I thought it was awesome that Frances McDormand won the Oscar last night for Best Actress in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should.  McDormand deserved that Oscar.  Sam Rockwell won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  He nailed it, too.

McDormand plays a mother who rents three billboards to call attention to her daughter’s murder after seven months of hearing nothing from police.  Rockwell plays a cop and I will just leave it at that.

I think three billboards on I-75, right before Big Beaver Road (Exit 69 and I am not kidding), would read something like this:




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  1. ddR says:

    Great idea! I will donate $ for 3 billboards at the Big Beaver exit. Or maybe the Adams exit coming from Pontiac. Is that M-59?
    I was just in B’ham last week. I think about it every time I’m home. What you and all of the families have been through is beyond what any family should ever experience.

  2. Bob says:

    That is a great idea, what is the funding mechanism? However the irony about any movie is I view Hollywood as the most suspicious and prolific community for predators of all types. Coincidentally I just finished watching season five episode five of King of Queens titled Mammory Lane where a young boy grabs the breasts of a grown woman and I was disgusted. Who has the conscience to write and produce such trash let alone actors especially females willing to perform such scenes? Americans celebrate and reward what I term its successful alcoholics, addicts and sociopaths which causes me to consciously reject going to the movies on top of there really aren’t many good ones and the storylines are virtually all the same. I frequently reference Kurt Cobain‘s lyric “I feel stupid and contagious here we are now entertain us” that for me sums up Americans’ (including mine) affliction and addiction to being entertained; I grew up watching television and movies and constantly reference dialogue and lyrics. I wish the values put forth in Leave It To Beaver would come back in the media.

    I remember an attorney friend of my parents telling me Benzie County at the turn of the 20th century was riddled with pedophilia camps that caused the federal government to commission a study to understand why and it ultimately pointed to the underworld of Chicago. It would be very interesting to research and read that study but I doubt it’s available if even acknowledged. My theory is like drug traffickers, pedophiles never go away they just change their venues and Northwest Michigan has a history for organized pedophelia not to mention drug trafficking and money laundering. Be careful of the fly-boys, especially decorated veterans.

    Following the Me Too movement I had the thought are there survivors from North Fox Island who have Me Too stories to share or are they at risk of death still?

  3. JK says:

    Let’s do it. Maybe a kickstarter for the $? I bet it wouldn’t take long to raise the funds, and kickstarters get attention. If you did it now, in the wake of McDormand’s win, there’s potential publicity value. “Real life ‘Three Billboards’ as family seeks answers to serial killer, four decades on”. Happy to ping some reporters I know if you do it.

  4. Very good idea, it would be good also to get John Walsh to do a show on it!

  5. Jeremy says:

    I totally agree Cathy and I would donate also. It’s beyond words that its been 40 years and no answers. I think about your brother and the rest of the kids everyday and I pray that this will be solved.

  6. maima says:

    Count me in to donate $ for billboards.

  7. Laura Hurst says:

    Yes that would be perfect, Catherine I have a question for you… There was a book that you talked about that was going to come out about the murders has that been published?

  8. Judi Coltman says:

    This was posted at the Topix Cess Pool in January:

    Jan 30, 2018
    Three Billboards in Oakland County:

    Billboard One:
    Forty years
    Four Kids Murdered

    Billboard Two:
    And Still No Arrests?

    Billboard Three:
    How come Jessica Cooper?

    You don’t have to post this, I just thought it was appropriate.

  9. Ann Martin says:

    You’re absolutely right, Cathy!

  10. Cynthia Casillas says:

    That’s a grand idea!

  11. Dylan Lightfoot says:

    I’ll send something for this.

  12. Jan. says:

    Yes!!! Make it happen. I know you can do it.

  13. bitamoney says:

    The billboard? A seriously good idea. Let’s start a fund to pay for it.

  14. Paige McKee👟😄 says:

    I am in Cathy!!

  15. Carol ross says:

    Count me in I will donate!

  16. Ltmariner says:

    Great idea! Count me in.

  17. Dale Droski says:

    Count me in too Cathy – absolutely!

  18. Kathy Caroselli says:

    Amen to that Cathy xoxo

  19. cburtrich says:

    It is certainly time. A great idea !

  20. jkaneh says:

    Hi Cathy: That is not out of the question. Did you know that Crime Stoppers rents out billboards all the time to draw attention to unsolved cases? We have done it twice for our case. Renting three right in that location would be an awesome idea. NEVER FORGET and NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

    Jessie Kanehl


  21. Charlie Hertel says:

    Fuck yeah!

  22. Joe M says:

    I feel your pain daily. Just found a note from your mom. Let me know if you ever want to grab a drink and hang.

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  23. Mitchell says:

    Since you bring up Oscar nominated films, what do you make of this years critically acclaimed, “Call Me by Your Name”?

    It is essentially about a paraphillic relationship between an adult and a boy painted as a love story. It seems that there is a cutural push to normalize this sort of behavior that is reminiscent of that found back in the ’70’s.

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