Keep in mind how many of these monsters are now dead. Some still live. The time to move is NOW.

The Daily Tribune, March 1, 1977

B’ham Boy, 11, Missing


More from the FOIA documents on Chris Busch

Here is another set of documents concerning Chris Busch, submitted by the Michigan State Police in response to a FOIA request. These are documents concerned with charges of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct against Christopher Busch, filed in Montmorency, MI. The warrant for his arrest is dated January 30, 1976 (before Mark Stebbins was abducted). You will recall that Busch always was sprung from the clink by his father, Daddy Warbucks, despite the fact that first degree CSC carries a penalty of life imprisonment. In late January 1977 Busch got sprung from jail in Flint on other CSC offenses for $1,000. My brother was kidnapped on March 16, 1977 and his body found on March 22, 1977.

Sorry about the quality of the copies–the set I have is borderline illegible in places. The two “blank” pages were completely redacted/withheld by the MSP, for reasons they did not give. That level of FOIA compliance was apparently not included in their low, low price of $11,000-plus. Check out not only the substance of these documents, but also the dates.


It’s no surprise that Busch met with an untimely end. If you’ve read my entire blog, you have seen the photos from the Busch “suicide” scene. Here are photos bearing annotations by someone who was in law enforcement and clearly has more common sense than anyone on the Bloomfield Township PD or the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office.


So, how to make sense of Busch and Green and all of the many pedophiles operating in and around Oakland County during the time Mark, Jill, Kristine and Tim were abducted and murdered? And why is it that no one in law enforcement has ever made sense of all of this? And who made sure back in the day that there would always be more questions than answers?




The past few days I have fielded a few questions I could not answer about Gerald Richards, pedophile, child pornographer, child rapist and side kick to Francis Frank Shelden, a wealthy version of Richards. I looked to FOIA documents concerning the investigation into Ted Lamborgine and Richard Lawson beginning in January 2005 because this investigation yielded many, many names of Michigan pedophiles and child pornographers. I was also looking for the information concerning Josiah Tazelaar’s refusal to take a polygraph exam in this case due to his “heart condition,” and his brother’s evasive answers to investigators in 2007. This piece of shit (the brother) lived three blocks from us, right by my old elementary school. I think he and his wife still do. His brother is a convicted child predator who was actively raping and assaulting kids in the 1970s. Although the brother lived in Birmingham in March of 1977, he just couldn’t remember ever hearing about the OCCK crimes. But I found a lot more than the description of the Tazelaars’ dance with investigators in 2007.

Lawson was arrested in January 2005 for the 1989 murder of a Livonia cab driver. In an attempt to cut some kind of deal with police, he told Detective/Sgt. Cory Williams that he knew who “did the snow killings” in Michigan. He gave Williams the name Ted Orr, aka Ted Lamborgine. An in-depth investigation into Lamborgine and Lawson concerning the OCCK cases revealed many, many child sexual assaults by these men, who were charged and ultimately convicted in Wayne county for many, many counts of child sexual assault in the 1970s and 1980s. Lawson died in prison in 2012. Lamborgine, who failed a polygraph in 2005 concerning my brother’s case specifically, is serving three life sentences for his child sexual assaults and rapes at the Kinross Correctional Facility in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

This was not the first time Richard Lawson tried to serve up names in the OCCK case. As noted in this FOIA document, in 1988, while Lawson was awaiting trial on a four-count child Criminal Sexual Conduct charge (with a child under 13) in the Macomb County jail, he contacted my father and told him he knew who killed his son. My father went with police to meet with Lawson. This meeting was memorialized and the notes were found in December 2005 by an FBI agent, in FBI files on this case.


In 1988, Lawson didn’t dime Lamborgine, but he does drop the dime on a man we have become sadly familiar with in this case. Read it for yourself. It’s better that way. Note that Lawson’s CSC case was dismissed and this information was NEVER FOLLOWED UP ON. Go figure. And of course this shit was in AN FBI FILE. The same FBI files that presumably contain the work done to identify the make of the car that left the imprint in the snow at where Kristine’s body was dumped that never was made public. And the hypnosis and interview of Doug Wilson, who saw Tim riding launching his skateboard in the parking lot of the Hunter Maple Pharmacy and described a Pontiac LeMans with the numbers 222 in the license plate. No, you never heard about that information from the Task Force either.

The FBI claimed in response to a FOIA request that records concerning Frank Shelden, N. Fox Island and Christopher Busch were destroyed in a catastrophic flood. Clearly there are FBI records concerning the OCCK case as of December 2005. Maybe another $11,000 worth–assuming they could be “located.”

If you find yourself asking “what the fucking fuck?!,” join the club.

