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This is a comment I received today from a reader.  I think it merits its own posting.  When I first started looking into this case in the mid-2000’s (when I got kicked in the face with the realization of how very wrong this investigation was), I spent some time looking into the world of child pornography, the first federal legislation specifically criminalizing child porn in the late 1970’s, Frank Shelden, Gerald Richards, Adam Starchild and their cronies.  In addition to brief newspaper articles, there were a number of articles written in a wide variety of magazines about the hidden world of child pornography.  Going old school with the Index of Periodicals in a couple different libraries, I read quite a few of them in bound volumes of old magazines.  Believe it or not, in many cases pages were ripped out–the beginning pages where there were redacted photos of kids who had been victimized.  I remember how dizzy and ill I felt when I read about snuff films and considered this possibility in these cases.  The reader commented as follows.  (*I need to point out that the word “queer” does not mean pedophile.  Pedophilia is criminal behavior.  Homosexuality is not.  Lots of mistakes were made in this investigation back in the day because investigators confused homosexuality and pedophelia.  Some people still make this leap in logic, which is unacceptable.  Murderers and pedophiles (most of whom are actually heterosexual) are perverts.  On that, I can agree).

“I would bet big money that the older looking creep that was seen with Chris Busch when he trying to lure your brother Timmy away. Was ARCH SLOAN! Arch Sloan worked In some capacity with cars. In auto repair or a gas station, nonetheless, he had opportunity to use different cars for pedophilic activities. It would be a really good thing if Arch Sloan would give up all of these WEIRDOS. But sicko queers do not like to turn other queers in,because they think that what they do is okay. These two perverted baby killers took all of their directions from Frank Shelden. Frank Shelden, like other pedophiles, uses everybody and everything! Arch Sloan and Chris Busch were Frank Shelden’s personal suckers. Neither one of these men made a dime off of their twisted movies or torture that they put innocent kids through. Frank Shelden took all the snuff movies that these sicko perverts made. Than he fled to Europe. What a sickening PERVERT! I cannot say that his soul will burn in Hell, because these kinds of WEIRDOS would really enjoy this. I just hope that the families of all those murdered kids find peace and justice very soon. My prayers will be with you always. Please do not disclose my name. I know exactly how you feel, as a sicko queer killed my beloved mother. I will never understand how these PERVERTS find any justification in their sick acts. Thanks loads.”

The person asked not to be identified, which of course I respect, and I extend empathy for the death of the person’s mother.  While I was in the comments folder, I found a lot of comments I had not approved and should have.  People send me comments and ask that they be kept private and I try never to make the mistake of posting in that case.  Apparently there were quite a few comments in that folder waiting for “approval” that were not designated private.  I apologize.  The other situation where a comment doesn’t get posted and finds its way into a save folder is when the comment is freak show material.  Rambling stuff that is actually quite disturbing.  Won’t go there, sorry.  As I have posted before, if you want to contact me and do not want your comment or question posted, start the comment with DO NOT POST.  If you want your comment posted but want to make sure your real name isn’t attached, let me know that, too, and I will take care of it.

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  1. Catherine, the sick pedophile rings are still going on;  Investigative journalist Conchita Sarnoff May 21, 2016 interview- tears down pedophile elite in powerful new book Daniel J. Flynn Message Sent Via Mobile Phone

      1. I heard a comment in relation to the Antrim County Airport drug trafficking activity in the 80s’ that was, “when you do it once, you’re in it for life.” That made me think there are always unspoken people left behind and who may still be around with direct experience as a victim, a perpetrator or even an acquaintance of either that go unheard due to the power of fear which lords over peoples’ conscience resulting in silence. I believe that though the locations of illegal activity hopscotch around the people do not yet they most likely are still connected maybe even commuting to the new locations. I believe history bears out the capacity for the depravities of humanity are most influential and perverse among the wealthy and powerful. From reading what is billed as Michigan’s largest unsolved mass-murder, “Death’s Door,” I came away thinking that with the attraction of wealth, power and influence, corruption in any degree can take hold as an orchestrated network any time at any location on the face of the earth. I have been looking for strength in the following quote by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people,” as well as an expansion of the quote in the following link:

        I have 40 plus years of observations, here-say stories and experiences that tell me there are still bad people around causing me to think the boundaries of crime disappear when you’re amongst friends (criminals) and where a culture of criminal activity can become accepted and passed on generationally especially after amassing great wealth. Why would the plane only carry marijuana and not cocaine or today maybe heroin and then stop at the nearest pedophile camp? Or maybe it’s only the flying-atm landing to make a runway loan. Do pedophiles draw the line at drug activity or drug smugglers and money launderers draw the line at pedophilia and vice-versa? There has to be an attorney, an attorney firm or multiples thereof out there in fear of having their files hacked. God Bless the Panama Papers.

