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  1. Wow, I’m surprised by the tone of that letter. Paul Walton’s use of phrases like “tedious legal pleadings” and “. . . will forward another copy, yet again” make him sound unprofessional, juvenile, even downright snotty.

    What is the “particular document that does not exist” to which Paul is referring?

    Thank you for posting.

  2. Please do not post

    What an arrogant and unprofessional response to your dad’s FOIA request! “Tedious”? Seriously??? I would love to tell Mr. Walton how TEDIOUS it is to be a victim of homicide fighting for JUSTICE!



  3. I agree with all of the above comments. They are being nice. This guy is a complete and total jerk. How dare he send that letter in reply to a request from a victim’s family member. He and Jessica Cooper should both be taken out and pistol whipped. They are both awful people and should look into a different line of work. (I am also appalled at his writing skills- terrible, he sounds like the complete moron that he is.)

  4. Wow, what an a-hole. I don’t care how justified he may feel in writing this POS response, there is NO excuse for being so unprofessional. There should be some way to hold him more accountable for such a callous letter.

    Fight the good fight.

  5. At the risk of sounding similarly unprofessional to Mr. Walton- that man is a D-Bag.

    I have never read such a condescending piece of garble by a sworn officer of the court- REPRESENTATIVE of the “People” no less, in my life.

    Mr. King is the Father of a murder victim, therefore he is, as is your family, a victim of this crime as well. It appears he is confused as to his role in the system.

    Lastly, what a pansy with his footnotes. Someone buy the man a weenie whistle or Red Rider so he can feel whole again and do right in this case already.


  6. Reading that made my skin crawl. I can’t imagine the arrogance required to send it, knowing you run this blog.

    I continue to pray that your family, and the others, have a resolution to this nightmare.

  7. This is disgusting, disrespectful and heartbreaking. As an above poster noted, this letter is from a law enforcement official to the father of a murder victim. Please post Mr. Walton’s email address; I would like to send him my thoughts.

    1. Paul T. Walton, Chief Assistant Prosecutor
      Office of Prosecuting Attorney for Oakland County
      1200 N. Telegraph Road
      West Wing–Bldg. 14-E
      Pontiac, MI 48341

  8. This is absolutely disgusting, insensitive and condescending. I thought they were supposed to look out for us ( the people). My heart breaks for you and your family.

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  9. Some unsolicited advice to the Oakland County leadership…..hire a real good Public Relations firm and accept responsibility for botching the case and covering up the screw ups. I hope that “discovering” the truth provided some closure. The current responses from the county officials leave more questions than answers. Filing FOIA requests is not unreasonable. Dodging the requests and then vilifying the father that has just discovered the actual circumstances that occurred is mind boggling.

  10. I have many astute readers, some of whom share their observations with me privately. One reader correctly focuses on paragraph three of Mr. Walton’s letter, which points my Dad to “his friend,” L. Brooks Patterson, for further information. Patterson never spoke to either of my parents when Tim was missing or after he was found murdered. I don’t think my Dad ever met him until all this stuff started getting press after Busch’s name was made public in connection with this case. No, Mr. Walton, L. Brooks Patterson is no friend. And I will address that in a separate post. The victims in this case and their families have never had “a friend” in the Oakland County Prosecutors Office. Perhaps it is because of their
    duty of fairness to the system, including the victim, the defendant and the process. But I think they used this duty as a shield to avoid getting splattered with anything in this horrifying case. Mr. Patterson went out on a limb when he ordered unconstitutional stops and searches of vehicles in Oakland County during the time Tim was missing. Thankfully no one complained and everyone stopped complied. But if you ask me, this was the last time anyone in that office then or now was looking out for the victims instead of their own political hide.

  11. Mr. Walton is responding in a style that is obviously being dictated from the top. He speaks in this unforgivable tone because it is okay with HER.

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