July 9, 2016

My brother, Timothy John King, would have turned 51 years old today. He was murdered March 22, 1977, when he was 11. On what would have been his 51st birthday, his murder and those of at least three other Oakland County, Michigan children, remain unsolved and their families kept in the dark about exactly what the evidence and the investigations revealed and mistakes that were made. One more year; one more notch in the belts of those who would keep these heinous crimes buried like these four kids who never got another birthday. 

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  1. What a terrible tragedy, I feel for you and your family.
    Did Tim play orgaized basketball with the CYO (catholic Youth Organization), Holy Name?
    I was just wondering if I ever played against him, as I am his age and went to Our Lady of Refuge.

  2. Always remember him on this day because his birthday was the same as my mine, July 9. We talked about it when I knew him as a little boy. So sad.

    1. It is unconscionable that these cases are still “unsolved”. It is a travesty. And truly it is a huge story. If an Oliver Stone tackled it as a really sharp and gripping motion picture story it would go a long way to digging out the political decay and unearthing the truth. At this point you have to show the story big time. The kids deserve it. The families deserve it and the whole community deserves it. I hope somebody takes it on.

  3. Dear Cathy, I am so sorry. These birthdays are indeed very hard. It always brings all the emotions back to front and center in a cruel way. I hope today you can find a special way to honor your brother in a way he would have liked. You are in my prayers always.

    We just had a rough week with the anniversary was eleven years for us on the third and the bodies were found on the sixth. We had phone calls and an article printed in the Oakland Press. Then we had a meeting set up to meet with a detective at Waterford PD and I get an E-MAIL from him canceling on us at the last minute. I was just checking my e-mail while we were driving there and there it was. Why should I not be surprised. My husband gets so disgusted and hurt. Typical behavior that we have endured from WPD.

    God bless you!

  4. I think of those kids and this case quite often. I remember your Dad being on tv talking about what a great kid Tim is and asking for information to find him, like it was yesterday. Can’t believe it’s been almost 40 years ago. I remember it so vividly. I feel so very sorry for your family and all of the other families who have been hurt so bad by this. I pray that this case will be solved, and all involved, including investigators who may have been withholding information be held accountable.

  5. It’s nauseating that in our nation, law enforcement can blithely turn a blind eye to justice at will. This case is akin to the scar that won’t heal for those of us old enough to remember when the murders of Tim, Mark, Jill and Kristine. I can’t even fathom what it does to you family members who survive them…God bless you all.

    1. Thank you, Dale. And so many other horrible cases receive the press attention this case deserves. For example, see the most recent Runner’s World magazine (August 2016), [Long] Gone Girl, about a young woman, Amy Wroe Bechtel, who went on a run in Lander, Wyoming and never came home 19 years ago. A cold case investigation is attempting to make progress in spite of a thousand errors in the initial investigation. Husband was big suspect, but go figure, a serial killer was killing women in the area for years. Tip from his brother got blown off. And of course this piece of shit, now incarcerated forever for another horrible rape/murder, isn’t saying shit. But hear this: RUNNER’S WORLD has a second article on this young woman’s disappearance and probable murder. The cold case investigator concedes to all of the initial errors made by law enforcement and does so with great remorse. From the article: “Runner’s World went so far as to put Amy’s photo on its cover in January 1998 for a story by John Brant. (The story generated more reader mail than any other in the magazine’s history.)”
      I remember this RW magazine cover. It made my blood run cold in the way this kind of horror cuts you when you have lost someone in this way.
      Runner’s World takes up the case of a lost runner. I don’t even have the words, short of incredible profanity, to compare the actions of the Michigan State Police and Oakland County, MI, and the failure of the press back in the day to ask more questions in the OCCK case. I will simplify: Fuck you.

  6. Man, I’m getting old. I’m 52 now? Seems like yesterday. But I’d be surprised if it wasn’t Busch & his cronies.

  7. Just finished reading J. Appelbaum’s lengthy book excerpt. It contains many facts not otherwise available. I highly recommend it. Link is in Cathy’s May or April blog.

  8. I finished reading J. Appelbaum’s excerpt, as well. Disappointing that there is no mention of John Hastings and his family, at all.

    John told Helen back in 1991 that he went with a group of little leaguers to a Tiger game for Tim’s 11th birthday. Now why would he tell her that? I looked it up and sure enough Mark Fidrych pitched that night and the Tigers lost to KC 1-0 in front of 51,000. Ironic that Hastings lived about 1/5 of a mile from Busch, isn’t it?


  9. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts today, tomorrow and forever.

    There WILL be justice for your brother – maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow….but SOON.

