Bill Shaffer we know what you were up to, you monster.

Two weeks ago tonight, when my family was together celebrating a big life achievement of some of our clan, you had already been sentenced earlier that day to 48 months in prison, a fine of $7,000, and 10 years of supervised release following release from prison, for charges related to child pornography.  This creep basically lived in our neighborhood; lived very close to our high school; was in his early/mid-30’s when the OCCK murders took place from 1976-1977, took photos of my brothers’ baseball and other sports teams (you mother-fucking piece of shit).  I will have more to say about Bill after this post, but for now know that this son of bitch came from privilege, like Chris Busch, John Hastings, Richard Hojnacki and, for that matter (and far beyond any of these freaks), Francis (Frank) Shelden (Torrey or whatever-the-fuck he changed his name to), and all of them lived in or around the area known as Bloomfield Village, MI.  His father was an allergist.  All these fucks lived in the area around Seaholm High School.  Google Oakland County, MI, and see what is said about that area of the country.  Not exactly tough-sledding.  Like the rest of these scumbags, he abused that privilege beyond what we think of when we think of slackers in their twenties who suck off their parents’ tits.  He skated the way these other sons of bitches did, and as also able to avoid the long arm of the law.  And that meant many, many boys (and girls–sorry, Katie M., wake up), got fucked.  Literally.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog, I realize.  Here’s the deal.  I’ve had some amazingly big and happy events in the past few months and this blog and any OCCK stuff can ruin me for days, even when I feel good about pulling of a post.  No way, in light  of the fact that absolutely nothing in this case happens quickly (let’s be real, it’s been over 37 years), I was going to let this overtake my joy in my present, day-to-day life.  This shit fucked me upon 2006, and it has taken me a long time to find a way to deal with it in my present, more important, life.  And, to be honest, when push comes to shove, people who want me to post daily or weekly, don’t give a shit about my day-to-day life.  I can’t answer all your emails, as much as I appreciate them and the effort it took to send them.  I also don’t have police powers and I only trust one cop, who only has so many hours in one day, and that’s where I send any info I find remotely plausible or actionable.  If you knew how many truly sleepless nights I had between 2006 and 2010 (when I finally, finally accepted how very fucked up and almost impossible this situation is and how hopeless some of my efforts had been),  you would cut me some slack, I think.  So, here we are.

So, let’s review a little about Bill Shaffer, the Birmingham, MI resident and ex-child protective worker and boys sports photographer, in his early 70’s, who was arrested almost a year ago on federal child porn charges.   Old Bill has been in the system for many months after an Information was filed in US District Court charging him with receipt and possession of child porn.  This freak was the son of a local allergist.  For my friends in my current neighborhood, this fucker would have lived in one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in Naperville.  You get the picture.  And actually, you really should, considering the following: ; and (priest ended up in Warrenville, IL).  Wake up and smell the coffee.

Old Bill has been in the system for many months since his arrest.  In fact, his name kept popping up in search terms used to reach my blog, as I noted in a post in April 2014, many months after I first mentioned this worthless piece of shit.  Maybe it was his attorney checking to see what I had on the guy   Maybe it was concerned cohorts who were worried about what old Bill might be saying to try to lighten his sentence.  Don’t worry, you monsters.  Like Ted Lamborgine, it appears Shaky is enough of a pussy to never say a word about anything, ever.

Most of us who are close to this case and honest enough to speak up about it (which excludes any LE from Oakland County–and yeah, you can all rot in Hell with the numerous pedophiles and people close to them who know WTH happened in these cases), know there were exceedingly wealthy men in Oakland County back in the 1970’s who got their fill of child porn and pedophelia (can you say “boys’ camp”??!!) thanks to people like Frank Shelden, Dyer Grossman, “Adam Starchild,” Chris Busch, Greg Green, Ted Lamborine, David Norberg, Richard Hojnacki, John Hastings, and probably Shaky Bill Shaffer.  It’s not a far stretch to conclude that these pieces of shit (many of whom are dead), had some idea who the OCCK was.  It is now also obvious that none of law enforcement was able to “penetrate” this hellish circle to advance the OCCK investigation because it would reveal or get too close to the predilections of these wealthy, sick, and awful monsters who did whatever they wanted to whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted.

So, Bill, we all know you are a pussy and that you did not speak up back in the day and you will never speak up now.  How dare you see my living brothers on the street over the decades and say hello to them?!  Oh, I know, everyone is entitled to a defense.  But I’m an attorney, big boy, and I know plenty of criminal defense attorneys who, early in their careers, drew the line at kid-diddlers.  Kid rapists.  Child porn users or makers.  They won’t represent men like you because they don’t want you sitting on their office furniture while they think of their own children at home.