        I doubt I have any great lead or direction for you but believe the overlooked northern Michigan connection could at least spread some discomfort for those potentially still around.

      1. It’s like Jane Burgess and Jessica Cooper. Many of these animals or their attorneys have connections. So many prosecutors and others cave to the pressure of power and wealth. If only their loved ones were victims of this type of crime–otherwise, they just don’t get it. And their actions allow predators to victimize many more. That’s on you, not just the predators, you spineless and silent manipulators of “justice.”

      2. Sorry that I just noticed my mistake of using a “K” instead of a “C” in spelling your name on my recent comment.

    1. Just watched the link from Infowars. OMG, it just makes me sick to hear Epstein served only 13 months of a lousy 18 month sentence in a county jail. After all those victims coming forward.

      It reminds me of a case I had as a children services worker in Mecosta County, Michigan in early 2000’s. A prominent city treasurer and her firemen husband were adoptive parents through a private agency. They adopted young girls over several years, and were even PAID thousands of dollars in adoption subsidies, and sexually abused them. On their application for placement of children they even wrote, “Will take female’s who were sexually abused.” Who puts that on an application? (red flag) I was able to have four of the girls removed permanently from these monsters. But a fifth was then an adult and allowed to remain in their care as their guardian, even though she was considered mentally disabled.

      The local prosecutor excused himself from the case altogether since the father was a city fireman, and his office was in charge of “public safety”. An adjoining county prosecutor was assigned, but it was clear he didn’t like having to spend all of his time on our county’s case. The couple used their adoption subsidy monies and influence to hire the best local lawyers who were also their personal friends.

      Long story short, the father was the only one prosecuted for any crime which ended up being only a simple assault charge. He was allowed to resign from his job as a city firemen and sentenced to only 12 months of weekend county jail with weekday work release. There was more than enough evidence to change him with CSC 1st degree, including his own confession, but the prosecutor didn’t want to go to trial. The city treasurer mother never lost her job or was she charged with any crime. She even had the nerve to run for a seat on the local school board in the following years.

      Kathy, as a former Birmingham resident who played hockey with your brothers in your back yard and used to walk to Hunter/Maple Pharmacy as a child, this unsolved case continues to trouble me as well. Keep up your fight. I know it does make a difference. Thank you.

  2. Arch Sloan worked on cars? Where? Was it at the corner of Greenfield and 12mile? I remember a mom and pop repair place there and also a well known body or paint shop there that had a big scandal in the 80’s or 90’s. It was on the Berkley side. I will have to look into it and try to remember why. I think it might have been insurance fraud.

    Well getting back to the mom and pop type repair shop on the corner of Greenfield and 12 mile road. There were some creepy guys working there back in the early 80’s. This was less than a mile from where one of the girls was taken (robinson) at the 711 in Berkley. It was also right down from the other 3 cases. Wouldn’t have been hard to take a customers car for a test ride, and go grab a kid and be back in 30 minutes as long as he had a place to keep kid. Busch house as well as sloans were in this 30 minute area too. To think I lived right down the street from these areas.

    I was maybe 9 or 10 when 2 guys in a van stopped out front of my house in Southfield on Glasgow and tried to approach me (1979-81). I ran to the house and they got back in their can and drove off. I believe it was black or dark color. They laughed as they did and my grandmother had come to door. I knew about the OCCK from living in oak park off Saratoga before moving to grandparents house to live with my dad (parents divorced) in 78 or 79.

    In the 80’s I used to ride my bike around the area never going over the busy intersection of 12 and Greenfield. That repair shop have me the creeps.

    To give some perspective it was on the south West corner of the intersection. Kitty corner from what was the Berkley coney island.

    1. I think we are talking the same place, Mike. I asked my brother, who has met with police over the past few years. They don’t really tell him shit, of course (and why ever ask the public for information–too much work!). My bro said he thought that Sloan worked at a garage at 12 Mile and Telegraph, Inkster or Greenfield. Do you know he called his local PD the night Mark Stebbins went missing to tell them the garage would be open extra-late but not to worry about it, because they had a lot of extra work???? WTF, cops?! As my brother also remarked, don’t send any cops over unless they want to participate. In torture or destruction of evidence.