  10. Dear Cathy…I have never used a forum such as this but after some slight research I was able to find this and to say the least shocked. I am a survivor of the ritual and longterm abuse of Dyer Grossman who you wrote about. I believe the person you described in this blog and in an article you wrote that actually had a picture of him with other gentleman. I don’t believe I could forget that face. He taught science and was a wrestling coach at The Harvey School in Katonah, NY. This was in the early Seventies. I was, as many abuse survivors, seduced, cajoled and eventually molested repeatedly. After experiencing enough fear I finally reported him and gave word of other young men. As none of them would corroborate my story I believe the school was forced to let him go and I for a long time I was unsure whatever became of him. Until now. I don’t know what level of complicity he had in all of this. Other information I gathered was in an excerpt from a book by J. Rueben Appelman. Is there more information you gathered about him. It would help close a chapter in my life. I am at peace with what occurred in my youth. This cracked a door open again and it would be nice to know if there is a final chapter. Sincerely David F. Dubin.

    1. David Dubin & Catherine –
      Another person, victimized by Grossman when he was a child, identified a living person as Dyer Grossman from [not pornographic] videos on youtube. PLEASE contact FBI in Michigan or New York state and ask to give them your (David’s) statement.

  11. Hi Catherine I’ve been reading your blogs and I’m very interested. I’m going into Law enforcement and you’ve provided a lot of clarity and info on the reality of things. I would like to email you or chat about it potentially. Just leave me a response if you’re interested im not sure how this website works exactly. I just want to catch evil people like this so badly.

  12. I was a Psych Nurse for 23 years and treated many killers and child killers like Ronald Baily. I have been obsessed with trying to help solve this case and have talked to Congress and Senators about this and got some help from Law Enforcement. My son and laws father was on the original Task Force till they ran out of money..Almost no one wants to talk about this case. Including law enforcement. I have been looking into James Vincent Gunnels. He was arrested on drug charges last week in Kalamazoo Mich. I want to know what they are doing with him?! Can you find out? Have they ever find out who owned the Welsh Terrier!? If there is anything I can do contact me.

  13. Hello Cathy. I live in Grosse Pointe, and I’ve been reading your blog over the weekend after stumbling onto an article about the OCCK. I was aware of the case but only really knew about some of the key words that are thrown out there by the media, like, “Blue Gremlin.” Something you said registered with me, which is that public interest is what will push this case forward. I’m an avid podcast listener and was totally drawn in by Serial and a few other crime podcasts. I’m not interested in the topic for macabre reasons, but rather an interest in how shit like this really happens. Why certain crimes aren’t investigated, conspiracies at higher levels, and miscarriages of justice. I really like to lift the rock up as you say and look at everything. There has been a huge surge of podcasts devoted to subjects like this, and some have lead to actual results. Adnan Syed was granted a retrial because of the rabid and sudden public interest in the case. Serial happened because someone close to him contacted Sarah Koenig about doing a story on the case, and in Serial’s wake there have been a huge number of crime podcasts devoted to picking apart 1 specific case. There was one recently on Jacob Wetterling and that piece of shit responsible for his death, Danny Heinrich. The podcast also touched A LOT on the mishandling of the case by the local police, as well as their mishandling of MANY cases. A lot of people listened to it. I think OCCK has enough interest that something like that would be listened to, its a media form that is rapidly growing and they are fairly cheap & simple to produce. Just a thought I had, as you and your family and the whole horrifying case has been on my mind all weekend. In the meantime, God Bless you Cathy, and thank you for having the courage to write this blog while so many others cower in the face of intimidation. I have a 2 year old son and it makes me feel better to know that despite all the sick people in the world, there are still many others who are kind and good and have the balls to stick up to the bullies we think are protecting us.

  14. This may be a complete and utter whatever and not connected to your case at all. In which case, I am sorry for wasting your time.
    There is this guy named Marc Collins-Rector, and he’s from Saginaw. He was a pedophile and got in trouble in 1999 with child abuse. He was the executive of a company called “Digital Entertainment Network” and it was an early web streaming service that produced movies and he molested a lot of the underage actors who took part in the shows that the company made. He also formed the company with his younger boyfriends, Chad Shackley and Brock Pierce. Both of whom were underage when they began a relationship with him. Chad was from Saginaw too, and he was a bit older than Brock, who was a former child actor. Anyway, this guy has had numerous companies go belly up, with investors losing millions of dollars, and somehow the same companies such as Goldman Sachs were fronting him all this money even though he was a scam artist pedophile. It’s really weird when you look in to it. He also seems to have had connections with people involved with the navy or the military too because he started some weird submarine shell company that allowed him to get around travel restrictions because he was a pedophile.
    He was able to escape capture and they caught him in Spain with a bunch of child pornography. He served a couple of years in prison and then he was able to leave the country again. He was sued for millions of dollars but he never wound up paying that, and they think he laundered money from a World of WarCraft company he formed while he was on the run. For the most part, he got away with it, kind of like Jeffrey Epstein did.

