Photo of Tim on the day he was abducted, March 16, 1977, at Adams Elementary School.

Photo of Tim on the day he was abducted, March 16, 1977, at Adams Elementary School.

This is the last photo ever taken of my brother Tim. He is holding up his science fair project with his friend Tristan. They got a first place ribbon.

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  1. Was Tim on the slightly smaller side of the average size range for boys his age? Every time I see his photo that’s what strikes me – he’s so little. Who could or would do such unspeakable things to this little guy? And who is worse: the ones who did it, or the ones who let them get away with it? To me, the onus always falls on the public official(s) who took an oath to protect and serve the public–NOT themselves…going to a convicted pedophile suspect’s family cottage over a weekend, being served dinner by that lame excuse for a human being? Oh, for God’s sake–it’s too bad the woman isn’t around to bring her up on Bar charges!

    1. Tim was 4′ tall and 63 lbs. If you saw his favorite sweater–a Pittsburgh Steelers sweater–and saw how tiny it is, your knees would buckle. To us, Tim’s family, it feels like if a true Democrat got into office riding on Barack Obama’s coattails–a true miracle in itself, that person would have, along side Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who knows what the hell has gone on in this “Oakland County case,” exposed his/her predecessors for the corrupt people they are. But we have to get the one Democrat who has a connection to this case via her contemporaries from the time, criminal defense attorney Jane Burgess and polygrapher Larry Wasser (whom OCP Jessica Cooper has known for some 40 years). Good god–seriously?! So she won’t go near this case; L. Brooks Patterson and Richard Thompson won’t go near it because, no matter whether Chris Busch is ever conclusively proven to be involved or not, they let him go based on a flawed polygraph and their buddy Judge Templin let Busch walk on CSC charges in Oakland County–my god, does it get any worse? Oh yes it does–the MSP is totally limp in this because their second-string polygrapher in Flint let Greg Green and Chris Busch walk because they “passed” his lame-brained and ultra-abbreviated polygraph exam!
      So it goes without saying that all of these people–the OCP, the MSP, the past employees of both entities, hate our asses. But how did they get so far off the page where their job–for the cops, anyway–is to represent those who can no longer speak for themselves–THE DEAD, THE VICTIMS? I’m not even going to get started on the prosecutor. But there is so much to be said and it will be said.

      1. I’m blowing off steam here again, I know it, but it would be so great to make your own miracles! It would be awesome to see your dad run against Jessica Cooper, and I’ll bet a lot of people would vote for him, because I know I would (if I lived in Oakland County). It would obviously be a conflict regarding any potential prosecution, but hasn’t there already been 35 years of that? He could assign an APA and build a wall to shield the conflict or ship the whole case to Kim Worthy’s office. She’s got jurisdiction on Tim’s case, so if they can crack it by finally having everything at their disposal, OCP can then piggy-back off of it to prosecute the other cases. Of course, that would be a great burden on your dad in his retirement years, God bless him, but we do need someone with honesty, energy, feistiness, high sense of ethics and morality, compassion, smarts, and patience: in a nutshell, YOU. It would be so great if you could establish residency and run against the b* come next election–deep sigh–anyway, one can dream…

        1. Wow! What a great idea! We who are waiting for Oakland County to start prosecuting their homicide cases love this idea. It should be a starting point to find that right person NOW, and back them all the way to getting elected. Anyone interested in starting a grass roots committee to get this done? I would be VERY interested!

          Jessie Kanehl

  2. I am so sorry you had to go through this hell like us. Seeing Timothy in this picture is such a harsh reminder. Oakland County has/had a cesspool of evil freaks.

  3. Tim’s picture and his slight physique confirms for us of just what kind of heartless cowards these killers were. It’s nice to know Tim’s spirit was high that day, having excelled at his project.

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