    1. It was on the Southfield side.

      It was a old gas station so 2 bays and I am sure they could hold someone in the bathroom and no one would know.

      1. It is currently a Walgreens . It was across 12 Miile from what is now a store called Fanatic U that sells sports memorabilia , but at the time it was a donut shop ( cop shop : 0 ) , called Dawn Donuts I think. I grew up in that neighborhood also , but a few years later .I had a similar experience to Mike’s in that around 1981 a man driving a beige colored GM product pulled up alongside me while I was walking down the street to my friends house . The man in the car bore a striking resemblance to Chris Busch, complete with the beard , however this man was not quite as grotesque and not quite as obese as Chris Busch . He asked if I would look at a map on his lap and point out directions . I said no and ran away. I remember it like it was yesterday .

        1. On one corner was dawns donuts, another berkley coney (back then it was a hole in the wall), other corner in Berkley was macco and some other buildings. Last corner was the repair shop

  3. Hey Cathy, in response to your readers comments I can only say that they are about 8 years behind the work that’s already been done. Of course snuff films and child pornography have been explored. I had the police in Belgium search large volumes of child pornography seized there during raids of homes & production studio’s hoping to find pics of our victims faces, to no avail. Your reader talks about how wrong the investigation was, but doesn’t really know anything about what’s been done. Then, he or she stated that it would be good if Arch Sloan would give something up! Boy your reader is brilliant, the dumb fuck is clueless, but talks as if he or she has some idea what they are talking about…I’ve sat across the table from Archie Sloan for many, many hours in prison trying to get him to budge. I had him on two different occasions scared and shaking, but ultimately said he doesn’t know anything. We’ve listened to hours of his jail calls to friends and family hoping for a tidbit that could help. Sorry for the rant, I just get sick of people who think they’re smarter than everyone else. Oh, and I’m sure glad they cleared up the difference between queers and pedophiles. Crap! I had it wrong all this time. I guess I’ll go back 13 years and start over thanks to your reader. Cory

  4. Thomas, When I was walking home in Rosedale Park, circa 1969, a car pulled up from the right as I crossed a neighborhood street. That meant I was facing the driver’s window. He rolled it down and asked for directions on a map. Same stunt. He pulled the map away so I could get a good look at his penis. I guess now that’s a tried and true trick. But I will never forget it and it has made me a cautious and wiser person. Thanks Dude, whoever you were. Asshole.

  5. What I find utterly amazing in all this is that people at GM knew Christopher Busch was at least one killer even as the murders were worsening. I’m sure GM employees were among those in that huge pile of anonymous tips. Anonymous, because that’s what one does in polite society.

    We do know via a commentator here that Chrysler execs knew and shared that knowledge around town. Not good for competition, GM. So GM officially is not connected to these crimes in any way however superficially, because we know that corporations are good people. They were such good people they helped identify one of the cars that allegedly was used in the abductions because that’s what good people do in a polite society.

    We don’t name names in criminal investigations unless we have good cause, because that’s the law and the law reflects polite society. We should keep quiet and mind our own business.

    It’s clear GM acted on both sides of the fence. It would be right and polite if GM released everything it knew about this case. Who knew what and when. Most of all, it should finally name who was responsible for unofficially keeping everything nice and tidy while “helping” the public identify any and all vehicles used in the case. I wouldn’t be at all surprised the state knows exactly who kept a lid on this at GM.

    If GM wasn’t below asking Congress for a bailout it shouldn’t have been too high a wall to scale for it to fully cooperate in the case. For that failure to act alone it shouldn’t have gotten one public red dime. The company collective failed the public so the public should have bailed on it. It just shows the utter lack of leadership and character up and down. For those who did cooperate, you’re vindicated. For those who did not, you are an accessory to murder.

    People never learn the old lesson that there’s a huge price to pay for Keeping Up Appearances. First, that wall is eventually broken, you’re discovered and the act of deception only greatens the original crime. Then, the truth comes out and the next generation has to deal with the fallout.

    But let’s be polite about this. Stuff happens. Let the kids worry about it. After all, we won’t be around when this all comes to light.

    Right. How polite.

