Certainty, in the way of DNA evidence, is probably now not possible. The Oakland County Prosecutor and the MSP must take some sick solace in that fact. Evidence was mishandled, misfiled, extinguished in testing—and used in the MSP’s goddamn Post Training for god’s sake. I know some of you who were exposed to this “training” are out there—how about a response confirming what we family members know took place?? These cases were so beyond solving (for many reasons your education would not dare cover), they let you play with the evidence and have your “projects” be about this case. How do I know? One of my family members crossed paths with someone at work who was talking about this “project.” She knew, as a few of us did at that time, about what had surfaced about Busch, Green and Gunnels. We were playing ball with police then, keeping silent about everything we had told them about, but we laughed to ourselves when we thought of contacting this guy and asking “hey, do you want to get an “A,?” and filling him in on what we had learned from others, which had been withheld from us all of these years.

Someone close to this case, with great knowledge of it, who is not a cop, told me “the case is at a tipping point. Public interest will push the case forward.” I believe this, and I think it will be sooner rather than later.

There were a number of animals involved in these crimes. Multiple people, multiple cars, multiple relatives and associates who should have come forward with information. NO ONE HAS BEEN RULED OUT in this case. Why? Because no one can be ruled out due to shoddy investigative practices, failure to follow up, failure to preserve evidence. How about the creeps who were at the American Legion Hall when Mark Stebbins was there with his Mom and then asked, and got permission to, walk home in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. Did anybody ever circle back with these fucks when other kids went missing? These were not brain surgeons. They were losers and criminals. They spent the rest of their lives (or are still living) free. For decades, investigative bias prevented a return to these freaks named in tips after Mark went missing, but before other kids were murdered.

Over the past few years, a few people have emailed me telling me they struggle living with what they know and the fact that police dismiss them time and again. Their struggle is intensified by the fact the police will not only not investigate their allegations, but dismiss them as nuts. Had those who spoke up when they should have been listened to back in the day, like other tipsters who thought their information was taken seriously and actually investigated, we might not be where we are today. That said, a lot of information was given to police but lost in the travesty that is investigative bias. Time intensifies errors and omissions in these kinds of cases.

Police and prosecutors wield vast and basically unregulated power. Kind of like a serial killer. When we first learned about the resurrection of the OCCK task force in the mid-2000’s and then watched in horror as the truth about that investigation came out bit by bit, one of my brothers and I exchanged notes about nightmares we were having. They were about cops, not killers. I am not kidding.

So, just for now, here are a few rough and brutal observations about why these cases will never be solved. I know I have a lot of catching up to do here, including a good number of posts about John McKinney, who should not be overlooked in our discussions. But for now, here are the problems as I see them:

–There were a lot of animals involved in child porn and pedophilia in Oakland County, MI, back in the day, and many of them were “upstanding” citizens who would protect their reputations at any cost.

–The silence of people with knowledge and the level of police work done on the murder of Mark Stebbins, resulted in at least three more murders. Nobody is going to come clean about that.

–People with money and influence were involved and applied pressure to the prosecutor’s office then and now.

–No police agency, especially the Michigan State Police, is going to be excited about solving crimes that will expose their misfeasance or malfeasance.

–It seems clear that there was an effort by people who could get away with it to rid Oakland County of scum pedophiles by way of “suicide.” There were numerous questionable suicides of men between the ages of 25 and 50 during the relevant time period. Somebody thought that was the only answer and there is no way LE is going to touch any of those cases, even if a careful reexamination would lead to information about the OCCK murders.

Again—public interest will push this case forward. Can’t live with yourself because of the knowledge you have? I believe it. Afraid of the cowards who are still alive and still somehow threaten you? Turn them in. They are now old and weak and they are still worthless. They deserve exposure and arrest. When this all blows—and it will, eventually—your name will be added to the list of people who contributed to the decades of silence unless you speak up. And that includes law enforcement that turned the other way. This is the most shameful case ever. Podcasts about “standard” murder cases are nothing compared to this case. This case is the most rotten serial murder case in U.S. history.

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  1. I sure hope you are right that this case is at the tipping point and the people are ALL exposed for the information they refused to share. My prayers always.



