I know I have posted portions of the Bloomfield Township PD’s report on Christopher Busch’s alleged suicide before.  It just seems like it might make sense to publish the entire report (entire report given pursuant to FOIA request, that is) again.  Yes, a lot will stand out.  Check out that little hand-written “receipt” signed by H. Lee Busch, Chris’ dad.  I’m sorry, I can’t handle the difference in treatment between people who live in high-rent districts and those who live everywhere else.  I’ll say it again–Charles Nels Busch, sole living relative of Chris Busch, whether or not he was the OCCK; you should make an anonymous donation to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for $4 million dollars.  You know what he did and how many boys he did it to.  The dirty money you inherited from a man who also knew what was going on and who took steps to hide it and shut down victims should in part be paid in memory of those who were victimized because your family kept their mouths shut.  Keep what you earned on your own, in spite of keeping your mouth shut and allowing others to be victimized.  You know you have a big cushion.  Pay off what your family owes to society and to these victims in particular by making an anonymous donation.  How bad could it hurt, given your circumstances?  And we all know you knew or should have known.  Get real.  You live two blocks from Hunter Maple Pharmacy and right by Poppleton Park.  YOU NEVER WENT TO THE COPS.  Kept your damn mouth shut because your brother never got to your seven-year-old son.  Like he did to your nephews.  See what happens when you stay silent?

I’m sorry about the quality of the following images–the photocopies I have are somewhat pathetic.  If something is unclear or you need more info, respond via comment but if you don’t want it posted, start out with DO NOT POST.  I respond to a lot of posts from my phone, so please make it obvious if you want to remain anonymous.

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  1. I remember article in the paper years ago about general motors vaunted security organization .the article spoke of handling delicate personal matters for executives .and also gm headquarters really can be said to be in the cass corridor if you know Detroit you know tha was as dark as it gets.the niehborhood where gm was located was a hellhole many of the nearby apartments were home to black prostitutes that catered to the gm crowd the nieborhood was home to many under cover gay clubs that gm executives frequented .one executive in the mid eighties pick up an underage black boy in one of these clubs instead of going to an important meeting in Dearborn with his indutrys cohorts . the boy killed him during rough sex.he was a “family man”.there was a lot of backlash to the Detroit papers over daring to report the incident.I wonder what members of the gm security know . I bet there was confidentialality agreements signed. I wonder if this would be better if all this info was on facebook .I think it would be easier to access and those who might actually have info might findit

  2. Comments from a reader I sensed would rather remain anonymous:

    “I would like to comment more often but I do not like to provide so much info. but any way I would like to know more about the busches familys action during and after these crimes . if the inheritors of the father knew the truth and that the father took measures right up to the end like I heard somewhere be fore I think the clock for a law suit starts ticking now.since this knowledge has only been recently revealed, also was the father a pedophile?”

    1. Bad guy Richard Lawson, who ran with this pack of pedophile freaks and who was also a convicted murderer, told attorney Dave Binkley a couple years ago in prison that Bobby Moore (another OCCK suspect and pedophile) used to get little boys for H. Lee Busch. One needs to consider the source here, but nobody should be too surprised to hear this given that Chris Busch also sexually abused his nephews.

  3. Imagine how tough it would be to shoot yourself between the eyes, with a rifle, with your left hand – when you are right handed? Busch’s right arm is tucked under his body. Also, it is magic that no gun residue is on Busch’s hands……and the cops let his dad hang on to the gun?

  4. mbk wrote “told attorney Dave Binkley a couple years ago in prison”

    Was this after Busch already made the OCCK news?

  5. Busch’s suicide and also mckinneys murder were both well talked about as suspicious in the dephs of the internet sluths.

    That was before busch was considered a suspect by msm.

  6. My question was more specifically geared to if Richard Lawson told this to Binkley after Busch was already big OCCK news? The ‘two years ago’ seems to imply that this is the case. It doesn’t seem to me that it carries as much weight then as Mr’ Lawson would lie to get attention much like he did with the Bobby Moore Gremlin Dumpster story. He would tell anyone anything to get attention and the word ‘Busch’ was all of a sudden an attention getter. Had he covered Busch’s dad in this matter in the early interviews with news coverage (When Ted was 1st covered), it would have been much more widely accepted and recognized. Where it stands now, it’s just hearsay much like the rest of this case.

