Yes, this sketch does look like Arch Sloan back in the day.

Thanks, Chris.  And thank you, A, for the visual! For more, see post of yesterday, 5-29-18.


6 Comments on “Yes, this sketch does look like Arch Sloan back in the day.”

  1. Kathie (King) Lucas says:

    This guys name comes up again and again. They checked, he served time with my dad too. After the “dig” and a dead end, I have to wonder how many other leads were misread.

  2. jkaneh says:

    Wow. The white Shepherd is a dead giveaway if Arch Sloan had one. Unreal. Makes my blood boil. This case is solvable too. I just don’t understand. No justice when criminals are connected.



  3. Dale Droski says:

    The creepiest thing about this whole case…when you come to the realization that there are too many bad players to point out.

  4. bitamoney says:

    How could this just be a coincidence? “They just look the same”. I don’t think so.

  5. cathybroad says:

    I edited it out before I posted it.

  6. kithain says:


    I lived in Bloomfield Hills during the OCCK. I was in pre-school or kindergarten, so I don’t remember much, just suddenly not being allowed to play outside for any period of time without one of our moms being present. My brother, who was 11 or 12 at the time, ended being interviewed by police. He was out riding his bike and a man in a blue Gremlin stopped him and asked for directions. He tried to get my brother to come closer to his car. My brother wisely fled from this man, came home, told my parents who called the police, who then came out and interviewed my brother. I’ve often wondered over the years if my brother’s interview is sitting there in the OCCK files.

    Because of these experiences, I’ve tried to keep abreast of new developments in the case, even though I moved away from Michigan in 2003. For the longest time, online searches about the OCCK turned up very little. It saddened me that there was so little interest in, and publicity around, these horrific unsolved murders.

    I hadn’t done a search on the case in years, so I was pleasantly surprised when I did a search today and found that there’s now a Wikipedia page, subreddits, and many articles and blogs on this case. I think the proliferation of information on OCCK is the result of the pressure you and others have brought to bear on the investigators. Keep up the pressure on MSP and the Oakland County Prosecutor’s office. That pressure is what will ultimately lead to this case being officially solved. I’d love that for you and the other surviving family members. Good luck to you. Stay strong!!

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