Snuff Films

This is a comment I received today from a reader.  I think it merits its own posting.  When I first started looking into this case in the mid-2000’s (when I got kicked in the face with the realization of how very wrong this investigation was), I spent some time looking into the world of child pornography, the first federal legislation specifically criminalizing child porn in the late 1970’s, Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards, Adam Starchild and their cronies.  In addition to brief newspaper articles, there were a number of articles written in a wide variety of magazines about the hidden world of child pornography.  Going old school with the Index of Periodicals in a couple different libraries, I read quite a few of them in bound volumes of old magazines.  Believe it or not, in many cases pages were ripped out–the beginning pages where there were redacted photos of kids who had been victimized.  I remember how dizzy and ill I felt when I read about snuff films and considered this possibility in these cases.  The reader commented as follows.  (*I need to point out that the word “queer” does not mean pedophile.  Pedophilia is criminal behavior.  Homosexuality is not.  Lots of mistakes were made in this investigation back in the day because investigators confused homosexuality and pedophelia.  Some people still make this leap in logic, which is unacceptable.  Murderers and pedophiles (most of whom are actually heterosexual) are perverts.  On that, I can agree).

“I would bet big money that the older looking creep that was seen with Chris Busch when he trying to lure your brother Timmy away. Was ARCH SLOAN! Arch Sloan worked In some capacity with cars. In auto repair or a gas station, nonetheless, he had opportunity to use different cars for pedophilic activities. It would be a really good thing if Arch Sloan would give up all of these WEIRDOS. But sicko queers do not like to turn other queers in,because they think that what they do is okay. These two perverted baby killers took all of their directions from Frank Shelden. Frank Shelden, like other pedophiles, uses everybody and everything! Arch Sloan and Chris Busch were Frank Shelden’s personal suckers. Neither one of these men made a dime off of their twisted movies or torture that they put innocent kids through. Frank Shelden took all the snuff movies that these sicko perverts made. Than he fled to Europe. What a sickening PERVERT! I cannot say that his soul will burn in Hell, because these kinds of WEIRDOS would really enjoy this. I just hope that the families of all those murdered kids find peace and justice very soon. My prayers will be with you always. Please do not disclose my name. I know exactly how you feel, as a sicko queer killed my beloved mother. I will never understand how these PERVERTS find any justification in their sick acts. Thanks loads.”

The person asked not to be identified, which of course I respect, and I extend empathy for the death of the person’s mother.  While I was in the comments folder, I found a lot of comments I had not approved and should have.  People send me comments and ask that they be kept private and I try never to make the mistake of posting in that case.  Apparently there were quite a few comments in that folder waiting for “approval” that were not designated private.  I apologize.  The other situation where a comment doesn’t get posted and finds its way into a save folder is when the comment is freak show material.  Rambling stuff that is actually quite disturbing.  Won’t go there, sorry.  As I have posted before, if you want to contact me and do not want your comment or question posted, start the comment with DO NOT POST.  If you want your comment posted but want to make sure your real name isn’t attached, let me know that, too, and I will take care of it.