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If you think only working women experience sexual harassment and abuse, think again. The casting couch? How many violations happened before people were old enough to make it to the casting couch?  First of all, fuck you, Harvey Weinstein, but how awesome that your prolific sickness made you such an easy target, after all your years of fucking women over, literally and figuratively.  I hope your over-priced attorneys fail to discredit the women who have been brave enough to file charges against you, and that you, in spite of your wealth and your fucked up ability to wield power, you are convicted of criminal sexual assault.  How awesome that your power structure has been violated, just as you violated so many women while you left your wife at home and you used your money and power to silence women.  You fat, ugly, awful piece of shit.

The #MeToo Movement portrays itself as an international  movement against sexual harassment and assault.  It must therefore acknowledge the magnitude of the problem of sexual violence by adults (most often men), against children.  Check out the message to students K-12:

From Wikipedia:

Although #MeToo initially focused on adults, the message spread to students in K–12 schools where sexual abuse is common both in person and online.[56] MeTooK12 is a spin-off of #MeToo created in January 2018 by the group Stop Sexual Assault in Schools, founded by Joel Levin and Esther Warkov, aimed at stopping sexual abuse in education from kindergarten to high school.[57][58] #MeTooK12 was inspired in part by the removal of certain federal Title IX sexual misconduct guidelines.[59]There is evidence that sexual misconduct in K–12 education is dramatically underreported by both schools and students, because nearly 80% of public schools never report any incidents of harassment. A 2011 survey found 40% of boys and 56% of girls in grades 7–12 reported had experienced some type of negative sexual comment or sexual harassment in their lives.[57][59] Approximately 5% of K–12 sexual misconduct reports involved 5 or 6-year-old students. #MeTooK12 is meant to demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual misconduct towards children in school, and the need for increased training on Title IX policies, as only 18 states require people in education to receive training about what to do when a student or teacher is sexually abused.[58]

#MeToo is allegedly a movement of empowerment through empathy among ALL OF US who experienced sexual abuse, in all of its forms.  It acknowledges the magnitude of the problem.  If you think sexual abuse in the workplace surpasses sexual abuse of children under the age of 18, I challenge your assumption.  I am willing to bet many more people were sexually assaulted or approached by a creep before the age of 18, than there are people who were sexually assaulted or harassed as an adult.

#MeToo declares sexual violence sufferers are not alone and should not be ashamed.  Imagine how children under the age of 18 were treated/handled when they came forward thirty to forty years ago.  Empowerment through empathy–it never happened back then.  Kids were tortured and died and the perpetrators were protected.  And now the agencies that protected these perpetrators are being protected.  Think about that.  Sexual abuse of a minor is the most horrific crime.  #MeToo.  #KidsToo. #Fuckingwakeup. #Somebodyknowssomething.

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  1. Cathy, I just had to laugh. What a welcome bit of black humor to go along with my morning cup of coffee. I used to work in the film business. That is, I worked in it as much as any woman COULD work in it without agreeing to the shit Weinstein, who is only one of MANY, MANY likeminded creeps, demanded. I never dreamed I’d see the day when they would go down. And let’s not even MENTION the music business!!

  2. I am no one yet when #Metoo became a thing, in the course of one newscast I was able to account for 17 different times I was threatened, touched, or “joked with” – the vast majority before I was 18. One was a neighbor man, one a friend of my grandparents, two were teachers and not in high school, weird dudes in parking lots in B’ham, then co-workers and bosses. It was perverted and pervasive and I didn’t know who to tell (although my dad went ballistic when I did report the neighbor to him.) If I was an easy target then so were many kids who, I am sure felt that similar powerlessness while the perpetrators were protected by their reputation, their stature, their position.

    Please keep me anonymous . Thanks.

  3. A bit off topic, but note the similarity in yesterday’s story in Atlanta to what I suspect was the origin of the cover up in the OCCK cases:

    A joint FBI and 38 agency sting that covered six counties and resulted in 150 arrests for child sex trafficking and the rescues of 160 children from “forced sexual servitude”.

    How did the FBI break this 2018 case? By definition, a “sting” requires the participation of people on the inside, people pretending to participate in the criminal activity, but really informants on other guilty parties. The FBI had people in this ring who were actually cooperating with the FBI. That’s how the FBI has always done business.

    That the North Fox Island Ring was being actively investigated by the FBI 40 + years ago is not in serious doubt. That the North Fox Island Ring involved people from all over the state and dozens (hundreds?) of kids over the better part of two years is indisputable. That OCCK suspect Chris Busch was somehow involved in the North Fox Island ring is not in serious doubt. That the whole investigation fizzled away to almost nothing in the immediate aftermath of the OCCK cases is indisputable. (And regular readers know why.)

    Anyway, this is how the FBI breaks child sex trafficking cases now.
    It’s how they have always done it, including back in the 1970’s.
    Only back then, they had – unwittingly – used some really bad people to be their informants.

    OCCK killers.


    1. And then in the OCCK case they got to hide it all. Further evidence of how broken the justice and law enforcement systems were and are. The only way to keep this shit from happening again (letting law enforcement hide its own errors and answering to no one), is to shine a light on what happened here and in any case where this type of evidence comes to light. Just like body cameras have recently shown the rules some in law enforcement play by, the internet, books and documentaries will reveal the depth of the rule-warping LE and prosecutors employ in cases like this one.

    1. It would be interesting to track the Detroit-area media coverage of child pornography, Fox Island and the testimony of Gerald Richards before Congress concerning child pornography. I bet it’s minimal. The Traverse City Eagle Reporter had some amazing coverage. I think GM had too many advertising dollars in play in the metro Detroit area to get any real coverage of what was happening to kids back then. Between the Catholic Church and GM and others with big money, there was a giant cone of silence. #MeToo would cover so many young people from back then.

      1. And yeah, there was big money to be made. I’m guessing people like Chris Busch, Richard Hojnacki, John Hastings and others discovered this. Probably more money than drug dealing and easier, too.

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