14 thoughts on “Michigan Tax Payers: You paid for this instead of paying for counseling of the hundreds of victims of this animal.”

  1. You know, I’m usually pretty sympathetic when it comes to offenders who were, themselves, treated badly as kids. But in Mr. Green’s case I just can’t seem to summon up that emotion. In fact, it would have been a good move if that knife had slipped a tad, maybe 20 years prior.

    1. I wasn’t going to post that information, but I got a post from someone who was clearly a victim of Green. It made me so angry that these pedophiles were allowed to victimize so many, I decided to show my readers WTF went on with this freak.

  2. They should have asked for volunteers to circumcise for free.
    Infuriating, on so many levels.

  3. This makes me so angry how is the justice system so terrible??? People need to be held accountable. Violent pedophiles should be put to death painfully not ever allowed back into society!

  4. When I read Dr. Pesetsky’s summary of Dr. Koson’s report of June 1977, Pesetsky seemed to believe that Koson wrote as if Green were not in jail at that moment. (Since we don’t have Koson’s original report, we can’t say for sure.)

    Consider the sentence “He (Green) was viewed as treatable and out patient therapy was recommended by the psychiatrist.” There was no reason to recommend “out patient therapy” if Green was in fact rotting in jail at that moment.

    Also, look at the next sentence: “A suggested alternative, SHOULD THE PATIENT BE IMPRISONED . . .” (emphasis added). Obviously Koson knew at that moment that Green was not in prison.

    Such language makes me wonder whether Green in fact was incarcerated on March 16, 1977. He may or may not have been, and if he was not, then he is a huge suspect in Tim’s case.

    Green’s statements to the Flint PD about Chris Busch’s (alleged) involvement with Mark Stebbins were so suspicious that the Flint PD suspected Green had a hand in it. He probably did.

    Cathy, you wrote in 2013 that the Flint PD recovered two pairs of underwear for young girls from Greg Green’s van in January of 1977. . When Green and Busch were arrested late that month, the Jill Robinson and Kristine Mihelich cases were national news. It is inconceivable to me that the Flint PD did not question Green about his possible involvement with those two cases.

    Cathy, I realize those original Green 1977 statements to the Flint PD are probably long gone, but I do want to know: do you still have the Flint report about the underwear that you must have looked at to write your post back in 2013?

    So, three obvious steps that should have been done, but weren’t include

    1. The refusal by the OCCK Task Force to consider or investigate any possible involvement by Chris Busch in November of 1978,

    2. The refusal by the Flint PD to consider or investigate the underwear in Greg Green’s van in January, 1977,


    3. The refusal to consider or investigate the mysterious Pontiac LeMans and instead to publicize the pnony AMC Gremlin all mean one thing:

    The case was never properly investigated (or investigated at all, really) and that could only be because there was something very sensitive at the heart of it.

    I’ve repeatedly speculated that various informants (on the Fox Islands Ring, probably) for law enforcement were also involved in the OCCK cases – and some of them were killers. And law enforcement agencies, once they became aware of just what their own informants were doing, slammed the door shut on any real investigation and either intimidated witnesses into silence or killed them outright.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but that nicely explains why multiple levels of law enforcement continue to botch the case to this day.

      1. Yes, the Treatment Summary of Greg Greene, dated June 26, 1985, submitted by Fred J. Pesetsky, psychologist, does refer to an eval by Dr. Koson in June 1977, suggesting Greene is treatable and that, SHOULD he be imprisoned, sex offender treatment as an alternative.

        Treatable, Dr. Kosen? Did you read Greene’s records?!! Or did you just believe his God-talk?

        A pre-sentence report on Greene, dated June 7, 1977, and a submitted by probation officer David S. Witter, states that as of the adjourned sentencing date of June 14, 1978, Greene spent 141 days in jail. Days his buddy, Chris Busch, was on the streets fucking kids.

        Greene’s arrest card says he was arrested 2-3-77. It also says “Keep Secured at All Times.” Was he out at any point before his big sentencing hearing on 6-14-77? Who knows. This file literally shows hand written stuff. Maybe he was in jail when Tim was abducted. Maybe Busch needed help from a neighbor, like John Hastings, who lived walking distance from Busch’s parents’ house. You are the one who opened that can of worms, John.

  5. Cathy, could I prevail upon you to send me whatever PDFs you have on Green not already posted in this blog? Unless of course that’s just too large a body of material. (Sent you an email about this some time ago—I’m the one he attempted to abduct from Oakland University in Oct. 1976)

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