    Oh, there’s another weird thing too. There’s a pedophile named Bob Villard who used to be a talent agent for children actors and a photographer, and he’s connected to Brock Pierce. I think he was the one that might have introduced Marc Collins-Rector to all the Hollywood big wigs. Anyway, in the 80s he was picked up in a child porn ring. Now, what it seems happened was that this ring ran advertisements in The Advocate for children and then Bob Villard would take pornographic pictures of them. The weird thing was though that the FBI somehow lost the pictures that Bob Villard made, so they had to go by the testimony of another person in the ring describing what the pictures were and Bob Villard was convicted, but that was overturned by the Supreme Court. It was weird because how did the FBI lose the pictures? Plus they knew who the kids were who were photographed because the kids wound up suing Bob Villard, The Advocate and a few other people involved with ring. It was like, “hmmmm….”

    Anyway, I just found it weird that Marc Collins-Rector was from Saginaw and I wonder if he or even Bob Villard are connected to the ring that killed your brother. Both of these guys seemed to have been protected by the “deep state.” A lot of this stuff can get really creepy when you look in to it.

  15. I have looked at the information that is available to the public and have taken the time to compare notes. Someone the children would trust. A place to be fed, a place to bathe and a place where a pet may have been allowed.. What place is private enough and provides all of those things? A small volunteer fire stationhouse maybe?? How many were located within a 30 mile radius of Birmingham MI in 1976&1977?

  16. Hi. Please e-mail me asap. I will give you my number or vice versa. I tried your father but he hasn’t replied. We are connected and may be able to help each other.

  17. It was 25 years ago from today when I heard the most bizarre discussion in front of me at a Big Boy restaurant. The truth of it we may never know but the memories from that night are very vivid for me. Some things don’t change with time ..

  18. Catherine,
    Just got off the phone with the FBI, not sure if they will call me back or not.
    This is really overwhelming. I need someone to listen and look at these photos. We discovered more things about a family memeber. Disturbing, still alive, would have been around 31 when the killings took place.

      1. Hi Catherine,
        I sent you several emails, I’m not all that confident that the FBI took me seriously. My brother called Sunday, no response after telling them the movies etc he had found, and I called them tonight. Unfortunately this doesn’t shock me, our laws protect criminals.
        That’s why the people that are truest being abused are scared to leave, no protection.

  19. It appears Christine’s father has passed…unfortunately before he was able to see any justice served on this case.

  20. A couple years ago Mr. King did and interview on one of the local news stations here in the Detroit area. I had been studying Ritual Abuse because I come from a ritualistic abusing family, This was confirmed to me by a place called Well Spring Retreat in Albany, Ohio. I spoke many times with a Dr. Paul Martin who has sense passed.

    I came to the conclusion on my own without any outside interference that the Oakland County Child Killing victims were somehow entangled( if you will ) with the group or a group like the “Finders” a group who practices Ritual Abuse Torture or RAT (if you will) and who were operating in the Oakland county area at the time of the OCCK’S.

    When Mr. king went on air to speak about the OCCK I called the news station anomalously and told them to tell Mr. King that I truly believed it was a group called the “Finders” and that he needed to research it. I felt so bad for him as my own child was kidnapped, raped and left for dead in a shed in Oakland County in 1996.

    I do not know if Mr. King ever got my message but this shows that he either did or that the Kings had knowledge of this group or groups like this before I contacted them. I have researched Ritual Abuse Torture for over 16 years , every day , every year almost hourly unless I needed to sleep. I am highly intelligent and my perception levels are extremely high which can sometimes make life a bit hard working with others.

    I had several conversation with John Walsh, Ted Gunderson, Svila ( A illuminati programmer) who also confirmed to me that I has been raised in a ritualistic abusive family that probably went back generations. I hope and pray these children get justice and I hope and pray that the power behind this and those who are keeping a tight lid on everything finally gets lifted.

    God Bless
    Rhonda E

  21. Dear Catherine, it’s hard to believe it has been over 40 years that your brother was taken from your family. I grew up in Birmingham and lived 4 blocks from where Tim was kidnapped and I was in 6th grade at Torry in 1977.
    I know your family has exhausted every resource possible but is there a way to open this case back up? Can a group be created to manage it and and do their own research and detective work??? I know this might seem like a strange idea but maybe if a group of people got together and then opened the phone lines, someone with new information might call in. I would like to think that after 40 years, someone might be ready to talk and give out info that has never been given in the past.
    Maybe this is wishful thinking on my part but it’s something that has been weighing heavily on my mind these past few weeks.

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