    1. I understood your question.

      I am fairly sure (dont hold me to it) that larson was interviewed before busch was considered a big time suspect.

      What i was pointing out was to support your question. Busch was talked about before he was linked but it was not so strongly. It was more as a possible accomplice vs being the “guy”. There was a little out there but it was more like mckinney. A weird murder ( ovious it wasnt a suicide) at a local hot spot area during time of crimes. It was speculated that the occk was either jailed or dead so anyone who fit that was looked at. But since he wasnt “john” it was looked at lightly by the loud voices of the internet.

  7. If we’re discussing Chris Busch’s neighborhood kid (John H.), one must ponder on how he’s connected to all of this as well. Instead of making a joke out of it all those years with their public response and being tied to it now, they should have been seriously investigating him instead of making excuses. Maybe this case would be in a further advanced state than it currently is. Seems to be all speculation and hearsay and nothing to hang the hat on as far as any established facts. That goes with quotes that Lawson may have or may not have made. Is Lawson recorded and dated on his interviews? Why must there be guessing on what he said?

  8. If you read the initial reports on the discovery of Chris Busch’s body and then compare it to the later typed report and then the autopsy report, it is hard to believe they are all talking about the same body. To concluded suicide with a perfectly placed bullet between the eyes, a body not contorted by the blast, covered, clean, seems completely suspect.

  9. I’ve been googling “squires bingham model 20” over coffee this morning. I’m reading where it was apparently manufactured in the Philippines and sold in US discount stores throughout the 70’s. Reviews seems mixed–some say they acquired the nickname “Jamm-O-Matic” while others claim that theirs has been reliable for years. Apparently there was a recall of these once upon a time, but not for any model with the serial number included in the police report.

    I guess I was curious about the gun because what I’m hearing from people with greater gun knowledge that I have is that a “good” long gun isn’t “supposed” to leave any gunshot residue on the hands–if there is residue, that is supposedly indication of a crack or leakage coming from that end of the barrel down where the trigger is located. (Sorry, I’m not a gun expert–I don’t know the names of all of these various parts.) This, though, would beg the question–was the gun tested for any such leakage upon firing? I wouldn’t know.

    I’m more confused by the chronology here–the dates on these documents are weird:

    11/20/78–Busch’s body found; date on handwritten report. Autopsy conducted same day.
    11/29/78–Complaint status closed–“all evidence and information indicate suicide”–typewritten report
    12/6/78–Results from test firing of shotgun
    12/12/78–“.22 Cal. Rifle To Be Given to Bloomfield Twp. Police [signed] N.L. Busch”
    12/13/78–Complaint status “closed” (typewritten report)
    12/22/78–“Evidence placed in firearms locker”
    12/26/78–“Evidence removed from firearms locker”

    My point is that I’m kind of confused as to the chain of custody for this firearm.

    But the bigger thing that leaps out at me is the results of the toxicology report: Busch’s blood-alcohol level was .41? The typical drunk driving threshold is .08; unless it is a clerical error (many people wrongly refer to a .04 BAC as .4) .41 is fairly extreme intoxication–maybe I need to go back and look at the photos, but what I have to wonder about after reading that is whether there was any evidence in the house of that type of drinking binge–empty liquor bottles, urine and/or vomit, smashed or broken items, likely caused by that sort of profound drunkenness.

    1. The whole things confuses me. The maid can’t get in because the door is locked. Charles is notified and calls the police? Would that be your first action? I would be irritated perhaps but, I would get in the car and go let the maid in. I might be pissed at my brother for creating a situation where I need to do this but, I would not call the cops before heading out the door.

      The chain of evidence is bizarre. If the complaint status was closed on 11/29 then again on 12/13, then why collect the gun after the fact? I am confused.

      Toxicology. Wouldn’t a BAC of .41 produce a noticeable odor? Would alcohol poisoning present is someone with that BAC? It’s been awhile since I read the reports, I need to go back and see if that is in there but, I do not remember it.

    2. Decomposition affects BAC. As is obvious, I believe, from the report, the police did no extra investigating on the issue of intoxication. The ME, Sillery, didn’t even attempt to pinpoint an exact date of death. Just listed date/time Busch was found.

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