California cops use first-person tweets in bid to solve decades-old cold case

Interesting approach to solving a homicide.  Thanks to the reader who forwarded this to me.

July 9, 2018

My brother would have turned 53 today.  He missed 42 birthdays.  He missed out on a lot of reindeer games.  I just spent an awesome five days with my extended family in Canada.  All of the cousins were there except our youngest member of the family–Tim.  We all felt he was there in spirit.

And what has this turned into?  A shit storm of coverups, lies, books, options, life rights, documentaries in the making.

* I am editing this portion, because a poster legitimately pointed out that what I wrote makes it look like I am mad at all authors/podcasters/documentary makers who are focusing on the case and I am not.  This is the only way the case will stay in the public eye.  I overstepped in the way I wrote that portion, so I am cutting it.  See the comment from a poster below who calls me on this.*

I was recently asked “don’t you think investigators feel where you are coming from?”  No, I do not.  From what I have seen, investigators, authors, documentary makers come from where they are and can never fully understand.  To pretend that they do is yet another violation.  It really isn’t that hard to admit mistakes (especially when made by predecessors who are long gone), and to fucking face the fact that this isn’t about me or any author or glory-seeker.  It’s about those four faces you see–school photos that would be their last.  And I bet there were more than four.  I would love to see a photo collage of the people who fucked up in this case.  Sillery, Cabot, people in LE who kept their goddamn mouth shut.  That is my goal for down the road.  To get photos of you people who fucked over this investigation and let people walk and continue to kill.

Happy Birthday, Tim.  Eventually, in spite of those manipulating the shit out of this case,  it may be that your death will not be totally in vain.  Thus far, it is.  One day these kids may rest in peace.