I can’t tell you how many people–men and women–have told me horror stories about being abused in and around Oakland County.  I will never divulge their stories or their information.  Just know this place was and is an evil fucking place. I will not rest until you pieces of shit are exposed for what you are.  Those of you who have dropped the ball  and let people walk will be exposed, too.  Then and now.  Fuck you, and your offspring.

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  1. I wonder why there are no victims who come forward from North Fox Island. I dated woman who said she was offered money by her foster father when she was 14 (1980) to pose for photos in her underwear for friends of his; she declined but always had to out maneuver the predator. The foster father was retired from law enforcement.

  2. Catherine, You’ve never met me and you’ll never know how crushed I am about your pain. I worry about your Dad too. I want to tell you, though, that Michigan isn’t hardly the only place this abuse is going on. The more “sophisticated” areas of the country like CA and NYC have it even worse. That’s because American society is falling apart.
    As per the case, we need a fearless untouchable (upstanding) individual to open the hornet’s nest and show what’s inside. I read about another town in the midwest, St. Louis or somewhere, where two books have been written all about “upstanding” members of the community, like doctors, lawyers, the mayor, were exposed as cult members and sexual predators. Maybe someone reading this knows the titles. Well, the author didn’t get shot in the head in a dark alley. It IS possible to tell the truth.

    1. Shawn, the DVD documenting what my family knew as of a few years ago, made by my Dad, is available by sending a check for $20 payable to The Tim King Trust, to Tim King Trust c/o 1509 Yorkshire Road, Birmingham, MI 48009. If you can’t afford the donation, please indicate same in your request. There is confusion about books–my family has not authored a book. Two books are in the works by other authors but have not yet been released. One book you can order currently on Amazon is Portraits in the Snow: The Oakland County Child Killings . . . Scandals and Small Conspiracies (Great Lakes Book Series, Jan. 4, 2011). Also, watch for The Killing Jar, a memoir and true crime story about this case by J. Reuben Appelman, to be released in August 2018. I will post when any other book is published. See also my Dad’s blog, which contains links to news clips from back in the day as well as some of the more recent investigation cluster-fuck, at A Father’s Story–Oakland County Child Killer, afathersstory-occk.com/my-story/.

  3. Hear ya man. I got “lucky”. Still miss Tim and am horrified of what he went through. Thoughts and prayers sending

  4. Since I first learned about all this, not more than a few days go by without it taking over my head completely. All these deeply sick bastards. All the other sick bastards I knew of or later learned of, some in my own family. My life that nearly wasn’t. All the nascent lives they harmed or destroyed. Extrapolated across every town and community, a macrocosm of suffering that can’t be redressed or remedied.

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