What do I think?

Not that it matters. But people have started asking me who I think was involved in these abductions and murders. I think the evidence is indisputable that Christopher Brian Busch and Greg Green were involved. If you haven’t picked up on that by reading my blog, I can’t help you there. I think kids disappeared like this all the time in the Detroit area and on N. Fox Island, but as one victim said, nobody cared until it started happening in the suburbs.

Police reports reveal many, many names of pedophiles operating in and around Wayne, Oakland, St. Clair, Traverse and Charlevoix Counties in the 1970s. These monsters also helped produce child porn and snuff films. Frank Shelden was at the top of this shit pile until he had to flee the country to avoid prosecution for child rape in 1976. But all of these disgusting names that keep swirling around–Ted Lamborgine, Richard Lawson, Bobby Moore, Arch Sloan, David Norberg and many others–they participated by tricking, bribing, abducting kids and raping them. They knew these kids were being filmed and photographed. They knew some of them would never be and were never seen alive again. They trafficked children. This is obvious not only from the police investigation into Ted Lamborgine, but also the scrawny MSP file on N. Fox Island, containing transcripts of people who were victims of Shelden and Gerald Richards, including girls.

I think Chris Busch, an admitted pedophile since the age of 17 who was enabled by his wealthy parents, was sick enough to carry out the Oakland County version of what he saw happening in Detroit and Fox Island. Green, his monsterous side-kick, had spent a year in a state hospital in California after raping and victimizing some 50 boys and choking one of his victims almost to death before dumping him on the grounds of a hospital. Busch had access to his parents’ home in Bloomfield Hills (parents in Europe much of the time), as well as a cottage up north at Ess Lake, both easy places to hold a child captive. I think Green, described over and over again in the thousands of documents I have read as an extremely violent pedophile, was most likely the person who killed these kids, but it could have been whoever was participating in the end of the snuff films these freaks were filming. In all of the documents, it is clear that Green and Lamborgine were intensely violent men, and that Green was most certainly capable of murder.

Once these two freaks, Busch and Green, and perhaps “helpers” (and this could include Helen’s “John” who lived close to the Busch home and certainly seemed like someone who could use a little money for trafficking kids) had these kids, I’m sure they did arrange for abuse and filming by others during their captivity. Again, the documents I have read support this theory.

And I think it is reasonable to conclude that the first three kids’ bodies were dumped in plain view in Oakland County as a sick homage to Busch’s father, Daddy Warbucks. The heat was on in Oakland County, so Tim’s body was dumped in Wayne County. It seems evident from what I have read that Busch and Green trafficked my brother during the six days he was missing. So others not only knew, but were complicit. That’s why Ted Lamborgine failed his polygraph concerning this case and neither he nor Arch Sloan could find a way to take the deal LE was offering to make their lives in prison a little easier if they talked about what they know about the OCCK crimes.

I know there is a strong argument that Green was in jail when Tim was abducted and murdered. I’m not buying it. If he did “miss out” on Tim’s week in Hell on Earth, he took credit for all four crimes when he told his cellmate about his resume.

Many people write me often to tell me that their grandfather, their uncle, their neighbor, their piano teacher, and just about every other serial murderer across America who has never been caught, is the (and the sole) OCCK. Had I not read what I have read over the past 12 years, I could understand their beliefs. There were some unbelievable monsters living in Michigan and around the country who were/are capable of committing these crimes. But they didn’t.

Kids were trafficked, raped, filmed for child pornography in stunningly horrifying numbers in the 1970s. Frank Shelden is the Hades here and Gerald Richards, Dyer Grossman and Adam Starchild are right behind him. The Detroit area had a very organized pedophile ring. When people like Bob Moore saw how much money could be made in child pornography, they expanded their operations.

Busch and Green took it to the suburbs in a bigger way–kill the victims (no doubt on film) and dump their bodies in the open. A sick fuck like Busch would enjoy messing with the police. Of course he watched the media coverage and ate it up. And how about when he told cops where he liked to pick up boys?? The three abduction locations, in order, of Mark, Jill and Kristine. Tim had not yet been abducted. They system showed him time and again that he would never pay for his crimes. So he kept it up until someone put a bullet between his eyes.