  6. Catherine,

    You’ve mentioned in passing your possession of Michigan State Police files on the investigation into the North Fox Island den of vipers – have you made these documents publicly available anywhere? Furthermore, do you have access to Marilyn Wright’s articles in the Traverse City Record Eagle on the case published back in the 70s? After filing my own FOIA requests and talking to the Record Eagle, I’m having trouble getting access to these primary sources myself…

    Thanks for reading and thanks, too, for all the work you’ve done on your brother’s behalf. It takes a special kind of mind to delve into the seedy underbelly of society, and for all the victims of (State-sanctioned) child abuse in this country, those who’ve been touched by such atrocities and are willing to investigate further are still the outlier.

  7. John McKinney had a direct connection to two of the children murdered. He was murdered and not quietly. It was an “in your face” killing. Christopher Busch had the most actual evidence against him. He was murdered – only an idiot would believe the suicide angle. So many other suicide/murders of any player in this ring of monsters, whom, became visible to outsiders. The visibility became clearer because of these child killings. The few in the ring of many who brought all the heat to the door were iced – McKinney and Busch. Others were done-in – suicided, because of their connections to the two – except Hastings – he’s still walking around and was around all of them at Common Grounds – can’t forget Polly’s haunting. As time grew thin almost all of the monsters directly connected to each other died. Make no mistake. There was a ring. It spanned the entire state and beyond. It operated with protection. It was an enterprise. It offered simple cheap, or middle of the road and high-end off the rack merchandise. It also offered to an exclusive group of patrons, a designer set of circumstances and merchandise with no boundaries on the use and disposal of the merchandise. A few of its associates could not control their own impulses, bringing attention to this enterprise. In an attempt to cover up the lucrative and sicko pleasing enterprise and all the very wealthy, respectable, powerful pedophile patrons, the killings of these kids were covered also, intentional or otherwise they got buried in the muck. And it caused the shit show that has been playing now for 40 years.

  8. Gerald Richards. In one of the news articles on Richards, he talked about his ‘partner’, a neighbor boy, who was “genius” in his ability to lure or procure kids for modeling and for sex–Note-I was told this was *Mike Hastings—-I am still waiting for this guy to send me the files and notes–But Interesting Names which he tossed out to me that were not living-*John McKinney– also*Spike Mckinzey (was at one time a best friend of Mr. Kings and was in every organization in Birmingham and spent a lot of time with Tim as his son was a best friend of Tim’s.

    Things he told me about McKinney, that I didn’t know–was that the drawings that were matted and framed on the Busch Home walls, were purchased from McKinney’s Gallery and some were actually done by McKinney – I don’t know when I will be getting the other Info-But will let you know when it gets here—Oh yeah-he said McKinney had owned a motor cycle that was in Chris Busch’s name at the time of Busch’s death.

    McKinney had a 77 Mercury Marquis, dark green 4-door. The car before that was essentially the same thing except it was a 1972.

    Re: John McKinney
    Kim Wickman (View posts)
    Posted: 11 Nov 2006 11:21AM
    Classification: Query
    Try the Baldwin Library in Birmingham:
    They should have the local paper from then.
    Good Luck!john mckinney

    McKinney lived in Clawson. His business was in Birmingham. A long time ago I found that and went to Google and typed in Clawson man murdered 1977. This is what popped up.

    Clawson MI man murdered 1977 classifieds : MAN FROM INTERPOL – RARE 28 EPISODES for …
    Clawson, MI [United States]. Shipping & Handling: $5.95 for the . Seller will ship worldwide. … We value our good reputation having been in the video business since 1977…. THE ART OF MURDER MY BROTHERS KEEPER THE TRAP MISSING CHILD … – Cached – Similar classifieds : MAN FROM INTERPOL – RARE 28 EPISODES for …

    Like the picture which just happened to show him looking at Tim. This find just happened out of nowhere but seem eerily significant.

    1. Lilly, as much as I respect your work these last several years, I have to say the McKinney angle is still all wrong. He was not an artist. He did not frame and sell his own artwork. He did not own or even ride a motorcycle. The connection you infer to Tim and Jill are sketchy at best and Cathy’s neighbor who claims to have seen McKinney wearing a clerical collar is in error, he didn’t own one and never wore one. Sincerely, keep up the good work.


  9. Hey Wilk ,
    I have always enjoyed your writing , both the substance and the prose . Having said that , allow me a few quibbles . Fist , you have always been somewhat of a McKinney apologist and that has not changed . Secondly as you stated that you were a casual acquaintance of McKinney , working briefly in his store and sharing occasional meals and the Landmark , etc , if I remember correctly ,it seems implausible that you should know all the mundane details of McKinney’s existence . All the more so considering that McKinney was a man with much to hide . I don’t think you can say definitively that McKinney never owned a motorcycle , especially given that Chris Busch was the one using the motorcycle .