  2. It was James Lossing….Mt Clemens….killed by police in the act of raping a child…a policemans son…1978…look into it…James Lossing

  3. I agree with this statement by you: ” This case is the most rotten serial murder case in U.S. history.” It’s very diabolical and represents an extreme low point in the course of humanity. The case of the Grimm sisters in the 50’s was very very low too. There was one terrible spree that came before it too, that occurred in the same area. I’m sorry that you and your family have to keep reliving this nightmare and sadly there is evidence that shows that the ‘powers that be’ haven’t been forthright with everyone. I hope that you’ll find the time to check out what the good people at Abel Danger have to say about the pedophile network. While their area of study isn’t the OCCK case in particular, they’ve tracked out a pattern of criminal operations and cases that run very parallel to the OCCK case. Once you follow what they’re saying, you’ll know what happen to the OCCK victims and why. Most Americans, as well as many people in many countries know that there is something terribly wrong with our country these days. Please remember that there are literally millions of people in the world that are good people that never cause serious trouble and most of them never will cause trouble. Sadly, real trouble is caused by a severe minority of human beings. However, people that go along with the ‘conspiracy to cover’ are morally not much better than the actual killers themselves. Perhaps this is one of the ways our maker tests us. Human life is relatively short when compared to eternity. The killers and those that cover for them, will pay, of that you can be sure. Count your blessings and try to enjoy the gift of life. BTW, I do admire you dad’s tenacity.

  4. I think your probably right. “Important people” is probably the reason it has not been solved suffciently. I always wondered if there was a CYO sports connection as well.
    Excellent article and I hope for your families sake and the other families this does get more light cast on it.

  5. I agree with you, Cathy, and I believe the main reason this case has not been solved is the strong influence and power yielded by those involved and those associated with these monsters. To have had an island where children were flown in for these sick bastards to do as they wished is just a small part of how large and powerful this group is. If they were able to do this on that level, and for as long as they did only shows how big this pedophile ring truly is. And I say “is” because it obviously continues to this day. They may have shut down the island, but not all those who funded it’s secrets and influence to the level it had reached.

    Being a children services worker for 12+ years opened up my eyes to the wide range and type of sick harm that people are willing to do to helpless children. That insight also showed me what law enforcement is willing to let pass by without taking the action needed to end it. Only because those involved were considered to be influential members of the community. I was often told it was because they didn’t see the value of going forward. To me, they are worse because they have that power.

    I believe too that there will be a time when the evidence needed comes forward. This is a fight well worth continuing. Certainly well worth any risks in order to help those who could fall victim to these animals again. I am very proud of your family’s efforts to keep this investigation open, and moving forward. Please know that we are here with you.

  6. Cathy, I have ALWAYS maintained that people know. I have always maintained that flying your war standards in public, i.e., making a racket, will bring the solution to light. How about spending a couple grand on a billboard saying We Have Information about OCCK. Does Anyone Want To Listen? The media will not ignore it. The population of Detroit will talk about it. National media will ask about it. Let those who are bothered by what they know put up a beacon and get it over with. P.S. Although DNA may be compromised, if Gunnels’ stuff is in there or anybody else’s IT CAN’T BE ERASED. Just muddied up.

  7. This has to just about make you sick. I found this in an article from a few years ago when I Googled Ray Anger (cop from Berkley who was the “face” of the investigation back in 77-78). I have no idea how this never made it to the mainstream press:

    The biggest frustration for Jack Kalbfleisch, retired Birmingham chief of detectives, was the task force’s fixation on the blue Gremlin to the exclusion of the car that Kalbfleisch and others said likely was used in the abductions — a 1971-72 Pontiac LeMans with a V8 engine.

    Kalbfleisch said he and an FBI agent spent months figuring out what type of vehicle had backed into a snowbank and left an impression on the dead-end lane in Franklin where Kristine’s body was found.

    With the help of a University of Michigan photo interpreter and GM, Kalbfleisch said they identified a LeMans, with damage to the driver’s rear side and a crooked trailer hitch.

    A motorist spotted a LeMans creeping along the shoulder of I-75 north of Big Beaver in Troy the morning Jill’s body was found there.

    Another driver said he saw a 1973 LeMans in a drugstore parking lot around the time Timothy disappeared. He said a suspicious looking older man was sitting inside the car, while a young man was talking to a boy with an orange skateboard.

    “I’m still upset about it,” Kalbfleisch fumed last month. He said the task force was hindered by preconceived notions and, to some degree, incompetence.

    “Had the story gotten out, somebody — a gas station attendant, mechanic or someone else — might have spotted that car,” he said.

    1. Your comment is common knowledge amungst those who follow the case but sadly not the general public who are still looking for the blue gremblin.

      This case was closed up by those involved with some murders/ suicides of lose ends who made thier child porn ring come too close to the mass public because of the OCCK cases. They had to put a end to it and they sure did and bury it all forever!

      1. I was out of town when Ray Anger passed away earlier this year. I happened to be out of state spending time with a retired judge who was active in Oakland County during the OCCK years and knew Ray Anger somewhat. I made a comment that “Ray Anger was dirty and has blood on his hands for his role in the investigation”, and I thought the judge would come down on me and defend Anger, but he just kind of looked at me, then looked away, and nothing else was said.

