Search Warrant, p. 8 of 8

Search Warrant, p. 8 of 8

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  1. Connor says:

    I can’t believe they would throw out the ligatures from the Busch bedroom when they appear to have blood on them.

  2. Please let me be a little critical here. I know that you had made mention before about having gone to the OCCK Task Force and making mention of polygraph examiner’s meeting in Las Vegas (2006) that revealed who the OCCK was (not other way around) but it does appear that the polygraph examiner’s meeting only represents a very small portion of the affidavit. Everything that is detailed in the affidavit shows a very convincing belief that is being pursued by the MSP/OCCK Task Force (rejuvenated) with regards to 2008. Maybe something happened at the meeting of February 2009 (Jessica Cooper) that has hampered integrity of the investigation. Maybe the fact that she wasn’t aware of this search warrant being done in her county has really provoked a “power-struggle” with OCP & MSP right off the bat as she took over from Gorcyra? …and maybe it even affected her working alongside Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy in how they pursue leads? Someone with power/law enforcement ties and who was part of the original cover-up has either put a halt to the MSP/OCCK Task Force investigation or put pressure on the Prosecutor to do so. I do not believe that Cooper/Walton even know who they are really “protecting” if that is what they are doing, inadvertently. I believe what it comes down to is these people are doing what it takes to retain their well-respected jobs. It may even be easier for them to just be cold & heartless to your family, because the more time that they spend in the presence of your family would mean more of a risk for them to inadvertently “reveal” a cover-up. What I mean by all of this is that somewhere inside these people (sold out to prestige) are a people who have hearts for children, and murdered children is something that has to weigh very heavily on the consciousness of people who are sold out to power & prestige. I believe that a evasiveness on their part is to protect themselves (careers) in a event that their human side reveals information that could be detrimental to their advancement in society. Do not take it very personal, but if your family is persistent & knowing that you & your father are also attorney’s, it surely must keep all of these people on edge.

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