March 28, 1977

I am taking you down Memory Lane again so you can see for yourself (or remember), just how heinous these crimes were and how outrageous the response from Oakland County and the Michigan State Police has been over the decades.  Today, take a look at how the focus was on the blue Gremlin (right, Richard Thompson?!).  There are many, many more examples.  I have posted before about the LeMans that was seen by witnesses at Jill and Tim’s crime scenes, and about the bumper impressions left where Kris’ body was found.  You never heard anybody talking about that, save for the one lone press release from the MSP in the fall of 1977 which was inaccurate (wrong car) and incomplete.  I would argue purposefully so.

Consider also the anonymous information I received relatively recently about GM cars back in the day.

Because the bar has been raised in this case so that only DNA evidence can “solve” it, none of the rest of this matters.  DNA evidence in a case where when it occurred, DNA was just three letters in the alphabet, not an evidentiary avenue.  DNA in a case where the evidence appears to have been mishandled, misfiled and degraded.  In a case police said early and often there was “no evidence,” and the killer was methodical and careful.  In a case where, I am told, the files have been used over the decades in MSP Post Training.  Law enforcement still owes the public an explanation of how the past 41 years have been spent.  If they won’t give it, others are willing to make the case to the public.  I would think they would want to get out in front of this.  The rest of this does matter, in spite of your DNA and “open case” covers.  The truth matters, as I hope you and others will find out.Scan 2018-3-28 13.09.33Scan 2018-3-28 13.09.33 1

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  1. Cathy, isnt there any way the Michigan State Police or General Motors can look at VIN #’s of LeMans during that time period to see if such a vehicle was ever owned by Busch or Greene or anyone in their families? My heart is always with you and your family, I was 12 years old in Southfield when these crimes happened and I will never forget it. I pray that someday this will be solved so you, your family and all of the families have some closure.

  2. Pfft. We were all looking at blue Gremlins with the hockey stick trim.

    Seems child molestation is very prevalent among the rich and powerful. But Pizzagate is totally baseless.

  3. Hello Catherine, I cant open the scans. I believe it was the Lemans. I am unsure if the creepo who tried to get me was driving one, but I remember double round headlights, though Im nearly sure it was a sun bleached green car.. I am desperate to get back the sketches, I gave one to Leuitenant Fox of Bloomfield Township, and also sent one to your dad, who must have forwarded to the state police, Both of them had the olive skinned guy with mirrored glasses, dark wavy hair and sideburns, with a long but not big nose, with the two dogs in the back seat of his car, the one being a white German Shepherd, the pother a hound. I was just now digging in boxes in my garage trying to find a copy. I cant find one, but can easily draw it againt. I have an old friend in the News undustry who I am meeting, hopefully tmrw. I was in hopes he might listen to my story as I think the White German Shepherd holds the key. I had posted the sketch online long before it came out that there were white dog hairs on the children. I had posted the scans on Dagners site and also I think on Lisa Life or something, maybe another OCCK blog
    long ago, I had talked to some investigator that told me there were no dogs involved, He had called my house, and I wonder if he recorded the phone number in some log. I would love to help your family find closure, not sure if anything I saw pertains but I think it does. Scared the crap out of my young self as he tried to chase me for minutes with his dogs out and his car reversing down the two track. If anyone reading Catherines blog has seen or copied the sketches, please send copy back to me.
    Peace to you and your family!

    1. Fremont, two readers who have helped me out a lot in the past forwarded me what I believe are your sketches. I can’t post the sketches in this reply, but I will scan them and make a separate post. I hope you are ok with that. There were so many creeps running around Oakland County back then–I am sorry you crossed paths with this one and so glad his chase was unsuccessful. Sick bastard.

  4. I can confirm, as a child of a Ford auto executive, that the policy involving company cars was the same.

    1. Yes, I too have heard of this policy. My grandfather was an executive engineer at Pontiac Motors and always had new cars, for himself and family members (in fact, as he was in experimental engineering, he could order cars from other manufacturers to drive–there’s a story about my father wrecking a Lamborghini Diablo). A family member told me they were were once riding with him to check out some remote property in Benzie Co. in the 1950s, up a narrow two-track road edged with dense brush. When they commented on him carelessly scraping up the sides of his new car, he just said the guys at the shop would buff it out.

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