I know I have posted portions of the Bloomfield Township PD’s report on Christopher Busch’s alleged suicide before.  It just seems like it might make sense to publish the entire report (entire report given pursuant to FOIA request, that is) again.  Yes, a lot will stand out.  Check out that little hand-written “receipt” signed by H. Lee Busch, Chris’ dad.  I’m sorry, I can’t handle the difference in treatment between people who live in high-rent districts and those who live everywhere else.  I’ll say it again–Charles Nels Busch, sole living relative of Chris Busch, whether or not he was the OCCK; you should make an anonymous donation to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for $4 million dollars.  You know what he did and how many boys he did it to.  The dirty money you inherited from a man who also knew what was going on and who took steps to hide it and shut down victims should in part be paid in memory of those who were victimized because your family kept their mouths shut.  Keep what you earned on your own, in spite of keeping your mouth shut and allowing others to be victimized.  You know you have a big cushion.  Pay off what your family owes to society and to these victims in particular by making an anonymous donation.  How bad could it hurt, given your circumstances?  And we all know you knew or should have known.  Get real.  You live two blocks from Hunter Maple Pharmacy and right by Poppleton Park.  YOU NEVER WENT TO THE COPS.  Kept your damn mouth shut because your brother never got to your seven-year-old son.  Like he did to your nephews.  See what happens when you stay silent?

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It just keeps getting better and better.

These documents explain why the batch of black and white photos and the lab report on the ropes/ligatures were sent to my Dad in August 2012.

A later FOIA response by the MSP–Busch “suicide”–click on photos and scroll down for comments

Some of the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene