V is for Vendetta

It takes two prosecutors in court to beat up an 83-year-old victim.  The prosecutor asked for sanctions against my Dad, but didn’t get them.   Prosecutor Kaelin lied in court about the two different copies of the order their office fabricated to close an earlier case brought by my Dad.  Said the two were filed in different months, but they were dated the same.  Obviously, one was fabricated.  The best part?  The quote from the prosecutor saying this is just my Dad’s vendetta against the Prosecutor Cooper.  These people don’t get it and shouldn’t have the power they do.  It’s the reason nobody was charged back in the day and part of the reason the kids who were kidnapped and murdered in Oakland County in 1976 and 1977 will never have justice.


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  1. Well who the hell wouldn’t be angry and God help the victimized parents who don’t have King’s strength. BTW Prosecutors: Do you really want to go down in history as being one of the losers who helped with this cover up? Do you want your great grandchildren to avoid mentioning you? Find some cohones, one of you, and put an end to this disgrace.

    1. I have to believe that at some point the lid will blow. It’s not just Karma, but inevitability, human weakness (god, you people are so weak it’s amazing you have gotten so many passes!) and almost physics. When that happens, all of you who turned a blind eye, passed the buck, shrugged it off with the idea that “people forget,” so you could go on with your life or get promoted, continue to straighten your tie in the mirror, kiss your wife goodnight and forget about this by consoling yourself that more kids didn’t get tortured and killed, will get covered in taint. If you are gone, your family, friends and associates will deal with the fall-out. I know quite a few people know what the deal is and have for decades. You’ve had a great run–almost 40 years–but fair is fair. You will go down eventually and so will the people who covered for you. F is for Fair. P is for Patience. It will happen.

  2. now a days the forensics labs can do alot more if they still have dna samples they may be able to connect gunnels to those cases …i’m so certain it was busch and gunnels i saw with the stebbins kid that day …….and that gunnels guy is still alive although now in jail for an unrelated case they need to question him again about that day he and his buddy busch kidnapped the stebbins boy ………best always and again so sorry the pain you been going through all these decades

  3. Somehow someway this case needs to get into the National Media or get Geoff Fieger involved. Its the only way it can finally be solved. Jessica Cooper and her cronies need to be exposed in the National Media for what they have done. Its been almost 40 years, how long are we going to let these people get away with this?

  4. What are the Wayne Cty. people doing? The Vega was seen at an address in Livonia, in Feb. of 75, on a Sunday night.

  5. They will never let it be a matter of public record, that while a network of powerful people, to avoid an epic scandal covered for a network of powerful pedophiles, a killer of little kids slithered in around and through them all. There is so much dirt and blood on so many hands it will never wash off or come clean. May anyone with a sliver of doings in these horrific crimes and cover-ups rot on every level.

  6. I would like to watch the documentary Decades of Deceit, but can’t find it anywhere. Is available online anywhere for streaming or by hard copy?

    1. Hi–send your mailing information to The Tim King Fund, c/o 1509 Yorkshire Rd, Birmingham, MI, 48009. A $25 donation to The Tim King Fund is requested. Thanks.

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