The men who participated in the victimization or captivity of these kids need to be revealed, as do those who knew or should have known and kept their mouths shut. This cowardice, sickness and silence cost the lives of Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim and no doubt numerous other children you animals considered expendable. I call on the relatives of Francis (Frank) Shelden to make a massive donation to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children by year end. If you inherited money from this man, it is blood money of the worst kind.

I think that if the MSP and the FBI fail to rerun all of the genetic evidence in this case and to use the most advanced DNA testing and genetic database searching currently available, and soon, that the Justice Department should investigate this investigation. It has been a questionable investigation since Day 1. I think the State Police and the FBI owe the families and the public at large an explanation of where this case stands as of today. I think the state police owe us (and the other families as well) the simple dignity of an apology for not listening to us and jacking us around.

I think the media in Oakland County and Michigan should take investigative journalism seriously and file a FOIA request for the entire OCCK case instead of relying on family members of victims to file and pay for FOIA requests. As in the Adam Walsh murder investigation, the files could be copied and downloaded and sold at a reasonable price to anyone who wanted it. The state police and the FBI should have a time limit within which to complete this.

As I have written about before, in the Walsh investigation Florida newspapers filed a court action to force the Hollywood, Florida PD to open their files to the media. The case had been “open” for 14 years. The court ordered the HPD to copy over 10,000 pages from their files onto microfilm and gave them just under four months to accomplish this. Adam’s father John was worried that release of the files would jeopardize the investigation. He would later agree with his attorney, who said “The only thing that releasing the files might reveal is that Hollywood Police are the biggest bunch of bungling idiots since the Keystone Cops.” Release of the files also revealed the heartbreak of all the things that were NOT done in the case and all the things that were missed. Tears of Rage, John Walsh, Pocket Star Books (1997), p. 277-303.

Maybe the press could take a page from the late Marilyn Wright’s book. She was the investigative journalist with the Traverse City Record-Eagle who figured out, doggedly followed and exposed what was taking place on N. Fox Island and indeed around the country with these sick pedophiles. Her work on this in 1977 and 1978 remains the only real reporting to the public about those crimes.

I will never understand why law enforcement would not take a brave look at this investigation to figure out what went wrong and how such grievous errors can be avoided in the future. In the Yorkshire Ripper/Peter Sutcliffe case, a complex serial murder case involving more than 10 victims, “and the typical ills of investigating an ongoing serial killer case,” the British Parliament conducted a major review critical of the investigative procedures that failed in that case.

[The typical ills of this type of investigation included:] numerous victims, thousands of suspects, poor control and coordination of incoming leads, inexperienced personnel to investigate or supervise, improper media relations, investigations conducted on tangents, ill-conceived procedures in prioritizing investigative leads, and inadequate filing procedures of case materials. The Yorkshire Ripper cases are atypical because the British Parliament conducted a major review critical of the investigative procedures; a procedure unprecedented in U.S. criminal investigations. The product of the review was the discovery of a multitude of investigative errors and the establishment of the HOLMES system, a central repository of case information in major cases. That kind of database goes a long way to solve many of the information disconnects that plague interagency task force investigations, particularly the cases involving serial offenders such as killers and sex offenders.

The Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations, The Grisly Business Unit, Academic Press (2003), p. XV. Sutcliffe was interviewed by police 12 times during his murder spree and let go each time. But officials in that case did not hide the investigative problems and issues under the rug. Why do officials in Michigan get to act like the OCCK never happened? The Michigan State Police should update the public on the status of their investigation and they should move on the tips they have received since the airing of Children of the Snow this past February. Or throw in the towel and open your files so someone who is committed and smart can get after this shit. Many players have died since 1977. Some are still alive. Time is of the essence, even though you appear to just want to run out the clock.

That’s what I think. I am more than willing to be proven wrong. I’m not getting paid to figure this out, or looking for a gold star, or a book or movie deal. I am speaking up because Mark, Jill, Kris and Tim cannot. Let’s just get the to the truth here, after more than four decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who did this, who else was involved and is anyone who participated in the investigation corrupt? Law enforcement’s failure to come clean in this case, make corrections, use the DNA testing methods currently being used consistently and successfully around the country, and their deafening silence defiles the memory of these four kids and society at large.

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