Keep in mind how many of these monsters are now dead. Some still live. The time to move is NOW.

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  1. bitamoney says:

    Who wrote up this report? There are several statements in it that explain a lot, such as what these creeps were doing with girls.
    Interesting that LE had a snoop watching Lamb.
    Remember that film maker from the Detroit area Michael Moore I think his name was? A real maven when it came to exposing creeper corporations and politics. I wish he would do one on OCCK. He could and would blow this thing out of the water. Maybe even enough to get LE to cough up the truth.

    • cathybroad says:

      This is part of the report in the investigation into Lamborgine and Lawson, when the OCCK task force was first “reactivated.” You can pretty well guess it was not written by anyone in Oakland County–the work product is too good. Nor anyone in the FBI, because the FBI doesn’t play fair with FOIA requests. Any more publicity we can get about this case and the corruption that surrounds it would be amazing.

    • jade says:

      Or the two guys who made the 3 Paradise Lost documentaries about the West Memphis 3 case

  2. jkaneh says:

    Kathy. Just wow. So Ted has a definite pattern and MO. He told this pastor that he was going to make him power of attorney and to use the money however he wishes for his church. Then after being arrested and incarcerated up here in MI he hooks up with Pastor Rasper and his buddies the Tokars. He gives the Tokars power of attorney and they funneled the money to Pastor Rasper. This must be some kind of racket that goes on in prison. You are right. He needs to be questioned again and again until he cracks before he dies. It’s sick that he plays this game with the pastors all the while carrying on his sick addiction. He is thinking he is snow balling these pastors. For this one up here he definitely had him snowed. Either that or he just wanted that money bad enough to ignore how evil Lamborgine is. I really wish Cory Williams would question the Tokars and Pastor Rasper.



  3. Karen Lueck says:


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