Cops and a prosecutor wouldn’t deal with him, so she did.

And if you are thinking, well that’s maybe what happened with Chris Busch–yeah, maybe. I think it’s more likely that his “suicide” followed closely on the heels of his little pow wow with Larry Wasser (the attempted polygraph on an unrelated CSC with a minor charge). We never learned when that polygraph pow wow took place, just that it was after March 1977 and before late November 1978. Others have speculated that he was an informant for the FBI or other law enforcement, or that he started trying to extort men who were involved with pedophelia and child porn, and this is why he was offed. You don’t extort the big boys and a police informant who turns out to be a serial killer is kind of a big problem.

Interesting that Dr. Arntfield opined in the podcast You Know They Know that police would never be as careless or messy as demonstrated by the Busch death scene. The scene was pretty ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the Bloomfield PD’s treatment of the scene and “investigation,” and as the Oakland County medical examiner’s “autopsy” and report on Busch’s death.

No way this young woman should spend another day in jail, let alone life in prison. And what is with these prosecutors who sit on child trafficking cases? WHAT THE FUCK?

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  1. “And what is with these prosecutors who sit on child trafficking cases? WHAT THE FUCK?” Perhaps they’re MKULTRA plants? All of the cases we link show evidence of very intelligent planning and execution. However, the primary author of the taunting documents is conveying several very telling hints. The “Allen letter” most definitely shows that it’s author had inside information, and information like “he junk it out in Ohio” points to one of your key suspects….however, that might be yet another distraction like the Gremlin/Grimlin thing.(?) I think Busch was treated the same way Helgoth was treated in the Ramsey case, except that I’ve never seen any evidence of Helgoth’s direct involvement as was the case with Busch. The screaming boy drawing was most definitely planted, that I’m sure of. The Dr Arntfield comments and assessment were very insightful indeed. John Mark Karr was involved in the Ramsey case but probably not directly….possibly, but not probably.

      1. Wellllll – if by definitive you mean did I see the actual document from where this information came? Then, no. I did ask Nina Innstead where her information came from and she told me the source who is someone I trust. I have not gone directly to that source yet, though, so, in my mind that is not a definitive answer. Clear as mud?

  2. Today I got your email referring to the gov’t shutting down the child porn sites on the web. As soon as I clicked on the link my computer crashed. I’ve used this computer for over 10 years. It has never crashed. But it went nuts. It reminded me of your complaints about computer problems every once in a while – possibly being related to your subject matter. I got it running again and saw this episode. I never got this episode in my email.
    But I’m going to backtrack and read it now. Strange, irritating.

  3. If LE sits on child sex cases there is a REASON for it. They are getting paid or they are involved as clients or someone who can make or break their careers is a client.
    Christul’s abuse started when she was a child. She protected herself the best way she could think of. Clearly she didn’t sit back and contemplate the fact that he couldn’t “get to” her anymore. She operated like an abused animal. And too young and naive to realize that the murder and the car theft would not make her life better.
    Something needs to be done FOR the girl, for the first time in her life.

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