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    Now that this information is out there, what does Oakland County task force say about this vehicle and did Christopher Busch or any of his slimy cohorts ever have a vehicle that matches this description registered in their names? That to me is the million dollar question that they need to follow up on and reveal this information to the public so that the people that are currently sitting their quiet butts in jail will squirm! They need to have the pressure put on them as they are quickly aging!

    Jessie Kanehl jrkanehl60@aol.com

  2. jKaneh, my thoughts exactly. Did busch or his friends own a Pontiac Lemans and if so did the Michigan State police ever trace the VIN numbers on this car? It just might still exist as that car is considered a collector car as a GTO clone.

  3. I can’t answer as to whether Busch or cohorts had cars like these. However, the diligent effort by Jack Kalbfleisch to make the authorities aware of on this was summarily buried.The information was out there back then, just seems no one wanted to see it. It wasn’t a blue Gremlin, after all, and a lot of wor and money had been spent chasing a blue Gremlin.

    1. The fact that Det. Garry Gray with the MSP vehemently, cavalierly and rudely dismissed Jack Kalbfleisch’s attempts to reach out to the task force after it had been “rejuvenated” in 2005 was the most obvious indicator that the MSP was simply babysitting “The Babysitter” case. Remember, Lt./Det. Kalbfleisch was someone who actually worked on the case back in the day–why wouldn’t the “task force” be reaching out to those who had worked the case and starting back at the very beginning?! That’s when I knew, well-before I had ever heard the name Chris Busch (although I had by then heard the name John Hastings), that this case reeked of incompetence (at best) and malfeasance (at worst). The MSP thinks we are all idiots.

  4. Would it be true to say that a blue Gremlin was spotted only in connection with Tim’s disappearance and was never linked in any way to the other victims or events?

  5. One of Busch’s nephews told investigators that Busch drove him to Timothy King’s abduction site and remarked eerily: “He was standing right there when he was taken.”

    “It wasn’t until later that it dawned on me … I wondered if he had something to do with it,” the nephew told authorities.


    Who is this nephew?

      1. Go to bottom of article and near the bottom is a botton to press to see comments. Read that guys comments. I think he was in chris buschs car as a kid.

      2. This is what he said:

        When I was 15 I hitchhiked all over wayne co. I was picked up by a guy in a white boniville who asked me to look at pictures he had of kids tied down on top of red ant hills. He then asked me if I would do this to him if he payed me. I got scared and hopped out of the car when we stoped at a traffic light. I remember he had a back seat full of newspapers and from my memory( which is pretty good) he looked just like this bearded guy that shot himself. I have always wondered if this could have been the guy who was killing these kids. It was in 1977 and I have never forgotton this experiance.

    1. Mike, the nephews (sons of John Scott Busch and his wife, both deceased) are Scott and Brent. I used to know the answer to this kind of stuff off the top of my head, but don’t remember which nephew it was. Both were interviewed by the “task force” post-2005. I’ve read the transcripts; it’s crazy, but I only have portions of the FOIA documents from the MSP. My Dad has sent me portions at a time. I wish I had pushed harder to get a full set for my own “library.” I don’t know if I have that transcript in my document collection. I feel like I lost a few years of my life pouring through this stuff, which triggered PTSD symptoms. I have this at arm’s length right now because I have a life outside of this nightmare and because both my kids have huge milestones on the very near horizon and I want to be in the present moment.

      Suffice it to say that both of these men are still alive–one of very few living relatives of Chris Busch. Chris’ parents, H. Lee Busch and Elsie Niemi Busch, died in 2001 and 2003, respectively. Three of their sons predeceased them–Chris, David and John. Those still living include: Chris’ brother, Charles Nels Busch; his wife Nancy; their son Alexander; Chris’ nephews Scott and Brent (sons of John), and a great-granddaughter, Samantha (presumably daughter of Alexander, given what I read in the transcripts of interviews with Scott and Brent). The FBI interviewed Charles and Nancy and the task force interviewed Scott and Brent. John Hastings, a neighbor of Busch’s who was the same age and a suspect, has also been interviewed, as was his mother and one of his sisters. He has living siblings, too. Nobody is saying shit. Go figure.

      And, as has been pointed out–an important point–there is an Arthur Busch, an attorney in Genessee County, who is no doubt a distant relative. No, I haven’t contacted him. And I’m not going to until the important and happy events unfolding in my life get some traction. I’m not a cop. I have no police powers. Some day I will document the bullshit I have gone through since 2005 in great detail. But a few years ago I realized how much power these fuckers in control in Oakland County(then and now) have over what will (not) be done. All that’s left is to reveal those details. Why is that relevant? Because this shit still goes on today and next time it could be YOU. I have to be patient. These people want us to bang our heads against the wall until we are incoherent. I’m pulling back and pacing myself. The lesson in Oakland County–if you are a victim, be prepared to investigate your own case.

      Yeah, the nephew not only said this shit, he told his parents this when he was in his early 20’s and they said, in predictable fashion, some version of “don’t you talk about your Uncle Chris that way.” Ok, Uncle Chris that molested you–but he would never murder anybody, right??! And guess what? They never talked about it again. This is the story that is repeated over and over and over again in every familial molestation situation. Keep your mouth shut. So others can be victimized.

  6. I think we’re on to something here because this could be a lead to scientific evidence. It’s often been said that the only way to solve this case is by scientific evidence.

    Would anyone care to post pictures of a 1972 GM Pontiac LeMans as a reminder on what this car looks like?

    Also what about color? I don’t think I’ve read on what color this 1972 Pontiac LeMans was.

    Either way it’s a good start to start taking the evidence into our own hands if we know the police aren’t going to do it.

    One way to do this is to create our own poster of the other possible cars involved, especially a 1972 LeMans. And possibly hanging the posters at the areas involved in the kidnappings, such as the shopping center at Maple/Woodward and Seven Elevens in Berkley and I think Ferndale at 9 Mile/Pinecrest and explaining that this is the car or cars that were possibly involved in the Oakland County Child Killer case.

    Unfortunately I think we’re going to have to take drastic measures such as this in order to keep this case alive and remind people of the real facts. It starts with ideas and words such as information about the 1972 LeMans as a likely lead to solving this case. But if it’s not followed up by action then it seems to not go very far.

  7. Mike- Concerning the comment from the kid who accepted a ride: This person surfaced ,the first time, several years ago. I remember the scenario presented and when asked further, his story decomposed into other stuff. I’m not saying there isn’t validity there, just saying I remember this person from way back.

    1. Which is why i think cathy or her dad should reach out to art and just ask him if hes related to chris busch and if so what memories he has. He might have grown up around gregory greene too. Just to see if theres any insite that might help these cases.

      1. Assuming it’s the same Art Busch, might as well ask him about defending D. E. Bennet against CSC charges.

    1. He is indeed. He has been in touch many times over the past six years and has been a big help. The MSP shut him out, of course, rather than benefit from his knowledge about the case.

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