A partial look at the FBI file on Francis Duffield Shelden

Today the FBI responded out of the blue to a FOIA request filed some two years ago by author Marney Keenan on Francis (Frank) Duffield Shelden of N. Fox Island “fame.” I know, right? That waterlogged, missing-in-action file that was given up as a goner floated to the surface. Well at least 367 heavily redacted pages of the 506 pages the FBI reviewed did.

Marney agreed that it is important to get eyes on these documents to help decipher them and illuminate in some sense for the victims of Shelden (and Dyer Grossman) what kind of investigation took place as these two criminals fled justice and left so much hurt and agony in their wake.

Here is the response with explanation of exemptions dated 11-30-22 and sent via email today:

The pages were provided in three segments. As I said, they are heavily redacted. As we all know, the other criminal whose name is redacted (the guy must still be alive) is Dyer Grossman. We know this because of the MSP FOIA response of many years ago concerning Fox Island, as well as by the press clippings included in this FBI file which mention Grossman as the other wanted fugitive.

I will be comparing the information in the MSP FOIA response which contains far fewer documents but is less heavily redacted (you know, how they left some victim names but redacted the names of Better Life Monthly patrons/subscribers–described as a bank president, a juvenile court officer, and a principal?).

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