Two Old Men Who’s Numbers are Up.

Today was a big news day in the Karma department.  An arrest was announced in the Golden State Killer/East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker case.  Joseph James DeAngelo, age 72, was arrested at his home in Citrus Heights, California.  DeAngelo is thought to be responsible for the shockingly brutal murders of 12 people and raping 45 between the years 1976 and 1986.

In further Karmic news today, “America’s Dad” Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual assault.  I think the Universe is saying it’s sick of all this shit.  The lid of Pandora’s Box can be pried opened, you freaks, and sunlight can disinfect and disempower your secrets.

Less than two years ago, on June 15, 2016, the FBI and local law enforcement announced a national publicity campaign and a $50,000 reward in hopes of bringing the Golden State Killer to justice.

Said Sgt. Paul Belli of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department:  “Our lifelines are people who give us information.  It all boils down to people helping.”

It turns out that help may have come in the form of a suggestion from a “civilian” to use a genealogy website to track the killer/rapist’s DNA to locate relatives and then work backward.  In fact, that is what authorities did., and

DeAngelo was a cop during part of the time he was inflicting a reign of terror in numerous California cities, until he was fired after being caught shoplifting a hammer and dog repellant.  Of course he was cop.  What a surprise.

An article in the New York Times notes that Sacramento District Attorney Anne Marie Shubert has been central to the efforts to find the killer, and central in convincing people that this cold case was worth pursuing.  Wow.  How does that work?!  I can’t even imagine a prosecutor in Oakland County, MI, doing anything to seriously advance the legitimate investigation of the OCCK murders at any point, back in the day or now.

Nor can I imagine the FBI or local law enforcement getting out ahead on the OCCK case and launching a NATIONAL publicity campaign in an attempt to solve these murders.  But then again, in the Golden State Killer case, there was no cover up and no high level members of society set to be exposed as pedophiles in the wake of a legit investigation.  And how about doing something with the DNA that you DO have in the OCCK case, something similar to what was done here? (And fast.)  Make it a point to read the articles about the use of a genealogy site to track down the killer, and ask yourself why this was never considered in the OCCK case?

The contrast between how the Golden State Killer case has been handled and the OCCK case couldn’t be more obvious and depressing.  If you have turned this into a “DNA only” way to solve these murders, DO something about it!  If you let the evidence degrade and mishandled it over all these decades, tell the public.  The Michigan State Police were the keepers of these cases.  The Oakland County prosecutors over the years haven’t touched the case, and it’s pretty easy to guess why.  You don’t get to keep this thing an “open” case forever, with no explanation to the public.

One of the common themes of the many communications I have had with people over the past decade is that police blew them off after asking the local public to come forward with information in the mid 2000’s in the wake of Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson’s arrests and convictions for child rape.  And sometimes worse than blowing people off–representatives of the Michigan State Police were rude and borderline threatening to some of the people who called in with tips.  I have numerous emails from people detailing their treatment and I have no reason to disbelieve them.  At one point, one of the state police told a retired detective that his idea to go to the public with very, very specific information about a Pontiac LeMans “would generate too many useless leads.”  A Pontiac LeMans from that era with a trailer hitch, pulled to one side and other rear end damage would spark too many calls?  Seriously?  At least they have been consistent.  Anyone who reads a little bit of what’s online about these cases knows just how very different the Golden State Killer and the OCCK investigations are.

There will be more books and movies about the OCCK case.  I guess law enforcement in Oakland County is just willing to let the shit hit the fan and hope it goes nowhere, just like it’s gone since February 1976.

Earlier this month, comedian Patton Oswalt was promoting a book about the Golden State Killer written by his late wife, Michelle McNamara.  McNamara died in her sleep two years ago after spending years investigating these crimes and writing “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark,” chasing the unknown murderer/rapist.  As a tribute to the efforts of his late wife, Oswald hired an investigative journalist and researcher to finish the book.  The New York Times describes McNamara’s obsession with the case and the psychological toll it took on her.  DeAngelo was not mentioned in this book (he was apparently totally under the radar, using all his good police training to keep from getting caught), and officials said that while the book kept interest and tips coming in, it did not directly lead to the arrest.  But the arrest came on the heels of the publishing of the book.  Pretty wild.

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  1. Keep doing your work, please. These monsters need to be in the light as do their victims. I appreciate all your work, and i know others do too. Keep strong.

