Compare and Contrast, Part I

Please read/watch the links I list.  Today, there was a press conference about the body dig going on in Macomb for the remains of four to six beautiful girls/young women who were probably raped and murdered by convicted child killer, Arthur Ream, age 68.  Some of these cases are 40 years old.   Check out this link to the press conference¬if_id=1525903664049162¬if_t=group_activity&ref=notif

Then check out this podcast by Nina Innsted.  Please listen to all of it.

I will post tomorrow about observations I have.  Immediately, I want to say that I hope the families of these girls and young women get answers, and fast.  Trust me when I say it is better to get a battered and bruised body dumped in a ditch, than no body at all.  The unanswered questions and hopes for a good outcome over that many decades are too much to bear.

Also, pay particular attention to the discussion in Nina Innsted’s podcast about Arch Sloan and his association with Kimberly King’s father (no relation to our family).  The evidence collected from Arch Sloan’s car should be tested against the girls who were abducted and were still missing as of 1976.  Arch Sloan, you piece of shit–like you have any reputation to uphold?  Again, check out the podcast for more information about this animal.

More comparisons and contrasts tomorrow.  In the mean time, ask yourself why every pedophile in the metro Detroit area has to try on the glass slipper in the OCCK case, when we have Busch and Green who seem to be golden and never were asked to try on that slipper?

Again, Sloan knew Kimberly King’s father.  He was turned in as a suspect in the Mark Stebbins murder case and his Pontiac was searched and evidence retrieved.  He was a known pedophile in the area.  All of this evidence should immediately be compared to the cases of these missing girls, who as of today, are still locked in police files, and probably buried in Macomb.  No wonder this piece of shit Sloan sweats bullets when questioned by any police.  Michigan taxpayers, he’s on your dime.  He may be more than a child rapist.  My guess is that the animal Arthur Ream is not talking a whole lot, either.

Let me just say that I love these true crime podcasts and other shows exposing cases and criminals.  In cold cases, these things are like “way back machine” body cams exposing the criminals and cops for what they did and didn’t do.  That and new DNA advances mean a lot of these old cases are going to get solved.  We might not even have to hold our breath.  Those of you who are going on camera to “speak your truth” might think twice about lying.  The truth will out.

More tomorrow.


13 thoughts on “Compare and Contrast, Part I”

  1. Thank you, Cathy, for supplying all these links. I hadn’t heard about the girls because I live away from Michigan now. Last week and the week before I was elated that the serial killer known as the Golden State Killer was finally nabbed with DNA forty years after the fact. He killed at least 10 people I hope DNA investigation can be done with OCCK and I think Michigan LE will be looking poorly if they don’t try it.

  2. Konnie was mistaken that her dad played cards with Arch Sloan, it was “Emory Sloan” but they definitely knew each other, did time in prison together. I hope the investigators can find these girls and bring them home. Finally.

  3. Wow! There was a connection to Kimberly King’s father and Arch Sloan! The same Arch Sloan that is connected to Ted Lamborgine! You are absolutely correct. These precious girls’ DNA needs to be compared to what was found in Arch Sloan’s vehicle.



  4. I always appreciate your voice on this Cathy. You have fought for justice for far too many years. We have DNA on file in case Kim is found, yes, they should be testing it against anything and everything. I hate that they kept using the word closure yesterday, nothing has been found, nothing is closed.

  5. Hi Cathy, I thought of you when I saw this story and thought about your brother. I hope you’re well and you cross my mind frequently. Sending you loving prayers always, Donna (from the women’s group on Wednesday nights) 🙂

  6. Dear Cathy,
    I follow your blog and all of these cases, praying for a break that exposes the sick people behind these crimes.
    Stay strong,
    Pete Mantyla

  7. Regarding the podcast by Nina Innsted: She referred to a friend of Kim’s older sister. The friend’s name was Jim. He drove her to make a phone call. I realize I’m asking the obvious, but, that wasn’t James Vincent Gunnels. Considering that the obvious has been overlooked several times in your brother’s case, I had to ask.

      1. The Jim they always talk about was just one of those people you know by face, not a real friend. As to his last name, the police have it and have spoken to him a number of times from my understanding.

  8. I was not James Gunnels. I have seen “Jim’s” last name, but if it were Gunnel, I would have recognized it right away.

    Also, how long before we find out Art Ream installed carpet at the Busch house on Morningview Terrace?

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