Watch it and weep.

Watch the new Netflix true crime documentary The Keepers.  Still think priests, cops, businessmen and senators didn’t/don’t do this stuff?  That there are never cover ups?      That prosecutors always do the right thing?  That people forget about crimes that happened over forty years ago?  And ask yourself why the Oakland County Child Killer case stays in the shadows to this day.  The women who came forward in this case are strong and brave, even more so in the face of such manipulative criminals and those who protected them.

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  1. As you know, I’ve always had a very strong feeling that at least one priest was involved and that there are still some who know about what happened.

  2. Thank you for sharing Cathy! So disturbing and the fact that the OCCK case has been all but forgotten by the authorities is even more reprehensible! You and your family as well as all of the other families are always in my prayers.

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  3. Excellent show. The women’s dogged determination is very inspiring.

  4. If I could only print what I know and feel. Let’s see what you media people come up with. I have more information than you will ever know. Don’t fuck with me. You want to present your “story” and get paid for it. You deserve nothing if you haven’t asked for it. And I mean before you went into print. Nice try. “I have story and need to tell it;” right.

  5. Glad to see a new post from you. I watched “The Keepers” and thought about your brother and the other victims in this case, wondering if whoever made this documentary could focus on the Oakland County case– I have long wondered if finding a filmmaker/documentary director to focus on this case would help. It definitely helped in the West Memphis Three case and many others. Keep up the good work- you are a hero.

  6. I loved The Keepers, but it was so hard to watch because the whole thing was so sick. Everyone seemed to be involved in the coverup: the Church, the prosecutor, and the cops.

    Thank you for searching for the truth in the OCCK case Cathy.

  7. i attended Bishop Foley High School in the late ’60’s when Robert Haener was the principal, I can not tell you how much this man scared me. Watching The Keepers brought it all back to me. The truth finally came out about him too,but long after he damaged too many lives with his deviancy.

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