Two Questions

Does anyone have any idea how a photograph of a the late Richard Vander Veen, a United States Congressman from Michigan in the 1970s, ends up at the bottom right of the Google gallery to the right of this page, under a photo of convicted pedophile Donald Edward Sandberg? Check it out:

See also:


Second question–Does anyone recall an article mentioning a priest in Port Huron, and his feeling he needed protection because of another case that was going on in the Detroit area? It surfaced in a generic search about the OCCK case. I don’t have details about it, but the article was accessible as recently as about 18 months ago, but it appears a lot of things have been “disappeared” from the web, including this article.

Former Ohio State wrestlers support Jeffrey Epstein accuser.

Five former Ohio State University wrestlers who accused the University of failing to protect them from sexual predator/Athletic Department and Student Health physician Dr. Richard Strauss are pushing local authorities to investigate the reported rape of a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

The men formally asked Ohio state and federal officials to investigate allegations by artist Maria Farmer that she was sexually assaulted by Epstein in 1996 at a property “owned and secured” by two of OSU’s biggest and best-known benefactors, Abigail and Leslie Wexner. Farmer was working on an art project at Epstein’s guest house on Les Wexner’s Ohio estate when she alleges she was violently sexually assaulted by Epstein and his fellow monster, Ghislaine Maxwell. Farmer was discouraged from leaving the guest house for 12 hours after the assault by Wexner’s security team. In an interview, Farmer explained that during her two-month stay, she never met the Wexners, but had to get permission to leave the property from Abigail Wexner by calling her at the main house.

Dr. Richard Strauss sexually abused at least 177 male students from 1979 to 1996, and school officials failed to take appropriate action despite being aware of numerous reports of the physician’s misconduct over the 17-year period, according to an investigative report released Friday. This freak offed himself in 2005.

In their letter, the men wrote:

It defies comprehension that Mrs. Wexner is still on the Board of Trustees given the credible allegations of her complicity in keeping Ms. Farmer captive for Jeffrey Epstein in 1996, while, at the same time, Ohio State grapples with how to atone for its complicity in allowing a monster to prey on its students for nearly two decades. . . . Simply put, given the allegations, it appears Mrs. Wexner is as guilty as Ohio State was in facilitating the crimes of a serial sexual predator.

As a reader who sent me this link observed: Everything is always connected. Yes, it is. The Wexners'”spokesperson” of course denied all of these allegations and they have “condemned” the actions of their old pal Jeff. So that makes their donations to OSU and Abigail Wexner’s board seat safe, I guess.

As the article explains, currently Ohio State is grappling with lawsuits filed by around 350 men who contend the university did not protect them from Strauss, who was a staff doctor at the school from 1978 to 1998. A report prepared for OSU by the law firm Perkins Coie, released in May, found that what Strauss was doing to male athletes and students was an “OPEN SECRET” and that coaches and administrators failed to sound the alarm or stop him.

Ms. Farmer told NBC news today that she “will be forever grateful that these courageous men took a stand for me in our shared fight against sexual abuse.”

The Ohio Attorney General is actually reviewing the letter and will “determine an appropriate course of action.” What a concept. The US Attorney’s office in Ohio would not confirm, deny or discuss any potential investigation.

Way to go, OSU. Turn a blind eye to monsterous sexual abuse and then keep a woman on your board of trustees who is very closely linked to her old friend, sex predator Jeffrey Epstein. Why worry about the appearance of impropriety with your board affiliations after you ignored actual, ongoing criminal acts against many of your students for almost two decades. It sure is always connected. OSU seems well-versed at turning the other way. A benefactor is a benefactor, I guess. At least officials in Ohio are considering the voices of victims.

Topix, back when it was a free-for-all.


Almost 10 years ago, the OCCK case was discussed a lot on a Topix forum. I thought it was a mostly disturbing forum. People fought and got personal and crazy. It felt like there were predators on the site, posting away and checking in. But there were many people who had a sincere interest in the case and in the discussion. I have hundreds of pages copied from that site. The forum was eventually taken down.

Check out two of the pages I copied back in 2011. A poster poses the group killings scenario and makes great suggestions–hey, if you are really serious COLD CASE investigators, break this thing down–Cass Corridor, Fox Island, the OCCK, John McKinney’s murder in August 1977 and Chris Busch’s “suicide” in November 1978. And while you are at it, look at each of the four OCCK cases in isolation. As the poster states–if a group was actually involved, you might not get the same players with each of the kids.

But those very valid suggestions only work if an agency is actually serious about solving these crimes and taking a long, hard look at what happened in each of those situations SO IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN, RIGHT UNDER YOUR SUBURBAN-ASS NOSES and so that society learns about how victimization of children thrives long-term when people sweep this shit under the rug.

The person who was “just thinking out loud” on a Topix forum had more clarity than the task force. I know that’s hard for you to believe.