A Sad Task.

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Thank you to the person who was kind enough to make sure I got this and other photos.  As sad and hard as they are to look at, I appreciated that they were forwarded to me and not left in some file somewhere forever.

As sunny and warm as it was on March 16, 1977, it snowed later in the week.  On the back of the photo, it says “A Sad Task–Birm. Police Chief Jerry going into the King home to tell parents of 11 yr old Timothy he now believes their missing son has been abducted.”

March 16-22, 1977 was a week in Hell for my brother Tim.  It is now a hell week for us every year.  No matter what I do to try to move above or beyond it, it always catches me one way or the other.  I wonder if the families of the killer(s) ever get an anniversary reaction during the times these kids were held captive.

Thank you to the people who have reached out since Children of the Snow and other media have aired.  There are always a handful of people who check in with me–and it’s not necessarily the people who you would expect.  To those who had the guts to email me without knowing me, thank you–I admire your courage and appreciate the insights.  To those who managed to reach out without insinuating some version of “Why do you do this to yourself?,” “Why don’t you do more?,” or “I hope you are able to forgive and find God,” I really appreciate you.


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  1. janbastian2 says:

    You amaze me every day…. I don’t know how you and your family have done as well as you have. Seriously. I’ve been thinking of you all week! xoxo

  2. maggiep1958 says:

    Prayers for you and all who miss Tim.and all victims and their families. Peace be with you <3

  3. Donna Scariti says:

    Sending you loving prayers of comfort and healing lovey! <3

  4. jade says:

    sending peace and love

  5. Pam says:

    Im watching all the episodes for the fifth time, I’m sorry but I wasn’t surprised, because I used to work at the same company Busch’s dad worked, run by nothing but politics, the pale old males, the good ole boys network…to this day, women in management are nothing but tokens. I’ve also dealt with shady law enforcement, and today more so than in the 70’s, things are a lot more shady, people are lazy, want that easy money they don’t have to work for, but they get it by having lunch with the boss, so they all start whispering secrets to their male club, everybody has something on everyone, and more and more laws are broken, covered up, minimized, rules changed on a dime for benefit of the few. People nowdaus are covering things up a little better.

    My heart breaks for the innocent kids caught in the middle of all of these crimes, and for their families, but life continues to get worse and worse, more and more incompetent, and one day…these will be the good old days (compared to how bad the future will continue to get.)

    We all know who committed these crimes and there’s never any closure, regardless of what you’re told or read, never. The problem with making someone pay for the crimes will never happen simply because of numerous technicalities, incompetencies, and politics alive and well everywhere.

  6. jkaneh says:

    Dear Cathy, I am so sorry this week is upon you once again with no answers. Prayers for your family. I watch everything that comes on tv hoping it will be the announcement of a real break in the case. I know how hard these anniversaries are Year after year. Thank God for Cory Williams! He’s your angel in keeping this going. I pray he will get the break and those evil old men wasting in prison will finally talk. God bless, Jessie Kanehl



  7. Joe M says:

    So many prayers manno… I think of Tim every day and especially now. Hugs and prayers for you and family. Glad people got to see the children of the snow. Just a hard watch and I feel for your family so much. Joe

  8. weedbegone3468 says:

    Dear Cathy,

    I was driving down Gill Rd as I often do…. for it is on my way to my daughter’s therapy center, and I ALWAYS think of Tim when I turned onto 8 mile and see the Livonia border. The other day… March 16… I said a prayer for justice. On our way home, there was the most vibrant rainbow stretching across 8 mile from Livonia into and beyond Farmington Hills. I took a photo of it when we stopped at a traffic light and thought of your brother and all of the other children that’s died and been raped at the hands of so many sadistic, nasty, evil monsters. Sometimes I have a hard time with God when it comes to the reality of our world’s true evil at its core. The core is where the answers will be, and I believe that more victims will come forward and give up the higher rankings of these rings of what was and still is the most violent crimes that are ever committed.
    There is no consolation when there are no answers. God bless you and your family for the tenaciousness and hard endeavors to seek the truth. Keep fighting strong!

  9. Sally Rogers says:

    Sorry but I am going to rant here.

    That line about forgiving, finding God, doing more, etc really struck a chord with me. Why would you forgive? Why should you forgive? How could you do more? WTF? I keep thinking of that bastard Lamborgine who feels ‘forgiven’. Well, maybe forgiveness shouldn’t be a one-way street. Maybe as part of his ‘grace’, he should come clean? Or does it just go that you confess your sins and pretend to feel bad and you are all set, and who cares about all the damage you have caused?

    I don’t know how you handle the loss of your brother. But then you have to live with all these idiots that were covering things up and continue to do so. “Insult to injury” doesn’t even come close to what all of this.

    I so wish for ‘justice’ but I don’t think that is possible. Not because the killer(s) won’t be found, but even if they are, justice will never be fully served. These bastards still get to walk this earth. (Except the ones that don’t).

  10. History Guy says:

    Glad you guys got them too, Cathy. I recently bought up a load of historic press photos of murder victims and their investigations from some cases I am working. The families are dead but it seemed crass to be able to buy them off Ebay.

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