I have more to say about your attorney and the long, very sad historical past his law firm has with kid-diddlers, Shaky.  I will save that for another post.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in them when it comes to this shit, Shaky.

These pieces of shit are cautionary tales, whether they “fit the profile” of the child torturer/rapist/murderer known as the OCCK.  Don’t turn your back on them, ever, anybody.  Not after 48 months, not ever.  Trust me, their silence and their cowardice cost kids their souls if they lived, and I am convinced that when it comes to these animals in Oakland County, it cost some kids their lives.  Your cowardice and silence cost some kids their LIVES, Shaky.

Next up, I’ll talk about Bill’s past and his attorney, David Burgess.  As for my commenter, I get that someone who knows a criminal–knows him outside of the crimes he has committed–but has not been victimized by him, might have compassion for him.  Compassion is good.  Especially after a person has served a very long portion of his sentence and has expressed some degree of genuine remorse.  Maybe Bill expressed remorse.  I don’t know.  Hey, David–is that in your family’s law firm playbook?  Shaky got a light sentence, all things considered.  How would you feel if you had a son that had been groomed, photographed and abused by Shaky?  I know you will argue all he did was look at photographs of naked boys, but do you really think that’s what’s gone on over all these decades?  In 49 months this monster is back on the streets.  And what makes him a monster in the worst way?  The fact that you think he’s harmless.  Good luck, Oakland County.

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  1. bitamoney says:

    Of COURSE they know what happened. And it’s not too late to communicate with “the priest” , as I have suggested a few times. I just need to know where he is.

  2. Mark King says:

    From Shaffer’s Child Porn Complaint:

    Among the hundreds of child porn DVD’s – including ‘Extremely Sticky Water Wiggles Going Commando’, ‘What the Peeper Saw/Night Child’, and ‘Rascals in Action’, the investigators also found:

    20. A police report dated October 15, 1987, alleging Shaffer sexually molested a boy 8 or 9 years old, when Shaffer was a Child Protective Services employee (Nice hire, guys! Who in the hell is screening your potential employees?).

    Inspectors did contact the victim, who confirmed he was molested by Shaky, but did not want to be interviewed.

    24. “A review of Shaffer’s evidence also revealed the presence of sexual stories about children. One story, for example, describes a seventh grade boy being abducted, molested, and sodomized. It is unclear if this story was created by Shaffer however, the story references Michigan State University and 16 Mile Road. Shaffer’s residence is located just south of Maple Road. Maple Road is referred to as 15 Mile Road at various locations in Southeast Michigan”.

    Point #24 should be very disturbing on so many fronts. Tim was taken from 15 Mile Road. Bill Shaffer lived close to all those scumbag families Cathy mentioned above. Shaky was represented by the disgusting law firm of Burgess and Burgess. Jane Burgess’ son represented Billy Boy. Jane Burgess represented the convicted child molester Chris Bush back when he admitted to polygrapher Larry Wasser that he was involved in Tim’s abduction / murder.

    You can’t tell me that all these creeps, who lived in the same neighborhood, at the same time, had no idea who each other were.

    • Judi Coltman says:

      Oh, they knew, Mark. That’s the really gross thing. We lived in a place that was relatively small, and evidently upholding a safe, happy and friendly persona was way more important than acknowledging our trash and taking it out.

  3. Tom says:

    I never saw anything in the news about Shaffer’s trial or plea deal. I couldn’t find anything on goggle about. Do you have a link or something I can look up. Keep up the fight, and keep us informed. I think the answers are somewhere in the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office, the investigation needs to be moved on.

  4. Bionda says:

    I just want you to know that EVERY time I see your Dad on tv being interviewed it literally makes me cry…he has done such an amazing job for his son seeking justice. We live amongst such corruption in government, what they have done and continue to do is just disgusting. I think of your brother every time I drive thru Birmingham and wish for justice to give you all the peace you deserve, especially your Dad. Bless you all and Timmy.

  5. Lilly Elizabeth says:

    In your list of inhuman baby raping pigs, you left out Reverend Louis Redmond from the Cass Methodist Church where he and Lawson and many more child protection workers and police gathered together very vulnerable boys to be shipped off to the burbs. The Church also had a camp out in Pontiac used for special parties.

  6. T says:

    Cathy, Still no more information on Bill’s 2013 charges online. Do you have any update? I believe he died 3/27/19 and when I searched court cases and reached out to courts no one had him in their files. Was he ever arrested? I think not! Help?

    • cathybroad says:

      U.S. v. Shaffer, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Case No. 2:13-mj-30410, filed July 1, 2013, charged with receipt and possession of child pornography. Federal court.

  7. Anonymous says:

    was this Loser ever an employee of the “Big Three” also? Let us Hope this is not the same POS. If it is…then this person should not be in a position where “child stats” are readily available. If it isn’t…My apologies to this W.S. Still should be checked out.

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