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  1. Jo Anna L. Ball says:

    Hello: Are these articles I linked below for real? Judge Templin was censured due to dating a criminal sexual conduct defendant appearing before him? Plus Judge Bronson committed suicide after being indicted on a pretty big bribe? His middleman lawyer funneling it was disbarred? Sounds like bribes and judicial misconduct were flowing freely in Oakland!

    Judge Templin

    Click to access 1987-09-03-223-86.pdf


    Click to access 1987-09-03-223-86.pdf

  2. says:

    in the last article I sent you on Brookes, I hope you notice how he tries to distance himself from the fallen judge. It is just as convenient as how he claims no knowledge of the prosecution of Chris busch. He knows he can’t remember, because he knows cannot withstand a cross examination. Patterson has aN apparently well deserved reputation of controlling the media. I guess that explains why he is the Last Man Standing. Sent from my LG phone

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