  2. Never EVER Allow this to be buried. We were blown off in 77. I was blown off in the mid 2000s. There IS a way to go around the blue wall, Oakland County should be on notice… it’s happening all around them and, yes, the universe is saying, “Enough of this shit. “ Karma.

  3. Cathy, This is so great! You’re an amazing writer. I seriously have been thinking about you since the unbelievable arrest. Really praying for full exposure! May happen with this current environment! What a great day that would be! Let me know if you have time for a date 🙂 Xo J

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  4. I have been thinking about you and your family since the arrest of the Golden State killer. A relief for the families affected by him but then I couldn’t stop thinking about the OCCK case. What about this 41 year old nightmare? When will it end? When will someone come forward and tell all they know? Why isn’t dna being analyzed? I can’t imagine your frustration at the lack of professionalism and ethics regarding the OCCK murders.

  5. Keep asking for help. Someone knows something. Whether it’s a death bed confession or a Mom, wife or girlfriend, a therapist, a neighbor, or whomever. Keep asking and please never stop.

    I remember running from two men that pulled up very quickly to me at Derby. I was alone. We used to run up the domes and then play on the roof above the pool and gymnasium. I was near the baseball field. I ran as fast as I could down the slope and onto the railroad tracks. Then up the other side and into then neighborhood near Pembroke. I’ll never forget my heart racing. I don’t really remember much of the specifics of the incident – not to be helpful – but there were two of them. I was ten years old in March 1977.

    1. Jim, I will never forget the elation I felt when I finally made it up to the roof at Derby. It took many attempts running up those arches. The thought of two men lurking around that parking lot and the railroad tracks makes me so sick. I’m glad you made it safely over to the other neighborhood. Pembroke Park was apparently a place Chris Busch went trolling for kids. All these men deserve to rot in hell for messing with our childhoods. As do the people who kept quiet.

  6. The other two old men whose numbers that should be up are Ted and Richard. They should start telling what they know before they die in prison. I thought of OCCK when I heard about the arrest of that 40 year old cold case finally getting solved. There is absolutely no reason they couldn’t use the same DNA technique. They are just not interested in bringing Oakland County in the forefront. Everyone has to think Crime never happens there.



    1. Richard already bought the farm a few years ago. Ted isn’t talking, “because [his] God has forgiven” him. That creep Arch Sloan’s number is due soon, too.

  7. I have too been thinking about you and the OCCK since the arrest of the Golden State Killer. There are glaring differences. The authorities in California were eager to share information and enlist the public’s help. They clearly wanted to provide closure to the victims and families of those who were affected by these crimes. Even though there was much speculation that someone in law enforcement might be involved, they still wanted to shine daylight on the perpetrator regardless of who he was and whether or not he was alive or dead. In the OCCK case, authorities do not care about closing the case or providing relief the families. In fact, they seem rather intent on keeping what is known tightly under wraps and leaving this case to rot in the vast compost pile of cold cases. One has to wonder what evil is behind this sinister plot to protect the identity of a child rapist and murderer.

  8. Hi C., I’m right in the middle of McNamara’s book. It was nothing less that surreal to get on the computer a couple days ago and see this article entitled “GOLDEN STATE KILLER CAUGHT” i was sure it was some kind of BS gimmick. But caught he is. Why don’t you try to get ahold of some of the investigators in that case who may be ready to “retire” and come to D. and look into OCCK? Or maybe get Patton Oswalt interested. You need the big exposure the CA murders got.

  9. What about crowd funding to get the DNA gene link done privately?

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    1. Laura, great idea, but I am afraid they will give us nothing to work with. We need to get them on the record about what they will do/not do; provide/not provide. I would love to crowd fund the shit out of this case.

  10. Hi Catherine
    Long time lurker on your board,
    I’m sure you have already heard of the name of Ronald Lloyd Bailey and his crimes in Lavonia
    But i can’t escape the similarities between his crimes i.e snatching boys of their bikes at knife point and what had occurred with the OCCK crimes.He was a “resident” at the Hawthorne centre as well as the Northville Regional Psychiatric Centre .wonder if Graham Green etc had also been there at the same time.I feel only massive public exposure of the crimes committed against children in Michigan during the 1970s weather through a book or movie will resolve this case.The Last thing these freaks want is public exposure.That is exactly what is needed.

    1. Thanks, Matt. One long-time detective has looked at Bailey for many years. A real freak. Public exposure is coming. What the result will be is hard to say.

