The Snow Killings, Inside the Oakland County Child Killer Investigation, is available for pre-order.

About the book:

Over 13 months in 1976­–1977, four children were abducted in the Detroit suburbs, each of them held for days before their still-warm bodies were dumped in the snow near public roadsides. The Oakland County Child Murders spawned panic across southeast Michigan, triggering what was then the most extensive manhunt in U.S. history. Yet after less than two years, the task force created to find the killer was shut down without naming a suspect. The case “went cold” for more than 30 years, until a chance discovery by one victim’s family pointed to the son of a wealthy General Motors executive: Christopher Brian Busch, a convicted pedophile, was freed weeks before the fourth child disappeared. Veteran Detroit News reporter Marney Rich Keenan takes the reader inside the investigation of the still-unsolved murders—seen through the eyes of the lead detective in the case and the family who cracked it open—revealing evidence of a decades-long coverup of malfeasance and obstruction that denied justice for the victims.

The book is due out in August/September. If you are interested in this case, and especially if you care about this case, buy it, read it and tell someone else about it. Especially if you live or lived in Oakland County.

A possible break in the 2007 disappearance of Three-Year-Old Madeleine McCann.

Police have identified a German pedophile as the new prime suspect in the investigation into the disappearance of British child Madeleine McCann in Portugal 13 years ago, as a fresh international appeal for information was launched:

An appeal for information was made for anyone who recognized two phone numbers, a camper van and also a Jaguar car linked to the man. German police also issued an appeal with additional details on national television.

In the OCCK case retired Birmingham Lt./Det. Jack Kalbfleisch put a priority on the suspect(s) vehicles, including the car leaving the bumper impression in the snow at the site Kristine’s body was dumped. But the task force only focused on the ubiquitous blue Gremlin. The MSP task force commander at the time, Robert Robertson, downplayed the information Jack discovered. Decades later, MSP Det/Sgt. Garry Gray would not take this information to the public because “it would generate too many useless leads” and be embarrassing. The suspicious car one of my brothers told police he saw driving around our neighborhood later in the evening after Tim was abducted was ignored. The LeMans parked in the lot where Tim King was last seen, described by witness Doug Wilson (a car designer for god’s sake!) with a license plate with the numbers 222 in it, was never described to the public. An AMC Gremlin was chopped in the garage behind pedophile Bob Moore’s house in Detroit after Tim’s murder. And Dave Robertson (Robert Robertson’s son) describes the 1966 Sloan Bonneville as having later been owned by a MSP lieutenant’s son, while on camera with the crew from Children of the Snow–and then cannot remember later whether that was true or not or supply any other details.

In 2012 the Oakland County prosecutor’s office describes the car owned by Arch Sloan and asks for tips about Sloan. How’s that going after eight years of hard sleuthing?

In the McCann case, Metropolitan Police Investigator Mark Cranwell told reporters this week that “Someone out there knows a lot more than they are letting on.” The investigator added:

“They’re a key witness and we urge them to get in touch,” Mr Cranwell said.

“Some people will know the man we’re describing today… you may be aware of some of the things he’s done.

“He may have confided in you about the disappearance of Madeleine.

“More than 13 years have passed and your loyalties may have changed.

“Now is the time to come forward.”

Since the police won’t say it in this case, I will:

Someone knows the man or men who abducted, tortured and killed Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, Kristine Mihelich and Tim King. He may have confided in you about his participation. You may have come across Polaroids or other photos or 8 mm film that implicate him/them. You may remember a LeMans with a license plate that had the numbers “222” in it. Or a Lemans or similar car with a trailer hitch pulled off to one side and damage to the left rear of the car. More than 43 years have passed and your loyalties may have changed. Now is the time to come forward. It is never too late to do the right thing.


What you can do to make a difference.

I don’t want to bury the lead, so here it is: The magic hairs, discussed by Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and her chief deputy Paul Walton in July 2012 are NOT an exact match. Surprise, surprise. They simply cannot be ruled out as coming from the same source. That is a BIG difference from saying they are a match.; More details emerge about Oakland County Child Killer person of interest Arch Sloan;;;

Furthermore, this hair evidence may well have been extinguished during testing. Meaning it is gone and can never be retested using more advanced techniques. Meaning they are simply mtDNA sequences on a piece of paper. Want more information? Ask the prosecutor’s office. That little diversion down Arch Sloan lane was interesting and effective. Sloan was a very active pedophile in Oakland County during the 1970s. But ask yourself what more we know about him than we did in July 2012. He and Ted Lamborgine continue to subsist on the taxpayer’s dime in Michigan, two more men who may take information about the OCCK cases to the grave.