    Also McKinney wearing a collar was something that he would not want to share with others , considering the inference is that he was posing as a priest to lure children for nefarious purposes. Seems he would keep that information as far away from you as possible , considering that you were not involved with child abuse and etc.

    Best Regards .

  10. thomas,
    can’t think of any apologizing I’ve done on behalf of John McKinney, just trying to see that his name is not dragged through the mud. I was a close friend of his for about four years prior to his death. Never have I stated that we were casual aquaintances. We shared many meals at Spence’s restaurant in Birmingham, occasionally at Peabody’s and at the Somerset Mall. I did not go to the Landmark.
    Please tell me why he was a man with much to hide. He was no saint and he was known to slip around with women behind his wife’s back, that would qualify as something to hide, but being a “man with much to hide” implies more to me than ordinary infidelity.
    I have had 7 or 8 motorcycles in my life, I know bikers, McKinney was no biker. He did not own a motorcycle in the time frame in which I knew him. Why would rich Busch need McK to own a bike for him? Liability issues would preclude McK from being in that kind of situation.
    The collar thing was shared with me because I asked him about it directly and was answered directly. He did not “pose” as a priest.
    I certainly do not know all the mundane details of his existence, have never implied as much, but I do know more than anyone else that has been posting on the internet in reference to his murder. He had nothing to do with the OCCK.


    1. Hi Cary,
      I say that he was a man with much to hide mostly because someone thought it necessary to beat the truth out of him , let him clean up in the bathroom ,perhaps with the hope that he would be coaxed into revealing more and finally kill him . Also people were staking out his building late at night and watching his movements , but he did not see fit to alert the authorities . This indicates a desire to hide . Also there are many coincidences , notably that his son is involved with the fox island light house association aka frank shelden’s former pedophile kingdom of fox island . He was also alleged to have met Tim in person.

      I have no idea why he would buy a bike and put in Chris Busch’s name . It is possible though. To give you an corollary , I own a few racquet ball rackets as well as some billiards items although I partake in neither pastime . As far as liability issues precluding him from being in a situation like that , well all the evidence shows that McKinney wasn’t very good at avoiding liability , as he paid the ultimate price by letting his killers into his building . Thats also a far bigger liability slip up than letting someone ride your bike .

      What was the circumstance that led you to ask him if he wore a collar ??
      Even if he answered in the negative he could be lying .I mean its not a difficult thing to conceal . He could put it on after he left the house or left the general area . I mean if I only wear a hat in certain situations and never in front of my friends , well then they have no idea about it, but i still wear hats .

      Any ideas about his son and the connections to fox island ??

      1. For information on the lighthouse connection, write to H. Joerg Rothenberger CH-8880 Walenstadt Switzerland. He is one of the three co-founders of the Fox Island Lighthouse Association (FILA) and the Webmaster of the organization. I don’t have his email.

        What makes you think he was beaten for a “truth”? Only the killer(s) knows what the whole thing was about.

        It is not a fact that he cleaned up in the bathroom, this idea is only conjecture.

        We do not know whether or not he made any reports to the police in regard to the stalker(s) at the gallery. How can we know that? How would Birmingham police treat a complaint like that anyway? I don’t think they would have done much. And I don’t reject the idea that they were involved in the whole thing.

        Alleged to have met Tim? Maybe yes, maybe no. Cmon. He’s alleged to coincidently be connected to Jill also, by some who are intent on trying to make him the OCCK. Here’s a quote from Lilly, “This absolute connection to at least two of the children is the most anyone has been able to come up with, in all these years. I am now convinced that with a little legal footwork, the police could uncover a connection with the other two children. It must be there. It may already be there but the dots just were not connected.” Absolute connection to Jill? No way. But let’s pursue the witch hunt and absolutely connect him to the other kids. “It must be there”!

        A lot has been said in reference to McK being a frequent guest at a neighbors house, very near the King home. This neighbor was a patron of the gallery .I don’t dispute this. But they go on to say this same neighbor was a partner in McK’s gallery, I have difficulty with this. A clear time line would be helpful here. McK and Sally Sanders were partners when the gallery opened in 1968 and she remained until 1973. The gallery was then incorporated with McK as principle, and he had a new named partner,(not the neighbor of the Kings.) This partner that I know was involved with the gallery when I first met McK in 1973 or74 and remained till at least early 1976. It would be helpful to know the name of the neighbor family. If it’s the Coffee family, I never heard McK talk about them. He did talk about Sally frequently. Is it the Sander family that is being referenced?

