He could not shake the questions: What if there were other victims? What if the abuse was still going on?


Check out this article about two heroes, Sean Escobar and a young girl who came forward to confront child sex abuser Sterling Van Wagenen, age 71, founder of what is now called the Sundance Film Festival and a respected member of the Mormon Church.  Wagenen admitted to Mr. Escobar that he had sexually abused him over 25 years ago.  Escobar taped the conversation, released it and subsequently a young girl victim came forward.  Wagenen is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual abuse of a child under 10 (occurring in 2013 and 2015).

Wagenen told Escobar when they met that there were never any other victims, before or after the incident 25 years ago.  Escobar thought Wagenen was “probably” telling the truth, but probably was not good enough.   Especially when you are dealing with a pedophile.  There is never just one victim.  Never.  And it doesn’t stop when these freaks get older, either.

These two people are heroes.  The nerve and courage of these two victims of Wegenen are in stark contrast the the true evil and cowardice of child sexual abusers.  Every time something like this happens, it is a step forward in exposing how pervasive and insidious this crime is.  Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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  1. In this day and age, it continues to be totally ridiculous how “the law” relies on any kind of confession from suspected criminals. It is equally ridiculous that “the law” ever did or continues to rely on lie detector tests when it has been proven that many psychopaths easily pass them because they can lie and their body won’t register any increased heart rate, any increased breathing, any increased blood pressure etc, and this is genetic. You can look at mugshots of occk suspects and see absolutely no emotion in their eyes. This world has way more liars than honest people, and it’s long over due that our legal system and related technologies catch up with this fact about people. And I will never understand why any form of pedophilia has ever been legal, nor will I ever understand why there are so very many laws that never can be or will be enforced. As it has gone and is continuing to go, the whole system is to protect the criminals beyond a reasonable doubt, but yet we’d like to think we’re not a third world country.

  2. Hi Cathy: I listened to the latest WDIV Podcast titled Danto, and Dave Robertson said he believes the suspects to be involved are Gunnels, Arch Sloan, James Moore, (would that be Bobby Moore) Tasalar (not sure of the spelling) and Crosby. Never before have I ever seen the names Tasalar & Crosby. Has your family ever heard of them and if so, do you have any background info?

    1. Yes. Crosby, known pedophile. Tazalar (sp?), liar who lived near Pembroke School in Birmingham. When interviewed by police over a decade ago, in the wake of the Lamborgine and Lawson child rape cases in Wayne County, he claimed not to remember any Oakland County child killer. This despite the fact he was living right at Ground Zero in 1976 and 1977. I will look for more on him. When we find out how many people participated in these crimes and how many people knew and did not come forward, southeastern Michigan will forever be branded as Evil.

      1. Found more about the Tazelaars. Josiah Tazelaar’s name came up during the investigation into Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson around 2004. Josiah Tazelaar worked very closely with Gerald Richards, the pedophile and child pornographer who operated the North Fox Island chamber of horrors with Frank Shelden in the 1970’s. As of August 2013, Josiah Tazelaar was living in Royal Oak, MI. He was not on any sex offender list. My source told me that Tazelaar was connected to “a U of M alum who was running a pro-pedophile group in the Netherlands.” Sounds like old Frank Shelden to me. The last known Detroit address Tazelaar lived at was about a 3-minute drive from the Packard Complex where Arch Sloan had his mobile trailer. The person who provided this information was not sure on the timing with Sloan’s arrest in the 1980s.

        Josiah Tazelaar’s brother and sister-in-law lived for a very long time on Windemere Road in Birmingham. Very close to Pembroke Elementary and Derby Junior High (and our house). When questioned by police, this brother said shit. Didn’t know anything. In fact, he had no recollection of the Oakland County Child Killer crimes whatsoever. Lived there during the OCCK reign of terror, but just couldn’t recall a damn thing about it. Oh, and then he had his attorney get back with police to inform them that he wouldn’t be able to “cooperate” any further due to his weak heart. I believe that condition is known as COWARDICE. It shrinks the heart, that’s for sure.

    1. Shows the weakness or lack of interest in the Birmingham PD to kick ass. Lame duck fucks who want to give out parking tickets. Incredible keystone cop shit. Can we import other state agencies? Who is so powerful these agencies are lame-duck pussies? MSP, Birmingham PD, you name it.

      You’re all gonna be exposed you spineless sponges

  3. It is unbelievable the extent of incompetence the recent documentaries/pod casts have brought to light. For the one officer who comes across as a totally inept
    Smartass (doesn’t know actual DNA facts, true type of car involved or believes that H Lee’s wealth & connections had no influence on the dispositions of CB-WOW, there are no words!!) It is truly disturbing the volume of pedophiles that lived in Oakland & Wayne counties in the 70’s and the close proximity of their residences.

    1. Too eerie, if you go to Josiah Talezaar’s Face Book page, it has him listed as working at Busch’s Fine Arts & Designs. That business has a 248 number. That can’t be a coincidence.

      1. Hmm.

        So 86 year old Josiah Tazelaar is working at Busch Fine Arts and Design which is located at 415 Old S. Woodward in downtown Birmingham, according to its Facebook page.


        And he was “connected” to Kent Schultz, a clear suspect in Timothy King’s murder, according to pages 127 and 128 of the Cory Williams investigation which Cathy posted a few months ago.


        Was Chris Busch murdered and set up to take the blame for the kilings, just as the author of the bizarre 1980 book “The Oakland County Child Killer” alleged, decades before anyone ever heard of Chris Busch?

        Was it actually Schultz to whom Larry Wasser referred in his excited utterance to Patrick Coffey (“I know who killed your boy!”) ?

        Cory Williams seemed to think that was a very real possibility back in 2007.

        1. Josiah “my heart is too weak to take a polygraph” Tazelaar knows about the pedophile rings operating in Oakland County. He knew Jack Faxon. I bet he knew H. Lee Busch. Taz and Kent Schultz know a lot about this underbelly of the suburbs because they were a part of it.

          Since Wasser was not exactly “Mr. Truth,” it’s hard to answer your question. Wasser, Burgess, Feinberg, and every cop in Oakland County over the age of 65 knows what was going on in Oakland County back in the day.

  4. Taazalars – BULLSHIT. Nobody lived on Windemere and didn’t know about the OCCK. Good God, I’ll bet if you said Blue Gremlin to him he’d know what it meant (even if it didn’t). Maybe he wants the same heart medicine Chuck Busch asked for. . . you know, a witness protection immunity. . . but he doesn’t recall.

  5. I can’t even imagine the tortured feelings Sean Escobar has had to endure from what happened to him when he was 13. To think that his “well meaning” parents hoped Wagenen would work through his problems, and that they reported it, but didn’t want to press charges….the light was shined on, and back in the day I guess it was up to the victim to press charges. I would hope that today it would be on the police to charge the perp- not the victim. Because it’s SO SO wrong to touch a minor. It’s a fact that life can be tough, and we all go through troubles- but touching your sons friend at a sleepover? Let’s call out the bullshit. Wagenen using that as a pathetic excuse, and Escobar actually has compassion for him. I agree with you Cathy, Escobar and the other victim are hero’s for shining the light on this. As a victim of this kind of indecent and fucked up act, it must feel like so much is at stake to open the lid. So much courage.
    The cockroaches need to be exposed to the light- instead of thinking they have a right to lurk and prey on innocent children.

    1. BTW, it must have been devastating for his parents, as well. My intent is not to place blame on them. My point is, there was a crime committed, and it should be law enforcements responsibility and duty to charge him.

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