A lot of people have written to ask what they can do to help get some transparency in this case and to get some answers about where it stands. The biggest difference you can make if you live in Oakland County is to make sure a new prosecutor is elected in November. I cannot overstate the importance of this simple act–of researching the people you vote for. Do not rely on the word “incumbent.” Twelve years is more than enough time to fuck things up.

Karen McDonald is running against Jessica Cooper in the August 4 primary. . The winner will face Republican Lin Goetz in November.

Brooks Patterson ended his long reign as county executive when he died in August 2019. He was the Oakland County prosecutor when the Oakland County child killer(s) was/were roaming the streets of Oakland County. Not a single prosecutor since him has gained any ground or acknowledged much of anything about the murders of children in that jurisdiction. Some, like the current prosecutor, have actively distanced themselves from it. They don’t want to touch a loser.

The power of a prosecutor is immense.

Prosecutors are the most powerful officials in the American criminal justice system. The decisions they make, particularly the charging and plea-bargaining decisions, control the operation of the system and often predetermine the outcome of criminal cases. Prosecutorial power is vast and unrestrained, and the mechanisms that purport to hold prosecutors accountable are weak and often totally ineffective. In addition, the most important prosecutorial decisions are made behind closed doors – away from public scrutiny and thus immune from public accountability. The most remarkable feature of these important, sometimes life-and-death decisions is that they are totally discretionary. The deficiency of prosecutorial discretion lies not in its existence, but in the randomness and arbitrariness of its application. Even in prosecution offices that promulgate general policies for the prosecution of criminal cases, there is no effective mechanism for enforcement or public accountability. Self-regulation by prosecution offices is largely nonexistent or ineffective, and the United States Supreme Court has protected prosecutors from both public and judicial scrutiny.

The Power and Discretion of the American Prosecutor, Angela J. Davis,

I have quoted before from reader Brian Sterling’s comments, which crystallize my thoughts on Prosecutor Patterson, and they need to be repeated:

It should be understood there WAS a another cunning power broker working to manipulate outcomes at the time of the OCCK.

L. Brooks Patterson.

In November of 1975, the underground newspaper The Ann Arbor Sun published a well researched and very public take down of the then Oakland County Prosecutor. The article is titled “Naked Came the Prosecutor”.

Looking back over the decades, the opening line written by reporter Maureen McDonald rings like an urgent alarm on the disasters that lay ahead:

“The darling of the media and leading Young Republican protege, L. Brooks Patterson has parlayed the “evils” of welfare, parole, drunk-driving, drugs and “obscenity” into the most saleable political package the suburban county has ever seen. While Patterson gets great press for his attacks on people who are easily prosecuted and often can’t afford the cost of a trial lawyer. The SUN’s sources indicate that the charismatic young leader may be looking the other way on tougher challenges like organized crime and political corruption in his jurisdiction.”

2 months after this article ran, Mark Stebbins was murdered.

Patterson found his political voice in latching on to useful idiots he could play like a Stradivarius. In the early 1970’s he rose to prominence exploiting the racial tensions over things like busing and chasing down welfare cheats. He didn’t just play the race card, he spoiled the whole deck. He catered to that elite slice of Oakland County, the Bloomfield’s and the Cranbrook’s. The rounds of golf at Oakland Hills. The happy hours. Patterson was able to cultivate that cult of personality because of his hold on and ability to manipulate the Detroit media. Patterson would conduct a masterclass of beguiling reporters with his camera ready looks, couched in the style of a wise-cracking tough guy who wasn’t afraid of a microphone or television camera. Outside of reporters like Maureen McDonald, Patterson enjoyed a fawning media apparatus which in 1976 and 1977 essentially created a safe space for the prosecutor to operate well outside of conventional boundaries, including constitutional limits.

Patterson’s hands were ALL OVER the OCCK investigation.

Notably, Patterson was influential in allowing “psychic sleuth” Bruce Danto to “collaborate” with the task force, a colossal error which essentially ended all chances of solving the entire case. Patterson would even admit in the following years that the series of traffic stops initiated in ’77 on Squirrel Rd, set up under the direction of Bruce Danto’s “subliminal” messages to the killer in the hopes he would take the bait, were unconstitutional. He chuckled when relaying that tidbit, as if to suggest he couldn’t quite believe it himself.

It is important to note that during this time, instead of running his office as prosecutor, Patterson was running for higher office. He was barnstorming the state in 77 and 78 in an attempt to win the US Senate seat in Michigan. The only usefulness for Patterson in regards to the OCCK investigation was to perpetuate it, in order to affect more media attention. The goal wasn’t to catch the killer, the goal was to make everyone AFRAID of the killer, ostensibly so Patterson could swoop in and crack the case.

Until they didn’t.