  11. Cary,

    1. Nice job avoiding the very relevant question “Why in the world would you have ever asked McKinney if he ever posed as a priest?”.

    You said you asked him that.

    You said he denied it.

    Try again, pal. Answer the real question: why did you ask him that in the first place?

    2. Nice job side-stepping the fact that the son of your dead friend and employer is now heavily involved in the preservation of the Fox Islands, the very site of horrendous pedophilia in the 1970’s run by a ring of men connected, via Chris Busch, to the OCCK.

    Do you or did you know John McKinney Jr.? Do you stay in touch with him?

    Ever ask him why his interest in the Fox Islands?

    If not, why not? (Or is it because you already know the answer?)

    3. You say that the Robinson babysitter’s claim that McKinney was a close friend of a neighbor of the King’s is “sketchy” because you never heard the name? (So, you kept a catalog in your head of McKinney’s friends and acquaintances, ready to refute the claim of an eyewitness, should one emerge, for decades?)

    4. The allegation that Chris Busch rode a motorcycle owned by McKinney is not implausible, if they knew each other. You knew John McKinney for a number of years and you knew him well, by your own admission. But you’re sure McKinney never owned a motorcycle, and therefore couldn’t have lent Busch one.


    So let me ask you, Mr. Motorcycle owner and close friend of McKinney: how do you think the rumor that McKinney had lent a motorcycle to Busch got started?

    How about it – did you yourself ever see, meet or hear of Chris Busch under any circumstances?

    You think asking relevant questions is a “witch hunt”?

    You have a lot of explaining to do.

  12. Arch Sloan – John Sloan (husband to Diane Redmond) – Diane Redmond (daughter to Reverend Lewis Redmond) – Reverend Lewis Redmond – (Cass Corridor heavy weight – social services, child placement, police protection, Church official & youth center coordinator, molester of young poor boys – mentor and friend and supplier to Richard Lawson) – Richard Lawson (Friend and co-supplier of kids to pedophile ring with Ted Lamborgine and more police and wealthy benefactor protection from the wider range of operating pedophiles, from the Cass to North Fox Island and places in between – All connected to youth outreach organizations, such as Frank Shelden with connections coming full circle and back to the main players in the deaths of these kids and their families, friends, neighbors, co-workers and community businesses. Christopher Busch, John Hastings, Vince Gunnels, the Shrink, The Artists’ Gallery Owner and lover and molester of young men, with young women as his front – John McKinney. A full circle of connected crimes against children and a connection to Arch Sloan…

  13. Catherine – please don’t torment yourself, with thoughts about “snuff”.

    I can understand, that with everything you and your family have suffered and endured, you may be prepared to consider anything & everything. There is no doubt that you understand the grimmest realities about the abduction, abuse, and murder of children better than I – and 99% of the population.

    Forgive me for being clinical about this, but that’s the only way I can talk about it.
    “Snuff” is not a possibility. The first VHS cameras were not available in USA at that time, so it would have to be film. Who would have processed the film? Not a commercial processor.

    Only Richards, or their overseas contacts, could have done this for them. In either case, there would have been no way to prevent the processor from generating multiple copies.
    In Richard’s case, an extra copy would have served him well as “security” against anyone ratting him out in the future. After he was busted, and allegedly started trading info for leniency, why wouldn’t he offer to reveal that film? That would surely ‘buy’ him a lot, in negotiations.
    If overseas contacts were used, why wouldn’t they make multiple copies – for their own sick pleasures, or to sell surreptitiously – since no one in America could possibly have known that they made them? This idea, that people warped enough to process such a film would somehow be “honorable” enough with their partners that only ONE copy would ever be made, is preposterous.

    But even if that were the case, and only one copy was originally made, why wouldn’t other copies be made later on – especially, after the technology for transferring film to video, or film to digital, came along? The “trade” value of a real “snuff” would be enormous, in their twisted world of perverted child sexual abuse images collectors, and trading is a nearly universal activity of those who eventually get busted for CSA images collections. After 30+ years, it is inconceivable that NO copies would have turned up in the massive archives of seized materials possessed and analyzed by NCMEC or their UK or European counterparts. If copies have never surfaced to this date, that means there never was an original. I hope you will take comfort in that.

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