  8. Cathy you and your family are in my prayers daily and your father is a hero to all of us.
    As i have said many many times in previous posts, this case somehow needs to get into the National Media, its the only way it ever had a chance to be solved. Its been almost 40 years since these crimes took place and every day that goes by without this case being in the public eye is a waste. Billboards, National Talk Shows, Geoffrey Fieger, If Hollywood could make a movie -George Clooney seems like a decent person, it needs National Exposure. These monsters like Jessica Cooper will only dance when pressure is put on them. I was 11 years old when these crimes happened and living in Southfield and they happened all around me at places my parents took me to as a kid. These games by Jessica Cooper and the Michigan State Police must stop now!!!

    1. Give it to Dick Wolf, producer of Law and Order: SVU. He would bring this case to the forefront with Kim Worthy and Mariska Hargitay’s recent work together on rape test kits.

  9. I left you a message in your ‘Other’ Messages on FB a while back. I talked to MI PA office and told to write it all down and they’ll get back with me..,after I explained everything I knew. Then I called an acquaintance, the oldest Oakland County police officer, to get his help. I was told to start at Berkeley. I called MBI and was told they wouldn’t take the case because I was not the victim (like the victim who has Stockholm Syndrome is going to say anything). I called a friend/officer down in Atlanta. He told me there was nothing he could do. All any of these people had to do is look up the perps employment history, since he worked all around Michigan. In all this, I found out through the victim, the police questioned the perpetrator on his death bed (he is dead now, thank God). On an odd note, I had been doing genealogy for the victim and had saved and viewed Census’ from NC on the perpetrator. I am no longer able to view the most important census (the perp is “adopted”) anymore. It just shows up as ‘no image available’.

    1. Cathy:

      Was this directed to me? Also did you see the other message I left? I have some info that may be of help to you and your dad. Feel free to get in touch with me.

  10. Cathy: I have some info that may be helpful to you and your Dad’s quest for justice. I have very extensive experience dealing with Oakland County’s much less than reputable law enforcement agencies, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Courts If you like, you can reach me at David.McIntyre456987@GMail.com

  11. Cathy, here is a story about another child in Oakland County who was a victim of a crime. Afterwards he was victimized by the police as well as Jessica Cooper.


    On the home page of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office it is stated:

    “The Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office is a team of dedicated professionals committed to seeking justice for all victims of crime and children in need.”

    That statement is an outright lie.

    In my previous post I should have said. I have much not just some info that may be of help to you and your Dad.

    Again, please feel free to get in touch with me as you please.

  12. Cathy,

    I’m a lifelong Birmingham resident and have been following your blog for some months. I went to the Baldwin and Bloomfield libraries trying to find a copy of ‘Portraits in the Snow’, and have not been able to find anything. Do you have a copy, or would you scan and upload it here? Or possibly just the pertinent passages regarding Frank Shelden, et al.? The drawing of the screaming boy on Chris Busch’s bedroom wall literally keeps me up at night – in tears for Tim. I can only imagine your family’s pain.

    1. Hello,

      If you go on the meLCat system online and search for the book, you can request to have a copy sent to your library. Both Baldwin and Bloomfield libraries are listed as participating. Here’s a link: http://mel.org/melcat

      The book is interesting, but because of the tragic subject matter, it is so hard to get through. I cried more than once while reading it. Hope this helps!

  13. Also – I’m dying to read Marilyn Wright’s reporting in the Traverse City Record-Eagle, circa mid- to late-70s I believe, on the N. Fox Island pedophilia ring. Per your FOIA requests (or via some other way), have you been able to come across the articles in full? It would be fantastic if you could reproduce those articles here on the blog. As a fellow Seaholm alum, I keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. We’re they ever able to find the magazine that Kristine purchases at the 7-11? What about rhe candy bar that Timmy purchased at the drug store? Was it ever confirmed that they even made it into the stores or is it just assumed? Is it possible that the creep(s) who killed these kids followed them from their homes?

  15. were there possible other victims who were killed by this group and do you know who they may be? also has anyone contacted victim s who lived ? like the boys in flint? who were paid off by the busch family ? and did the sheldon family pay off any victims?

    1. No way. They couldn’t even get the prosecutors in Ann Arbor and Port Huron to do their jobs and the dog/flood/whatever ate the FBI files on Frank Shelden and Chris Busch. And these rich fucks bought art from Chaplain/Art Dealer/pedophile/cheater John McKinney.

  16. Wow, I just read this chapter and if you look at the reply I made earlier today on your latest entry, you’d think I was plagiarizing from this post. I thought I had read all of your prior blog posts, but I must have somehow skipped this one. Anyway, I fully believe you are on the right track with your ideas about this case, and there are more than a few who should bear eternal shame for their actions or inactions.

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