When they found Busch dead after his “suicide” in 1978 you know that their blood ran cold. They had this guy. He had been on the radar the whole time. For crying out loud, Dick Thompson went up to Flint in the middle of a blizzard to interview these guys. While the scene at Morningside was a little “too” tidy with evidence screaming “I DID IT”, and certainly suggests something off and staged, the conspiracy starts to show some cracks because Patterson would not have missed an opportunity to crack the case and declare they that found the killer, GM and H. Lee Busch be damned. The problem was that Brooksy, Dick Thompson, Cabot and the MSP apparatus knew they missed the ball and a little boy was dead because of it. They covered it up to protect and maintain their own careers. If the truth had been exposed in 1978, L Brooks Patterson’s career, and that of a few others would have been demolished.

Who can orchestrate a cover up better than the man in charge of actually pressing the charges? Who requests the warrants? No evidence – no case. No killer – no problem.
“Maybe he’s dead” they said in ’78. “Maybe he’s locked up” It’s all just a bad dream. Have another drink. Go back to bed.

Remember how quickly the task force folded after Busch’s death…

After losing the Senate race in ’78, Patterson remained the county prosecutor, occasionally taking on cases himself, crusading against strip clubs and advocating for capital punishment. Hollow crusades only intended to placate the base. All while organized crime, child pornography rings and a child killing monster were allowed to roam free.

Patterson has the dubious distinction of presiding over the county prosecutors office at a time where both the Jimmy Hoffa and the OCCK crimes occurred. While not necessarily connected, both have obvious ties to different layers of organized crime. Hoffa’s disappearance traded in the same currency as those with interested in profiteering from child pornography. And it was all going down in Oakland County. And L Brooks chose to look the other way.

It wasn’t just Cass. It was Cass Lake. It was scumbags in suits trading kids like playing cards. And they had the freedom because they must have known on some level they were protected.

I too grew up in the middle of that invisible milieu, invisible right up until the bodies started piling up and fear leeched into the bedrooms and bus stops as children were bombarded with confusing and contradictory messages about strangers and trusting adults.

The corruption, or lack of will was already baked in.

Yes, this case stands as a textbook example of facts falling through the cracks because of infighting among different jurisdictions. Yes, all of this happens against the backdrop of the late 1970’s, an age where the detective work required to solve these crimes was still in its infancy. Multiple mistakes were made. There was a woeful lack of coordination and cooperation. from the start and continued for two years as the investigation unfolded. But Patterson was in that very unique position of one being able to disseminate evidence and information as he saw fit – always looking at how it would benefit him. No deals. Until there is a deal.

I was astonished to read that during that time Patterson refused to reach out to your family in person. It makes sense. While he might be able to help you, you couldn’t do anything for him. That to Brooks Patterson amounted to a waste of time. And four families suffered unnecessarily for it. An an entire generation of (then) children in Metro Detroit remain traumatized to this day.

Chillingly, shortly before his death, Patterson gave an interview in which he said his “biggest disappointment was that of the Oakland County Child Killer, was never identified.”

What a choice of words. He took his secrets to the grave, but subconsciously implicated himself in the process.

Thank you for your courage in sharing your family’s story.

I was so hopeful someone would come forward in this case after L. Brooks Patterson died. The only person still alive on my list of people who corrupted this case–including Patterson, his chief deputy, Richard Thompson, task force commander Robert Robertson and his number two, Joe Krease–is Richard Thompson. Patterson kept his hand on the tiller in Oakland County as County Executive, for the remainder of his life after leaving as OC prosecutor. But he’s gone now. Here is your chance for a clean slate for once, Oakland County. Get a new prosecutor in office, too. Get some sunshine and transparency for once. This cold case reveals much about the way Oakland County does business.

This case is a campaign issue. Here’s why:

I have always referred to the hairs relied upon in Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s July 2012 press conference–the hairs that allegedly link Mark and Tim to the same person, a person who was associated with known pedophile Arch Sloan, as “the magic hairs.” First of all, how convenient to have that press conference and make it look like you were doing something on this case and to get the attention off of Busch and Greene, going into the reelection campaign?! Also, how the hell is it that no one would even think to compare the hair evidence in this case until that late date?

The hairs were found on Mark Stebbins and in the nasal cavity and groin area of Tim King and in the “Pontiac debris,” collected from Arch Sloan’s Pontiac Bonneville after the Stebbins abduction. As mentioned in the autopsy notes, the hair found in Tim’s groin area had to have come from someone involved in the crime, as he did not have pubic hair. Further, a hair in that location would presumably not be from a transfer event, like a hair found on a victim’s clothing could be.

But this is all quite irrelevant because the hairs are NOT an exact match. They just cannot be ruled out as coming from the same source. Reread that. Not only are they not an exact match, they may have been extinguished during testing, meaning they cannot be retested or subjected to the more high level testing of human hair done in other cold cases.

