July 9, 2018

My brother would have turned 53 today.  He missed 42 birthdays.  He missed out on a lot of reindeer games.  I just spent an awesome five days with my extended family in Canada.  All of the cousins were there except our youngest member of the family–Tim.  We all felt he was there in spirit.

And what has this turned into?  A shit storm of coverups, lies, books, options, life rights, documentaries in the making.

* I am editing this portion, because a poster legitimately pointed out that what I wrote makes it look like I am mad at all authors/podcasters/documentary makers who are focusing on the case and I am not.  This is the only way the case will stay in the public eye.  I overstepped in the way I wrote that portion, so I am cutting it.  See the comment from a poster below who calls me on this.*

I was recently asked “don’t you think investigators feel where you are coming from?”  No, I do not.  From what I have seen, investigators, authors, documentary makers come from where they are and can never fully understand.  To pretend that they do is yet another violation.  It really isn’t that hard to admit mistakes (especially when made by predecessors who are long gone), and to fucking face the fact that this isn’t about me or any author or glory-seeker.  It’s about those four faces you see–school photos that would be their last.  And I bet there were more than four.  I would love to see a photo collage of the people who fucked up in this case.  Sillery, Cabot, people in LE who kept their goddamn mouth shut.  That is my goal for down the road.  To get photos of you people who fucked over this investigation and let people walk and continue to kill.

Happy Birthday, Tim.  Eventually, in spite of those manipulating the shit out of this case,  it may be that your death will not be totally in vain.  Thus far, it is.  One day these kids may rest in peace.

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  1. Dear Catherine. I am praying Timothy is at peace. It is ever so hard to realize there really is no justice in this world. I pray we both get to see justice here one day but I know there are too many evil wicked hearts who really have done evil wicked things in handling these murder investigations and allow evil wicked men to walk free. I have learned to let go of the anger and focus on trying my best to show love in a world that is desperately in need of it. My prayers are with you that you will find peace in the midst of pain. God bless you and your family and all the others who have lost loved ones to murder. Sadly there are way too many who walk in our shoes.



  2. I showed you the evidence and the pathway in order for you to get a grasp on who was actually behind the OCCK. And yes, they’ve probably killed many more kids than the public is aware of. And face it…..the public isn’t aware of the OCCK case. Ask yourself “Who has the control to keep a lid on this case?” The MSM, that’s who. Who owns, runs and controls the western press? The key people that you’d need to control in a society are the editors and the chiefs of police, which were two keywords in the Zodiac cases and the other linked cases. The guy that wrote those documents left a journal, because he knew that “deep down” the crimes that he was part of were very very wrong. Read Mindhunter and get more clinical and less emotional. Yes, the DB Cooper hiJACKing is linked. It had a phony ransom demand, just like the Ramsey case had a phony ransom demand. The SKY MARSHALLS envelope in the Cooper documents has subtle little figurines that are also found on the phony Ramsey ransom note. JonBenet was murdered exactly 20 years to the day after Jill Robinson. This meant something to the guy that penned those documents. And yes, ALL of these crimes trace back to Michigan. I’ve made a lot of progress in the last two years: Go look…and zoom out and read the road names: Three key breakthroughs on the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note came on: 1) on 09-20-16, with the letter d’s. 2) on 11-20-16, the same for the letter p’s. 3) And on 02-20-17, when I easily decoded the “Victory ! S.B.t.C” sign off… and it points to a very definitive set of coordinates in the state of Michigan. All of the letter d’s are shaped like nooses, with the one in the word “dog,” which depicts the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, T-handle and all. Prior to this I was puzzled by the way the letter p’s were shaped and I had grouped them in a column in order to study them. Well, in fact, they were drawn to resemble male genitalia and act as pointers. Upon studying the last letter p, I came to realize that it strongly hints at both Detroit and Lake Michigan and points to “Victory! S.B.t.C”. The letter V hints to double as a backwards stemmed letter N and the letter i hints and doubles as a colon. Using a very simple alphabet to number table, the cryptic sign off easily and obviously decodes to: N:42.015182 -86.192203. This decoding involves the realization that the letter c in Victory also hints and doubles as a letter J laying on it’s back. The letter J is the 10th letter of the alphabet, it’s first significant digit is used to raise the value of the c, which equals 3, to a value of 4. From there, the rest of the solve is straightforward. The nearest intersection to this solve is Garret Rd (a garrote hint) and Burke St, the victim’s brother. The “paper” over “between” hint results in the letters “peep”, which easily renders 165516, which, in turn offers up -86.165516, which in turn puts you on the northbound lane of Burke St. The state of Michigan has a longitude range of between -83 to -86, -86 is nearest Lake Michigan. In the world of coded messages, this is a very simple and rather rudimentary encryption. By strict definition, this evidence is truly “empirical”. Go Look! Zoom out a little. I used Google maps for this. Because of our lock-step controlled fake news media, this information is still being suppressed. Law enforcement was duly notified, as was Ramsey atty L Lin Wood. As a result of this decode, I was able to easily decode a coordinates message in the infamous Zodiac killer’s 340 cipher. This same message reinforces the evidence that the Zodiac killer persona possessed inside information linking him to the so-called DB Cooper hijacking. The FBI under James Comey, suspiciously shut down the DB Cooper investigation. BTW, the device used to throttle JonBenet to death, is depicted at least twice on the RN, study the letter d in the word “and” which is directly under the obviously intentionally misspelled word “posession(sic).” That document carries and contains several messages, including and especially the message: “The [Zodiac] not Speaking” I did NOT solve the 340 cipher, but rather I discovered a simple encryption pointed to by the p’s and 9’s, each of which have very vertical stems, as do the stems of the p’s on the Ramsey RN. I take offense to those that violate the true meaning of the term “solved”. My solve of “Victory! S.B.t.C, came via valuable input from at least two other persons, and humble tenacity on my part. BTW, parachute cord was probably the cord used to throttle JonBenet to death. The then chief of police in Boulder was a dirty stinking rat named John Eller, he threw the Ramsey’s under the bus. In sworn deposition former DA Hunter stated that Eller’s removal from the case was essential. This footage is posted on YouTube.

    1. Holy Crap. I can’t believe Cathy allowed this comment to go through. But I guess it just proves she has an open mind.

  3. Are you mad at Appelman? The above sounds like you think all book writer or doc makers are in it for the attention/cash. They are the ones keeping this story alive, like you do. I know you wrote an intro to his book. Which I am anxious to read. I also mentioned that I went to school with Sillery’s son, who was a really nice, really sweet decent kid. So the dad’s ball-dropping always mystified me.

    1. No, not mad at all at Appelman. This is the difficulty with the written word–I should go back and edit this. His book is out soon, it is well written and yes, the plus on all of these things is that it keeps the case in the public eye. Frustrated with the toll it takes on us, I guess. But again–no, I am not mad at Appelman or podcasters, or doc makers.

  4. My birthday is also July 9. Discussed it with Timmy several times when he was little boy living on Pembroke before this awful tragedy. I always think of him on this day (other days , too.) I’ll never forget him or the rest of your wonderful family.

    Ann Martin

  5. Happy Birthday, Tim.
    I think there is an intriguing connection between the timing of the family reunion with your Moms side of the family, and Tim’s birthday. It sounds like it was a beautiful and fun experience, and I’m happy for you, to have been able to join them.

    And yes, to your post, yes.
    XO A

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