  11. Wow. Well-said. I don’t know you, but your devotion to this case is evident in your writing. I sincerely hope there is some forward movement in the near future. The victims deserve it and so do their families.

    There is no excuse for not using the technology available to solve these crimes. If a 40-year-old case like the EAR/ONS can be solved, so can the OCCK & others. I don’t know all the details but it sounds like local police & government have behaved in some seriously shady ways that suggest they don’t want to solve it. Not that they are apathetic, but that they actively don’t want it solved. The question is why? And who are they protecting that deserves this level of cover-up? A local business owner perhaps, but I tend to think it might go even deeper than that.

    I recall reading about some files in this case that were destroyed in an unfortunate fire at the FBI, which makes me think someone very high up was pulling the strings. And the way police are treating people who might have information about unsolved CHILD MURDERS is very abnormal. They should be falling all over themselves to follow any lead, however tenuous. Just my $0.02.

    1. Thank you, FF. Yes, yes—way beyond apathetic. And the missing files were from the FBI—a catastrophic flood. Their words. Sounds kind of biblical, doesn’t it?

      1. Yes! That’s right. A “flood”. Hate when that happens :\

        Well, they’ve just sent the Zodiac Killer’s DNA off for possible identification today, so hopefully this will become a trend that law enforcement can’t ignore forever. Keep up the good work & know that you’ve got people out here pulling for ya.

  12. Let’s do whatever we can to keep the momentum going. You are doing a wonderful job keeping this case alive, and you should be proud of yourself for that. Justice will be served in time.

  13. And today we learned that they are even submitting the Zodiac’s DNA, (a case almost a decade older than the OCCK, and perpetrated by a much smarter criminal who left less evidence).

    The EARONS case sets some new iffy precedent, but it’s clear that the seal is broken, if Oakland County is going to make a move, this is the environment to do it in.

  14. Cathy…I just sent a message to your Dads Facebook page about these new developments in DNA…today they said there will be an announcement in the Zodiac Killer case too. I am hoping you guys can convince Oakland County to pursue this new technology in your case. I would be honored to donate to any costs…always always hoping you get answers for your brother. Wishing you the best.

  15. Cathy,

    Do you know why Ashenfelter’s extensive story on the case is no longer available online? There is an army of internet sleuths from the GSK case that can be tapped into, and Ashenfelter’s coverage would be a good link to pass along for those (unfortunately many) who are not aware of the story.

  16. Speaking of old men who’s numbers are up. What are the chances that Gerald Richards father called in a few favors? Stewart a. Richards was a patrolman for the Port Huron police. Also register of deeds. The address for Brother Paul’s was Gerald’s home. Stewart attended St. Paul’s Episcopal Church I guess that’s where they got the name Paul.

    1. The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on November 4, 1956 · Page 10
      STEWART A. RICHARDS is the Republican candidate for Register of Deeds. He is owner-operator of Richards printing, 531 Water street. A native of Port Huron, he served as turnkey for former Sheriff William Van Antwerp and was secretary to former Mayor Charles D. Retti. He also is a former Port Huron Police Officer. Mr. Richards served as Supervisor of the Ninth Precinct two years and the Tenth Precinct four years. He is a member of Port Huron lodge No. 343, BPOE; Port Huron lodnc No. 18, Knights of Pythias: the Lions club and civic and church

  17. By ROBERTA STEVENSON Times Herald Reporter Stewart A. Richards, St. Clair County Register of Deeds for 20 years, died today at age 69. But some of his fondest memories were of his 10 years as Port Huron policeman, said his son, Gerald. Mr. Richards walked a beat along Water Street and became well known to the people in the area. Stewart A. Richards “He was like a New York City cop. Everybody loved Stew,” Gerald Richards said. Mr. Richards served as St. Clair County Register of Deeds from 1957 until 1977. During his term, Mr. Richards fought to have county records transferred to microfilm, his son said. Publication: The Times Herald i Location: Port Huron, MichiganIssue Date: Wednesday, September 12, 1984Page: Page 3

  18. $2,000 bond set in sex case Gerald S. Richards, 35, of 1115 Lyon St., stood mute before Judge Waller W. Turton to a charge of criminal sexual conduct in the first degree. Bond was set at $2,000. He was charged with sodomy involving a boy under the age of 13 on Feb 1.
    Publication: The Times Herald i Location: Port Huron, Michigan Issue Date: Tuesday, July 27, 1976 Page 4


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