Not an exact match; cannot be ruled out as coming from the same source. Sound familiar? That’s the deal with the hair found on Kristine that could not be ruled out as coming from Vince Gunnels (or his younger brother Paul, for that matter). As described in the FOIA documents, this hair sample was small and the lab made the police sign off on the fact that it would be extinguished during testing. As in, gone and never can be retested by anyone, including Gunnels’ defense attorney. I was somehow led to believe that the magic hairs were a somewhat better sample than the hair on Kristine’s jacket. This probably just means the hair samples were more substantial. I am guessing that in all cases here, the failure to properly store evidence in the biggest crime of its time has handicapped solvability.

Prosecutor Cooper and her assistant, Paul Walton, explained in 2012 that they were taking this information–including the fact that the hair evidence did not match Sloan–to the public in order to get information about associates of Sloan who may have left hair in his Bonneville. Walton told the press they had gotten some good leads they were working on. Upon information and belief, I don’t think any of those leads were followed up on. That press conference was eight years ago. The Oakland County press needs to cover this as the primary season and then the general election start heating up.

Furthermore, I don’t believe any of the leads that have come forward since Children of the Snow aired have been followed up on. Part of that is manpower issues, part is the COVID-19 shut down, part of that is inertia. If you go to law enforcement with critical, specific, actionable information, you have to have a back-up plan for when it gets ignored. I am talking about the press. If you are not willing to name names, don’t bother.

Here’s what could happen if Oakland County elected a new prosecutor. The prosecutor could call all of the agencies involved in for a meeting to ask the following:

Where does the case stand as of today?
What is the evidence in this case, how has it been tested and by whom, what are the results, was it extinguished in testing, what has not been tested, what can be rerun and where is the physical evidence being stored?
Who have you consulted about more advanced DNA testing and genetic genealogy testing?
Have the stamp and the envelope from the “Allen letter” been tested for DNA?
Is this case solvable in your opinion?
Is it prosecutable?
Should the case be closed and who would be responsible for announcing this?
How can Oakland County help with resources and manpower in a case called THE OAKLAND COUNTY child killer?
Why does the Michigan State Police have to carry the entire burden here?
What was done to follow up on any leads that came forward after the 2012 press conference?
What were you told by my predecessor about working with other agencies and who you could/could not speak with?
How can we work with Wayne County to avoid the type of dysfunction and duplication of effort exhibited by Oakland County in the past.
How can we inform the public about the status of this case?
How will we respond to the bad press which is headed our way in this case?
How can we be transparent?
What do we tell the public about tips–what will help and who to call?
How will I be kept apprised of what is/is not happening in this investigation?

There are so many questions we will never have answers to. Was Chris Busch an informant for the FBI at the time he was abducting and murdering kids? Who did H. Lee Busch pay off to make all the cases against his son go away? Why did the information from witness Doug Wilson stay under wraps? How was evidence filed and stored in this case and why all the disorganization? Did Patterson and Thompson realize they blew it and released a killer to kill my brother one month later? Who was killing pedophiles in Detroit and the suburbs? Why was the active pedophile network operating in Oakland County (probably still is) not investigated and people prosecuted? Did the MSP (G. Gray and D. Robertson) hack our phones and computers when they were working on this case from 2007 forward? Why did the MSP and the OCP leave a listening device in the waiting room where relatives of Kristine Mihelich and Tim King were sent to wait for a meeting with law enforcement in this case? Why were prosecutors not challenged at all on the magic hair evidence, the similarities to the Gunnels hair evidence, and why was there never any press follow up on how the OCP was proceeding with tips about Sloan? Does the prosecutor really just get to put up some self-serving web page about the OCCK and sidestep all questions?

Leaving aside how Cooper and Walton have behaved in this case (see, e.g. ;;, think about the cynical nature of that press conference in July 2012. Elect someone who is not afraid of the elephant in the room and who will not respond with defensive vindictiveness or DNA “match” hocus pocus. Put some parameters around this immense limbo loss. Speak the truth about what happened and what can and cannot be done. Fresh eyes and less taint. Seems like a winner to me.

It’s your county. Do something about that underbelly.

Francis (Frank) Shelden, Frank Torey, Peter Zupp, Scott Altman, Wallington Fuger, Jotham Lotring; Gerald S. Richards; Dyer Grossman, Dale Osterman, Elliot Crossman, Elijah Crossman, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Hakim Bey; Adam Starchild, Malcom McConahy.

Dyer Grossman of New Jersey, Frank Shelden of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Gerald S. Richards of Port Huron, Michigan and Adam Starchild of New Jersey, were co-conspirators in a variety of criminal enterprises which involved prostitution, sexual exploitation and pornography involving male minors in the mid-to-late 1970s.

Part of Michigan’s rich history of sexual exploitation of minors. Check it out:

Frank Shelden and associates