June 16, 2012 Detroit Free Press Series on the OCCK by David Ashenfelter

Two years ago today, now-retired reporter David Ashenfelter began his series of articles on the Oakland County child killings in the Detroit Free Press.  I thought he did an amazing job with the information.  I’m going to post a few links to the series, because he did such a good job distilling the massive amounts of information known up to that point.  Before you check them out, consider that TWO YEARS have passed, and Oakland County has done what it does best–nothing.  They know what the MSP and Berkley, MI PD of the late 1970’s knew:  Just weather a little bad publicity, say nothing, and eventually the public will move on and forget.  




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  1. jkaneh says:

    You can post.

    I don’t even have to read the articles because I have read them all. Yes two years later and all that grand jury hoopla and a big fat NOTHING!!!



  2. jkaneh says:

    It is so frustrating.



  3. cathybroad says:

    From an email my brother sent me tonight. He’s right on.

    “Good blog entry on the Ashenfelter articles. I just reread them and this quote from [L. Brooks] Patterson jumped out at me:

    ‘I think it’s a tragedy these families are getting older and will pass away without having a moment’s peace with this thing.’

    Note the certainty in his statement; it’s not, ‘these families are getting older and might pass away’ or ‘these families are getting older and will probably pass away,’ but ‘these families are getting older and will pass away without having a moment’s peace with this thing.’

    How might he have such certainty? Paging Dr. Freud.”

    • mike06181 says:

      It is a shame l brooks. Maybe you can come clean with what you know. A death bed confession maybe. Your time is coming you are old and wont live forever. You know more than you have said. Come clean L.

  4. bitamoney says:

    To read that LE threw out the bullet casing and the ropes found in Buschs’ bedroom, just because he “passed” a lie detector test is appalling. Polygraphs aren’t even admissible in court. Everybody knows that. But it’s reason enough to throw out physical evidence? Appalling.

  5. uncleholmes says:

    Cathy, it was so sad seeing those pictures of your mom walking out of the morgue after identifying Tim’s body. That had to be so horrible.

    Also, it just seems odd to me that the original OCCK task force ended just one month after Busch’s suicide. Could be just a coincidence. But it’s almost like they knew he was the killer and didn’t want to get embarrassed by letting him off the hook.

    Just my thoughts. Anyone go ahead and feel free to give your thoughts on the task force ending one month after Busch’s death or on any of the pictures from the articles.

    • mike06181 says:


      Who has the funeral book from your brothers funeral? The condolences book.

      If you have access to it have you checked the names of those who signed it for newer known names of the pediphyle ring?

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